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Oy Vey! 'Jersey Shore' Duo Rips Joy Behar

1/9/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki Polizziwitz and Jwoww Farleyberg -- the Jewish alter egos of the "Jersey Shore" ladies -- have had enough of Joy Behar's constant insults, so they're mercilessly mocking the co-host of "The View."

Joy has poked fun on both of her shows about the fact Snooki has "written" a book. So in some form of revenge, Snooki and Jwoww conjured up a pair of Jewish accents and made fun of Joy -- calling her an "Italian wannabe" who hates the "Jersey Shore" kids because kids like them ruined her childhood ... back during the Great Depression.


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VERY classy girls. I am VERY jealous of their herpes and glamorous ways. Become my friend on Facebook. LYLAS.

1380 days ago

Wayne's world    

The only problem is, Joy is italian !

1380 days ago

Sweet Pea    

Umm, dumbasses, Joy is actually Italian, and not Jewish. People shouldn't always assume things they don't know. Talk about wannabe Italian..........Snooki is actually not Italian.

1380 days ago


Joy Behar is a left leaning liberal who espouses socialist views daily. She and those like her would transform the US into a socialist state similar to the UK or France (or maybe Iran) if they could.
The Jersey Shore crowd is just a bunch of spoiled idiots acting out with some impunity and showing how ignorant they (and by extension their generation) are.
Kind of the pot calling the kettle black!

1380 days ago



What's it like to be a flaming dumbass?


The World

1380 days ago


Someone needs to check the verb tense. It would be "mocked" or "were mercilessly mocking". :P

1380 days ago


Ridiculous! A) Joy is Italian. B) Snooki is Chilean. C) Jwoww is Irish and Hispanic (or something). They're the wannabe Italians.

1380 days ago


keep burning those bridges ladies (?)

1380 days ago


just remember "Speidi" I don't

1380 days ago


The only thing funny about this is the two cast members who are NOT Italian are making fun of Joy! Jenni is Irish and Nicole is Chilean. Two non-Italians from New York. Alyssa Milano made fun of them in a Funny or Die video why don't they parody her as well? Too bad MTV keeps this show on! 8.5 million people watched the season 3 debut, I was not one of them. They are going to be in for a rude awakening when MTV has made millions in revenue off of them embarrassing themselves and they cannot even pay for the media to care
About them! It is just a matter of time. Just like so many from the Real World casts! While MTV & BGC would like the world to think otherwise, this is not an extension of our generation!

1380 days ago


Joy deserves everything she gets. She's a cranky old hag that bitches about everything.

1380 days ago

Kim M    

Way to go girls! Joy is a biased hater! Watch the episode over the false autism study and you can see that she allows the guest discussing the falseness of the report to ramble like an idiot... however when the actor/father gets the chance to speak she constantly interrupts him with snarky comments.

I quit watching HLN because of her. Yet I LOVED Nancy Grace!!!

1380 days ago


Well, Snooki and Joy have one thing in common...Joy has a Master's Degree and Snooki just learned how to spell master.
If those girls were my kids, I'd kill myself.

1380 days ago


Did Snooki get through the 12th grade? They are all no talent and she acts like a total sl^t She is nothing but a overweight fatty that sleeps with everyone.

1380 days ago


In the proverbial words of Joy Behar...So What? *shrugs* Who Cares?

1380 days ago
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