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Oksana's Newest Claim:

Mel Beat Me During Sex

1/6/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva has just made an explosive allegation under oath that she never before made -- that Mel Gibson beat her during sex.

Sources tell TMZ ... during Oksana's deposition Tuesday in her custody war with Mel ... she testified that Mel had problems performing and the way he got aroused with her was to beat her.

The claim is as curious as it is shocking, since we're told Oksana never uttered a peep about such violence in her multiple interviews with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

Oksana has claimed that Mel struck her on January 6, but there is no other allegation of physical violence in the court file -- much of which has been reviewed by TMZ --  or with law enforcement.

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Morning/Evening Team Mel,
Sorry been away working and been catching up with family and friends for last few days:)

Missed you all, hugs all around!

Wow this latest allegation, a word from desperate delusional woman who would lie through her teeth.
absolutely laughable pathetic attempts to smear Mel.

What next? Mel into bondage and handcuff her into bed post with paper bag over her head?
Oh Oksana, your lie will be your downfall, start looking for an honest job woman, instead of concocting new lies for an easy bucks, you're a lazy sorry piece of garbage and opportunist.

Every gossips rags thinks you are bull-sh i t artist Oksana for the latest allegation.

I reckon you need mental evaluation, I felt your delusions gotten worse.

The lawyers representing your case are really shameless for getting along with this latest claimed of yours Oksana, they should knew it's all concocted story but they let you out like a loose canon.

2011 is a new year and new beginning, about time you grow up Oksana and starts thinking of your children well being, instead of Okana, Oksana, Oksana and more Oksana, you're one selfish witch.

1387 days ago



Sam Yes I'm beginning to get a bit worried about KB too! She hasn't posted on the Team Mel site and I haven't seen her post here either in a while! I do hope she is o.k! Of course her cousin's husband was killed in that car crash and when she mentioned it on here a certain 2 lettered person went to town on her with vicious attacks and sicko comments! I know she appeared very disheartened at that time. I know some of the ones commenting have gone off to email each other directly rather than visit the sites, due to the troll abuse!
KB If you're still reading us babe, please say hi and let us know you're o.k - we all miss you hugs!

Posted at 6:41 PM on Jan 7, 2011 by emerald

Emerald!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugsssssssssssssssssss

Sorry babe, I was posted at Christmas Island just after the latest people smuggler boat with illegal refugee on board sank at Christmas Island ( Australian territory)

There was some unrest on the island that extra law enforcers/doctors/coroner/nurses was sent there during the dead bodies recoveries.

Logistical operation and resettling the survivors,counseling them, it throw our team on a loop, so much to do and Christmas/new year celebration was not an option.

I been catching up with family and friends, giving them their belated Christmas presents and got mine too:)

Big hugs to all my mates, love you guys! ( Fearless Team Mel )
Sam , Genna , azlee, V , emerald,FuddyDuddy ,Kelly, Shuffle, Majestik , Fidel's niece,Frieda, Muppet, Danielle, little aussie reader, Shell ,realist, Diane, Tellthetruth59, MiddleAgedCrazy, Jacqueline13,firefly, Belinda , Hahaha , Sweden ,wondering ,canook, shirleyholmes,hellnurse, twilightmom, Babushka, jechrist,KM, christy, Who'sThat, Kilmerfan , chickenblaster.

Hello and Hugs to Team Mel:)
Belated Happy New year to you all!

Confused, Curious, Skywatcher, Jeffro11,WhoKnows, Sammy.

Tara, Observer77 , lee, angeleyes , garnet, gonesi , Dingo.

Bubba, Ray , tara21, Anonymous, vogue, Stacy, chunx, janet.

SqueakyShoes, antbabs, Bitch, shyone, koko ,cluesarethere

Just Saying, misssahara, pete, Krista, fran, LISA,Demon,

Bronson, lindsey, HarlotO'Hara , sharon,saywhat?, TrumanD.

BlancheDevereaux, voice of reason, Nicole, GJ,

Lorelei, rainbowdancer, ThinkingWoman,koko, ,Maria Ashot, kpacota , Just Curious ,Alcamedes, Cat.Catnip, Vince,Sincerity, LVX156, TomCruise, Rhondo, Get real, Eagle171, eek, kelly80, Patty, JonathanM, Ryan, Hunter,jdranetz, Kaprifol.Lynn M, Michael, meltheloser,PreservetheTiger. Joe Dabb Babbalucci, Mishie, big chief, Aunt Bea, kkg, panchang810 , Ann, kali, Kaci , LA me ,Ohreally , , BReasonable, Cameo, Oh please , Spider , Debbie ,Gayle ,DANA ,Shocker, randomnone, Janeny , Ira Black , DV , Me ,john ,Sammie, Sugar Kitty, Karen , janet , 6one9 , yankee , Ariel ,Ty, outraged, Russian , Friend? , Super5 , Tweety ,Natasja.

MightyMad, JWW , don't make me laugh , Mar1 ,Nina ,

Jade evergreen, Ms_Tell , David , Pornstar , erkg , Doreen .

Shocker, Ira Black , Patty , montanahank , Kate , Gayle .

SandraD, Emm, goldcoast ,george , DarrenBeckley

angelika466 , SallySue , mama9 , MEINDC,Bruno,

kickaboo ,TexasBroker1 , marysyka, Annie

Char,framed-heart , champix_o , KikiOttawa

1387 days ago


Hooray -- hope you are well -- we have missed you tremendously!

For your chuckles:

We are all figuring that the 'twin' is going to negotiate the deal and everyone else will laugh.

Something about those bdsm allegations --

Tee hee

1387 days ago


Hey Koalababe ...

It's really good to hear from you. We have all been wondering and worrying about you. Glad to see that you are ok.

1387 days ago


Hello Koalababe!

So glad to see you are safe, sound and feisty as ever! There have been so many people worried about you who will be thrilled to see you're back. You, and everyone in Australia, have been in so many thoughts and prayers. But we know that the folks from down under will never go under!


1387 days ago


so nice to hear from You Koalababe
wishing you best in this New year 2011
and wishing this madness around Mel would soon stop
Oksana just prove to whole world
Mel was 100% correct when he said that Oksana had no SOUL

1386 days ago


Mel's a weird one. I have to say, I believe the whore.

1342 days ago


Just read this early January 2011 story.


1341 days ago
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