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Nicki Minaj's New Year

Six Minutes Behind Schedule

1/4/2011 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A bunch of Nicki Minaj fans were duped into celebrating 2011 a whole 6 minutes after midnight ... and all because the rap star was running late at her own party.


It all went down at Mansion nightclub in Miami this weekend -- Nicki was supposed to lead the count down to midnight, but she got held up ... and clearly wasn't going to make it to the mic in time.

We're told the super-slick DJ preempted the disaster by setting the countdown clock back 6 minutes -- giving Nicki just enough time to get settled ... and bid an official farewell to 2k10 like a motherflippin' monster.

We're told most of the crowd didn't even realize they'd been had -- and those who did ... probably should have been looking for someone to make out with instead of watching the clock. 


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OMG I thought that was Miss Piggy, at first glance.

1353 days ago


So what?

1353 days ago


No stage presents? I guess that must be a Christmas thing.

This chick is a good example of how people will accept whatever is shoved down their throats. She's average at best. Her success is a combo of moderate talent and the music industry hype machine in overdrive. Rap music in general is so incredibly stale.

I guess putting on her clown costume took longer than she thought it would.

1353 days ago


You guys have it all wrong!!
Nicki is awesome!!
As far as the idiots go...are you telling me on New Years Eve no one at the party was looking at their cell phone or watches??
I woulda been like whats going on here and found out from management!!

1353 days ago


First…she can sing…Second…there is something about her and her persona that just does not fit. To me she is trying to hard…her outfits, her hair, her makeup. Yes she is new to the music scene and yes she is popular but it seems she is trying to create a character…but it seems contrived…there is a big difference for example when Lady GaGa does her theatrics..its believable… With Nicki Manaj its like oh she dyed her hair 5 different colors…wore some outrageous out fit…………….sooo what? it just doesnt go with her music, her singing…sad…be original Nicki…stop trying so hard to impress…

1352 days ago



1352 days ago


who cares?? I would of loved to just see NICKI!! all you haters need to back off. If you listen to her new album, it clearly shows she has talent.

1352 days ago

D Wayne    

Hi haters! Who cares? Why do people even "celebrate" the new year, it could suck. If you just need an excuse to party, just f'in party.

1352 days ago


well, as far as im concerned...... nicki inaj is the best girl rapper out there!

1352 days ago


There is nothing special about her. She is so obviously fake with the personalities and music. Her voice is annoying and she look scared when she performs. She started out with Dirty Money first; in the staircase talking **** about Lil' Kim. The reason why we know this is because Kim was the female last running the female rap industry when she said, " don't be tryna make a come back. You been in the game 10 years strong. Da#@, u beeches still can't write ur own blank song." She kept on doing it, too. I've never been a fan of Lil' Kim, but I know a diss when I hear one. She should have just came in the game and shut the f^*$ up... I can't stand people who try to make you feel like you trippin' or somethin'. Then, call the police on u when they're about 2 get their azz kicked. She's that type...

1352 days ago


she has no stage presents she lip sync
tell dat bih to go some where
yu so dum yu asked me what kinda phone i had and i say sprint nd da bitch ran

ew nicki she is pure plastic

1352 days ago


I don't spend money on Garbage. Nikki is a made up cameleon of past rappers,definalty not as inovative as some youngsters may think. Shes a sloppy copy cat with auto tunning.....Shes also repulsive to look at.

1352 days ago


everybody can hop off my bitch **** word up yall jus some haterz get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1351 days ago


if yall don't know trinidadians are outrageous and frank...... we say what is on our mind....thats why you wont like her, She's the boss, keep doing what you doing nikki...... forget the haters..... they are who have you where you are today... duces

1335 days ago


Pleeeeeeeeease stop hating on this girl! Y do ya'll even care. If you all had a life at all, what Ms. Minaj is doing or how she came to be wouldn't even matter to you. So get your own style and some individuality and try to come up. Sucker

1313 days ago

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