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New Video -- 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Unloads!

12/29/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a video of "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood's baby daddy, Gary Shirley, getting an earful from the accused felon ... but the video raises serious questions about Shirley himself.

The video, which was shot by a friend in April, shows Shirley on the phone with Amber, as she rails on him.  Far from looking like a victim, Shirley makes sure his friend captures the diatribe in all its glory.

At times Shirley and his friend are laughing at Amber, who sounds genuinely upset.

The police report detailing the violence that started months before this video was shot -- and continued after it -- notes Amber claimed it was not done for the TV show but was authentic anger. 

So we want to know: Do you think Gary was really a "victim" of violence or was he playing it up for the camera ... as he seems to be in this video. And if so, should Amber be prosecuted?


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She was 17-18 when she got preggers, not all of the girls on "16 and pregnant" are actually 16

1392 days ago


That baby should be taken away before something serious happens. I feel sorry for Kids these days that have to watch their idiotic parents ruin their life. They never have a chance.

1392 days ago


Actually, video taping and/or recording her phone calls is a wonderful idea. When I divorced my husband because he was abusive and going through the custody battle, I was advised by my lawyer to record all of our phone calls. It helped me win my case because instead of it being "he said, she said" and he denied saying stuff all we had to do is press play.

1392 days ago


I think this case is important for abuse from the female side towards men. It would set a precedent as a high profile case that needs to be made gender should not be a issue when it comes to abuse. Women wanna be equal well it comes with the good and bad so they need to own up.

1392 days ago

They are crayz!!    

Amber needs to go to jail, they both need a diet, the biggest loser in all of this? the child - so many reasons too many to list

1392 days ago


i think that it should go to court and that she have to take anger classes or something i think she needs more help then anything else she should of never hit him but i don't think they should ever be together

1392 days ago


You really knocked this one out of the park TMZ.....Real nice job....

Maybe next time you can find out what fat boy stuffed in his face at the end then this video may be up for an Academy Award.

1392 days ago


I really can't believe that people on here actually blame Gary because he is fat. Does that mean he deserves to be abused? I don't think so and if you do there is something seriously wrong with you. As far as this video, I don't see where Gary did any wrong just because his friend was goofing off and he laughed. It seems to me that TMZ is trying to make excuses for her too.

1392 days ago


This chick has been obnoxious since her starting on teen moms. This is no surprise and she should have had some kind of help then before the precious baby was born. Gary is the victim in this case and its fantastic that her didnt kick her a** because she really needs someone to have a good ol a** kickin.

1392 days ago


I think that it was real violence and she wanted to hurt him, but in reality there is no way she could hurt him. He didn't even move when she kicked and pushed him. she should no be prosecuted, nobody got hurt.

1392 days ago


this show should be renamed stupid teenage moms

1392 days ago


I've watched the show and truth be told I totally understand why she went off on him. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. Gary is a lazy piece of **** who does nothing. Amber was doing it all by herself. He sat there and ate, watched tv, played video games and let Leah run around doing whatever she liked. How about that episode where he woke her up at 5am (or around then) just to wake her up and left w/o any regard to Amber. I'm sorry but he's worthless and I'm glad she smacked him he's a pathetic excuse for a man. When she was pregnant he bought himself a $500 playstation. When she wanted to get her high school diploma he was like you are too stupid to get that, just get your GED and when she didn't have time to study for it and failed the practice one he said I don't want a dumb wife. I would have lost my mind and beat him too. Then he plays the "victim" oh poor me Amber hurt me. Sometimes people like him deserve to get beat. He never does ANYTHING

1392 days ago


Let's get back to the issue: the violence. I have seen several episodes of these two in combat and she is usually the perpetrator. I understand her anger but she is constantly in his face and putting her hands on him, he is indeed a battered man. I agree that if he had hit her, he would have been locked up months ago. She should be prosecuted and perhaps she will learn to keep her hands to herself.

1392 days ago


I think it is really sad that he is talking disingenuously to her while his friend tapes it, and they are laughing about it. I really couldn't give two shakes of a rattlesnake's tail for either of these people, or their show, but video like this only highlights that MTV should stop encouraging kids to participate in this kind of irresponsible behavior. I wish people would punish MTV by not watching their trashy shows like "16 & Pregnant" or "Jersey Shore."

1392 days ago


who gives a ****... pick up a book people

1392 days ago
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