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Kate Gosselin

Moves to Hold Jon in Contempt

1/10/2011 7:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin is asking a judge to hold ex-hubby Jon Gosselin in contempt of court, TMZ has learned.

We've learned Kate's lawyers filed a Petition for Contempt of Custody Order last Thursday. 

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Kate believes Jon is squarely violating the judge's custody order -- prohibiting either of them from talking about the case -- by allegedly selling information about the case and tweeting his displeasure of the judge's various decisions.

We're told Kate is claiming Jon is willfully disobeying the orders, mostly to make a buck, and she wants the judge to modify the custody agreement to protect the kids from their alleged money-grubbing dad.

We're told a hearing is set for later this month.


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Oh Rob at 10:57. Should a man really have so much pent up anger about another man? How sad for you. You must be one of those ROL Kfreaky fans.

1291 days ago


Kate is truly an insane freak of nature. Yo bozo, just try and stay at home and raise your children. What a pity, those poor children.

1291 days ago


Jon is jealous because Kate is making all the money and he is left with nothing .... he made his bed , so sit in it Jon ... they really both deserve each other ...

1291 days ago


WOW Kate! This is so "Christian" of you. Been to church lately? Didn't think so. You might want to consider it for your children's sake.

Posted at 6:39 PM on Jan 10, 2011 by Liz

Wow this is the same line my ex uses when he doesn't want to pay child support

1291 days ago


There is NOTHING more POWERFUL than a woman who is finally fed up and not going to take any more crap.

1291 days ago


Ramona, what isn't Kate going to "take" anymore?
HER lawyer has given NUMEROUS quotes to RadarOnline.

Kate is so jealous that Jon has love in his life. The kids obviously would rather be with Jon.

1291 days ago


There is NOTHING more POWERFUL than the LOVE daughters have for their FATHERS.

1291 days ago

mom of 2    

R U kidding.This woman goes on every talk show,news show she can possibly get on and crys and moans and says nasty things about her ex and uses her kids like mini ATMs and she is calling him money grubbing and a secret spiller....get a mirror Kate YOU are the problem,You are the money grubber.Is John getting thousands of dollars in hair he riding in limos..his he jetting all over the world dragging his unhappy children with him....? NO you are..what a greedy wench.Give John the kids and go live with your gray haired "body guard" yaaaaaaaaaaaaa come on you are not fooling anyone woman.

1291 days ago


Remember when Jon was demanding his kids not be on TV.."during the divorce".... because he was trying to make deals and get out of his TLC contract... and he KNEW nobody wanted him without his kids... he learned all that from Michael Lohan... remember the Lohan tapes? lol lol... Jon learned his sleazy pap/bodyguard tabloid tricks from Kate 2.0 and Lilo's sleazy dad.

But Lilo's dad at least knows how NOT to piss off the Judge and put himself in comtempt of court. There is a reason Jon Gosselin was born on April Fools day.

Man is a disgrace to us men.

1291 days ago


In my opinion, Kate is the only parent who is making an effort to work and take care of the kids. Maybe all of you who criticize her should read her book Multiple Blessings to see what she went through just to have these kids and her fear of not being able to provide for them. People who have fertility treatments don't go into it thinking that they will have six kids at once. They go into it hoping that they will get to have one baby. I know several people who have gone through these procedures several times and still don't have kids, and I think that those whose procedures are successful are just grateful if they have one child. There is no way that Kate could support eight children working as a registered nurse. She is doing the best she can to take care of her kids while dealing with an ex-husband who, in my opinion, has acted like a twelve-year-old who doesn't want the responsibility of the kids. I don't blame her for getting mad at him when they were on the show together-he acted like the ninth child. Jon appears to be endlessly trying to ruin her ability to work and take care of the kids, seemingly without giving any thought to the well-being of the children and to what would happen to the children and who would take care of them if Kate did not work at her present jobs. His big epiphany that his children should have never been on the show is a joke as it came right after he was told he would not be on the show anymore. This situation is what it is. There are eight children to take care of, and I do not think that she is earning a living off of the backs of her children. She is doing the one thing that she can do to make enough money to take care of them, and she gets to spend time with them while they get to go on many wonderful trips and have experiences that they otherwise would have never had. The kids have college funds as a result, are well taken care of, and have a good future ahead of them because Kate works hard to make it that way. Her other show does not even involve the kids. Even with the times that she is away to work, she still spends more time with her children than most working mothers. I wish everyone would leave her alone and let her work and live in peace.

1291 days ago


In PA it is the LAW that you are not to publically disclose Child Custody proceedings. Jon did exactly that with his tweets about the Judges decisions and the trip to Australia. AND he is also selling information from his children's school records to the tabloids. He is in deep doodoo. Jon has no way to take care of his children and he is sabotaging his children's financial security. If he wants Kate to not do the show then he needs to figure out a better way to take care of his children's financial needs. He needs to quit attacking her and find ways to improve his relationship with his ex-wife so that they can heal and grow as people. If he keeps up these ridiculous attacks NONE of that can happen as Kate is forced to constantly be on the defensive. Jon is part of the problem not figuring out how to be part of the solution.

1291 days ago


She's calling the kettle black? All she does is profit off those kids, leaves them behind, yells at them, if the judge had a brain he'd take those children away from her.
What a skank loser she is.

1291 days ago


The law also shouldn't let ex wives break the child visitation agreements set up by the court. Kate will always interfere with visitation saying work is the reason because she's a money hungary biatch. She's made enough money to support these kids until they're 21. The judge should pay more attention to the factt that she drags them out of school when they're failing and being expelled. Who has the kids interests here ? Not Kate.

1291 days ago


Still dating 9 year olds, Rob?

1291 days ago


How is that there is still a gag order on the divorce? They're split legally, if he wants to talk about past lives how is there anything a court can say about it? Is kate afraid that her complete history might finally be brought from the depths.

if I remember correctly, when they first started the Jon and Kate circus, Jon had a job as an IT analyst with the Government, but kate didn't want him doing that gig anymore because it took time away from his fatherly duties watching the kids so she could run out and spend the money off camera.

kate is a train wreck that we've seen coming for a long LONG time. My only worry is eventually atleast one of the kids is going to have drug or alcohol problems due to mommy dearest's bi-polar displays. Another question to be asked. Where is all of the money the 'kids' are making going to? Do they have confirmation with the Child Welfare office that a trust or a savings plan has been setup so that we can ensure that kate isn't living on their dime? Gawd knows we weren't tuning in to watch her outbursts.

1291 days ago
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