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Oy Vey! 'Jersey Shore' Duo Rips Joy Behar

1/9/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki Polizziwitz and Jwoww Farleyberg -- the Jewish alter egos of the "Jersey Shore" ladies -- have had enough of Joy Behar's constant insults, so they're mercilessly mocking the co-host of "The View."

Joy has poked fun on both of her shows about the fact Snooki has "written" a book. So in some form of revenge, Snooki and Jwoww conjured up a pair of Jewish accents and made fun of Joy -- calling her an "Italian wannabe" who hates the "Jersey Shore" kids because kids like them ruined her childhood ... back during the Great Depression.


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But Snooki, you are right, you are not a whore, a whore gets paid to sleep with losers. You do it for free, which would make you a slut!!

1389 days ago


Joy isn't Jewish, you morons! You're just being offensive to the wrong people! She's Italo-American, nee Josephina Victoria "Joy" Occhiuto, born October 7, 194.

Her former husband and current partner are both Jewish. She is not. Next time check your facts, please.

1389 days ago


Hilarious! I love their show and as a mom, nurse and wife they crack me up. Once upon a time i was their age and girls have fun, just be smart and protect yourselfs and those you play with. The hell with haters!!!

1389 days ago

tamra witt    

It would be so nice to see the MTV exect's choose informative and enlightening shows for our kids. Please stop all of these skanky self destructive idiocracies. Do we really want our kids to have these morons as roll models? Someone needs to put these smart a** kids in boot camp. I want to see them cry for mommy or daddy then!

1389 days ago


Please, Joy has more talent in her pinky toe than these two broads combined.

1389 days ago


Someone correct me if I am wrong. Joy Behar is italian and not jewish. Snooki decent is from Chile, and Jwow is German and Irish. So who are the italian wannabes?

1389 days ago


did anyone notice the arabic music playing in the backround... are these gals rag head lovers!!!!!!!!

1389 days ago


#37 Mary Ellen is right on. Thanks for rebutal to Bob.

I shake my head so often daily at these people, it is a wonder the thing hasn't shook from from head!

The whole reality show craze is a huge blame, now any moron out there can get their 15 now we have the likes of the Jersey Slobs to contend with.

Or Real Housewives, another puke show, worse than any other becuase GROWN women are suppose to know better.

I never see why people don't like Joy...she is for the people, she makes sense, she is kind and considerate, and a role model for women.

I wouldn't want to be a J-Wow or a Snooki, don't they get that they are a joke? A pawn? People have no respect for them?
They think they are both less than ladies? With no class? Pigs?

How are they ever going to change that perspective from the public if they make videos of this nature? Don't they get we expect this now from them?

A whole generation of questionable women. Sorry for you twenty-something men.....what will ever get to bring home to Mom if this is the pool of gals to choose from, Jersey wanna-be's.

Well, at the very least they all seem to put out, if you will.

1389 days ago


Seriously, who's really Italian here???? I like Joy and hate these idiots from Jersey Shore!! They are all walking STD's!!!!

1389 days ago


Can't stand the Bohar. Great HWs stuff: or google 'stoopid housewives' and then sign up or bookmark!

1389 days ago

Andrew Wolf    

I love it. I so love it. Instead of them saying to themselves, ''You know, Joy Behar is kinda right. She's been in the business for a very long time, well-respected, and I should listen to what she has to say'' they go and mock the woman. like the what the hell?

1389 days ago


Good job, Sweet Pea (comment 3).
Couldn't have said it better myself.

1389 days ago


yay ladies!! GREAT JOB! Joy is a dumb ass who feels the need to always have her mouth open! KUDOS girls for keeping the HATERS alive

1389 days ago


Jersey Shore? Really? Rather smash my package with a hammer than watch that show.

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1389 days ago


W-O-W! I didn't think these lame losers can become more lame and congratulations you have!!!!!! Snookie is an ugly umpalumpa and she seriously thinks she's hot.

1389 days ago
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