TMZ Live: Kanye's Outfit of Death & Conrad in Court!!!

1/4/2011 6:30 PM PST
Our January suntans are coming along nicely, thanks for asking -- in other news, Kanye West wore at least three animal carcasses yesterday, Sam Ronson is royally pissed at Lindsay again, and let the games begin ... Dr. Murray's in court!!!

(1:00) Dr. Murray preliminary hearing this morning -- "This is It" producer Kenny Ortega talked about MJ's bad health
(6:24) Sam Ronson's pissed Lindsay Lohan moved in next door
(8:04) Gloria Allred defending "Bachelor" contestant who slapped bachelor Brad Womack ... double standard?
(13:30) Sarah Palin & Snooki on the ballot in 2012? Snooki might have a better shot.
(14:40) Reality stars are great 'n all ... but are they role models?
(19:35) Harvey's sleep schedule
(20:24) Prince Jackson won't not testify in Murray's trial.
(25:48) Charles took his dog Yogi into the ER on New Year’s Eve, but thankfully ole Yogi’s doing better now.
(26:47) Murray's trial outcome? Too early to tell.
(27:56) Kanye West's outfit ... all animal all over the place.
(28:46) Harvey’s vegan shoes ... yeah, vegan.
(29:00) Oksana Grigorieva desperate for attention? Is the sky blue? Sometimes.