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Lindsay's Battery 'Victim' to Cops: 'Back Off!'

1/5/2011 10:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The former Betty Ford employee who filed the battery report against Lindsay Lohan thinks the Palm Desert Police Department is out of line by gunning for LiLo, and thinks cops should "back off."

Dawn Holland, who was fired from Betty Ford after the December 12 altercation, tells TMZ, "Lindsay has got enough to deal with as is ... they just need to back off and let it go."

Holland is suspicious of the Palm Desert cops' motive, saying they seem to be going way out of their way to nail Lindsay.

Holland adds, "Jail is not going to rehabilitate her."


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I smell a pay off.

1386 days ago


The police are not entitled to investigate probation violations that are independant of this incident. If Lindsay suffered a sobriety-related probation violation two weeks before this alleged incident occurred, for example, the police would be overstepping their bounds to investigate that. It seems as if the police are doing just that. And they are using Lindsay for face-time and attention, giving interviews and press conferences. This police department does not seem to be on the up-and-up. It really doesn't.

Bottom line, if Holland says no crime was committed against her, then it would be essentially impossible for any D.A. to win a conviction if a case like that were to end up in an actual court of law.

They could press for probation violations, but the case against Lindsay here seems incredibly shaky, considering the questionable antics/motives of all of the players who are involved. It's not what you know, it's what you can prove. And I don't believe anything can be proven here beyond a reasonable doubt.

Holland backtracked out of this situation quick. It's like she wants the whole thing to go away. Perhaps because she knows that she made false statements, to the police, and to Betty Ford, and now doesn't want to have her feet pressed to the fire regarding those statements. Well, that, and she accepted a lucrative pay-off from TMZ.

1386 days ago


Holland leaked a confidental medical do***ent to TMZ, by the way, and that cannot be argued. Whether she got paid for it or not. Even if she didn't, which I find hard to believe, she still broke the law and violated whatever confidentiality agreement she had signed. What she did was unethical, she was fired for it, and she will never worked in the industry of addiction recovery ever again.

She gave TMZ the official report of the incident, the one she had filed orginally with Betty Ford, and you just can't do that. Regardless of what Lindsay may or may not have done, what Holland did was professionally unacceptable.

1386 days ago


And who doesn't think she was immmediately paid off to disappear? Funny...I don't see any hands.

1386 days ago


Hey TMZ,

Are you getting a refund on that $15k you paid her?? She's essentially admitted the testimony you paid for was a LIE. Or (the more likely conclusion) the Lohan klan paid her to shut her mouth. Either way this woman can't be trusted as she has proven money is more important than integrity! Oh and as for the whole "jail wont rehabilitate her" hello?? REHAB WONT REHABILITATE HER!!

1386 days ago


If no battery occurred, then why are you still wearing the hand/wrist brace? DINA, better look into that quickly and get Shawn to yank the thing off. It's way bad for photo opps.

1386 days ago


she sounds strange, but I have to agree with her: but she still sound strange.
now about real criminals , like polanski: any news? maybe some real work this time? not yet? when?

ok .. ok .. girls are easy to go after and stuff, I understand, still I wanna know what has been done about polanski and why he's in europe laughing at us.

1386 days ago


Did this woman lie or get bought?

1386 days ago


Lucky 130, I thought you were BS-ing us about the bartender comments until I googled "Lindsay Lohan La Cantina." Lo and behold, I found the same article as you did. Serves me right, I should NEVER be incredulous at ANY bizarre Lohan story that pops up, because chances are, they are true.

1386 days ago


Didn't I read somewhere that Lindsay was only 5 minutes late returning to the BF Centre?? Sounds to me as if everyone overreacted. It's time to let it go and let Lindsay get on with her life.

1386 days ago


Why would the let her do her rehab in a different jurisdiction if they won't go after her probation violations in that jurisdiction? it would of made more sense to send her to rehab in a place they had jurisdiction over to avoid messes like this

1386 days ago


Tons of Partys in LA tonight with the Peoples Choise Awarda
(we all know Lindsay will be trying to get in, but there will be a no enterance for her)

Next week is the Grammys, again she will have a NO invite and will try to get in

This will all equal to Lindsay Lohan failing ANOTHER drug test
Either way Lindsay WILL be going back to jail

The Grammys are going to be Dope!

1386 days ago


Cops need to back off on this.
Just sit back and enjoy your Coffee & Donuts.
If she is going to **** up. She'll do it very soon

1386 days ago


Bought and paid for buy the slutty drunk.

1386 days ago


Every bar Lohan enters in vb will suddenly remember a "private party" - so sorry. As far as the payola, this is prolly the most embarrassing collection of two bit criminals assembled on one stage - including the Betty Ford center. Truly a c luster f uk. We all know the Lohan's published the address themselves as well as it was Michael who brought the cameras for the move-in. Thank God she lives far enough away from the actual beach that stumbing down to it will likely be too much of a challenge - at least we'll be able to see her coming...sorry Ronson, you are on your own.

Imagine if you will the first 911 call:

"911 - what's your emergency?"

"I'm at 419 Menace Way, there's an overdose and someone pooped their pants"

"Yes ma'am, help is on it's way"


"Ma'am, what was that address again?"

"419 Menace Way - hello? hello?????"


Yeah. You're a celebrity all right...

1386 days ago
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