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Lindsay's Battery 'Victim' to Cops: 'Back Off!'

1/5/2011 10:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The former Betty Ford employee who filed the battery report against Lindsay Lohan thinks the Palm Desert Police Department is out of line by gunning for LiLo, and thinks cops should "back off."

Dawn Holland, who was fired from Betty Ford after the December 12 altercation, tells TMZ, "Lindsay has got enough to deal with as is ... they just need to back off and let it go."

Holland is suspicious of the Palm Desert cops' motive, saying they seem to be going way out of their way to nail Lindsay.

Holland adds, "Jail is not going to rehabilitate her."


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People like Dumas and Nicole are forgetting that there were multiple violations that evening, and not all of them are ones that you can be prosecuted for. For example...refusing to take a breathalyzer. The judge WILL get the official report that Dawn filled out, and hopefully get a report of what the PD investigated and found to be true. Dumas and Nicole also forgot that there were other witnesses such as the others that saw them climbing over the wall. There was also the 911 tape. ALL 911 calls are taped. And there was talk that there is also video tape. Hopefully the judge will have access to all the evidence even if Betty Ford and the Lohan's are trying to cover it up. The PD can't be paid off so easily as others seem to be.

1389 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Sorry for the miss spell on awards, I have long sexy nails lol

1389 days ago


This woman suddenly wants everyone to back off after she started it? I wonder how much either of Lohans parents paid her off with? Especially now that she is talking against the cops??? What a joke... could it be more obvious... PAY OFF!!! LINDSEY NEEDS JAIL!!! PERIOD!!! REHAB isn't going to change anything... she's just not the type to be NORMAL! Her whole life has been nothing but being a spoiled little girl who got everything she ever wanted with no real parental supervision... then when she turns out to be a drunk and drug user... people wonder why and feel sorry for her??? NOT ME!!! There are thousands of folks in jail for less than she has done... where was their rehabilitation?????

1389 days ago


How much did the lohans pay her off.

1389 days ago


Also, as someone mentioned, the law out there is governed by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, who personally scare the ish out of me.

1389 days ago


haha, good luck ...

1389 days ago


Sounds like someone got paid off.

1389 days ago


Yup, I smell a big payoff

1389 days ago


Money talks. And its LOUD!

1389 days ago


Girl shutup take u'r cash and run..Jail nor BF can help Lohan.

1389 days ago


This is a "proof is in the pudding" situation. If Lindsay was not sober in Betty Ford, she will not be sober outside of Betty Ford. If she does not go to any bars or nightclubs, and if she does not fail any drug or alcohol tests between now and that court date, then she is sober. And any contention that she was not sober in Betty Ford would be proven to be B.S. You cannot turn something like this off and on at your leisure any time you want. Lindsay could never last six weeks if she wasn't legitimately sober. She wouldn't last three. Heck, she proved that very fact the last time. And she'll prove it again, if she's not completely sober.

They'll be concrete evidence, one way or another, soon enough, so there really is no need for speculation here.

1389 days ago


this lady has not learned her lesson yet shut up kiddo you have lost your job and do you think you will be hired again by someone else shut up

1389 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

This gal is definitely paid off... And LA doesn't have room for Linds. PB is laughing up the wrong sleeve, or whatever that old-timey saying is.... LA won't prosecute this! Fer sure, man.

1389 days ago


Let's see 8PM. Guarantee Lohan is jacked up already in that stucco nightmare, duran duran looking tower of hers. Stay home Linds, venice is not your playground. Go to AA - preferably on Gower.

1389 days ago


Ok yeh any doubt this woman got payed off is dead now! I mean c'mon!

1389 days ago
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