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Reggie Bush -- 'No Homo'

12/30/2010 9:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

In today's second gay-themed celebrity Twitter of the day, Reggie Bush asks: If someone says "no homo," is that offensive towards gay people?


For those unfamiliar, the term "no homo" is used (often in rap lyrics) to qualify a statement or compliment to a member of the same sex that they feel could come off as sounding "gay."

Although we're not Dr. Phil, we have interviewed him, and we're sure he'd say use of the term reveals an insecure need to prove one's heterosexuality by simultaneously distancing themselves as far as possible from being thought of as ... wait for it ... a gay person.

So is it offensive? Well, imagine if someone said, "I love rap music ... No black." Or ... "I'd like a bagel ... No Jew."

Seems the answer to your question Reggie ... is yes.   


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Ha ha TMZ. Quite trying promote your gay agenda. How about asking your readers in a poll? After all you always have one of those "who would you rather" poll. Come on TMZ we all know you love polls.

1309 days ago


Homosapian is a human being so technically homo could be short for that too. Just saying.....

1309 days ago

cynical me    

Ya'll must have really looooooooooong arms by now. You know with all this reaching and all going on.

1309 days ago


TMZ is the ones wanting attention, $$$ and hits. They **** stirrers. Watch them, every damn time.

1309 days ago


@41if it aint white it ainnt right....

1309 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

This site is becoming worse than Perez Hilton's douche` site. Btw TMZ, get off of Chris Brown's back!

1309 days ago


Reggie if I said Hey Bush if I said your pretty cool for a black guy would you be mad?

1309 days ago

Lady T    

I agree with comment #6.
I do not believe that TMZ's comparison to blacks and rap music / Jews and bagels are anywhere in the same category as saying "no homo". No homo is an abbreviated way to say, I am not a homosexual. Comparing blacks and rap music / Jews and bagels are stereotypes. When you speak to someone who does not speak or understand the English language, and they say, “No English”. Are we offended by that? No we are not - that is because we understand that to mean, that the other person does not speak English. We have become a society that has become too hypersensitive to too many things.

1309 days ago


i can't get a job but i don't think it's because i am black. Is he known as Mr. Kardashian? That is unfair he is his own star and uses his talent on the football field. she is a fame W#or* in every sewnse of the word.

1309 days ago

the truth    

he is NO Mr.Kardashian !!!!

Posted at 5:13 PM on Dec 30, 2010 by Ruby
you are soooooo right about that one!!!

1309 days ago


#47 Colleen

Homogenized could be viewed to for short for being a genetically engineered gay person.

1309 days ago


Please let the Kardashians hav the monies. Wear does the money go? Back in white peoples pockets. Letem have fun let em think they are in control. Like puppetts on s tring we own you get over it.

1309 days ago


This article is coming from a website that made up "Indian" names for Heidi and Spencer Pratt! So um... I guess that means homosexuals are better than us Natives, huh?

1309 days ago


@47 if it is a blcak cowie woulds we get choloclate milk?

1309 days ago


It was a simple question. It's a free country. When someone isn't gay or isn't a part of a religion or a nationality sometimes it's polite to ask. So F**K off of him TMZ. You guys have went so downhill in the past year it's pathetic.

1309 days ago
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