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'Teen Mom' -- Staging Another Controversy?

12/31/2010 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It appeared as if "Teen Mom" dad Gary Shirley got into another random "controversy" last night -- and the whole thing just "happened" to have been captured on tape. Coincidence? We think not.

The newest drama went down at Buffalo Wild Wings in Anderson, Indiana -- where Gary ran into Amber Portwood's newly crowned ex-boyfriend Clint ... and got into a verbal confrontation with Clint's brother.

But here's the rub -- once again, Gary's friend taped the whole thing ... only this time, he was inciting other people in the restaurant and threatening to make them "famous" by selling the video to other media outlets.

It's clear Gary knows what his friend is up to -- so we gotta ask ... is the whole thing a setup to make money? And if Gary knows conflict sells ... was the "violence" between him and Amber staged?

Amber told police the violence was "real" and not made-for-TV -- are you buyin' that? 



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So if you're asking if this is just a stageed attempt to make money... why would you post it on your website?? Because your making money yourself on this white trash BS. At least you keep giving hope to the unemployeed and worthless

1360 days ago


And one more thing...hand the punk with the Cell phone Camera...NOT had the Camera to protect his "Chatty" and "Pathetic" butt I bet he would have NOT be talking so much crap if the guy was a REAL UFC fighter..He would have ran like a runway train and had Gary fallen in his way he would have jumped "ole tub of lard" and kept running...just my 2cents! Remember those in life that talk....can't DO!


1360 days ago


I said this very thing on the last video that was posted with Gary on the phone with Amber last night! He wants his 15 mins of fame...when he got all this attention after Amber got arrested the first time he fed off of it! He is just as bad as her..A tubby media whore who could care less about his child! The only time WE know he is decent to the baby is on Camera on MTV..Where is the baby in all the video..he isn't with her, he makes his mother take care of her most likely!!!! He is a poor excuse of a man and father and the kid should be placed with a family that CARES ABOUT WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE CHILD not his lard a$$! It is very disturbing to me that he "plays" the victim and I have always found that to ring false even when my 19 year old had me and my husband watch this show on Hulu..And I was a 16 year old mother and I found this show disturbing...intriguing, sure I love reality TV just as much as anyone, however I lived through being 16 and pregnant, I married the father had 3 children (total)and then he got a friend pregnant and I divorced him at 19 with 3 babies...went on welfare and worked 2 jobs to get off of it in two years and never got one dime in child support...and I gave up prom and dating and having a life of my own to be a good mother, I had no friends or social life for years! Many many years of struggling, and now it is a Tv show? But I made sure my kids didn't repeat the cycle...they are 18,19 and 20 and NO BABIES!!!! But this COUPLE, if you will are all in it for attention..because at 16 you like attention and that is way you are stupid enough to get pregnant by boys for the attention! So in the interest of the child MTV should have a clause that if these "parents" commit ANY abuse or neglect they are terminated from the show..Enforce GOOD Behavior MTV, because they are still children themselves....I would know I raised 3 kids AND MYSELF AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Stephanie (Sorry for the rant, but I have issues with this type of thing!)

1360 days ago


This show is set up they show amber living in a crappy studio. She was just in court and they asked how much she is getting paid a year for doing the show and she said 280,000.00. A year! It is open record

1360 days ago


Real or staged they are all dumb. A Child service is going to take a look at this and order the baby to be taken away from them, and I hope they do. The baby does not need to be raised by children. Amber and Gary need to grow up. Obviously they are only thinking of themselves

1360 days ago


What do you expect, one of the admitted she was making $280,000? She has to keep the producers happy. I don't watch it. It's a tragedy, not entertaining at all.

1360 days ago


no matter what it is..seems like you TMZ buy it hook line and sinker.considering the vid is on your front page.

1360 days ago


Amber & Gary how about doing something smart by getting off your lazy arse's and getting yourselves some education with that 280K income. Then maybe you could make an honest living and become a respectable roll model for your daughter. Thats a good story line....hearing about your white trash lives is really old.

1360 days ago


What a bunch of losers. Dude sounds ghetto, and they all look like white trash. Ew.

1360 days ago


fat boy is just misunderstood ...

1360 days ago


They're fame whores... Gary tried out for the "Biggest Loser" before they got "Teen Mom." These two assh*les aren't smart enough to do anything else except act like idiots on film and get paid for it.

1360 days ago


TMZ, are you really asking if reality tv stars stage events for money and fame? Are you? Does whoever wrote this have an IQ over 10? My God...

1360 days ago


The original assault was probably real and everything since then is staged. They are a couple white trash rednecks so no surprise.

1360 days ago


I agree with the post about sounding like a Springer episode. The guy runs off the names, occupations, life history of everyone in the place. Bar fights happen every minute of the day folks...get over yourselves, your 15 minutes has expired.

1360 days ago


I cannot believe these two were allowed to procreate and spawn a child.

1360 days ago
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