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Kate Gosselin

Moves to Hold Jon in Contempt

1/10/2011 7:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin is asking a judge to hold ex-hubby Jon Gosselin in contempt of court, TMZ has learned.

We've learned Kate's lawyers filed a Petition for Contempt of Custody Order last Thursday. 

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Kate believes Jon is squarely violating the judge's custody order -- prohibiting either of them from talking about the case -- by allegedly selling information about the case and tweeting his displeasure of the judge's various decisions.

We're told Kate is claiming Jon is willfully disobeying the orders, mostly to make a buck, and she wants the judge to modify the custody agreement to protect the kids from their alleged money-grubbing dad.

We're told a hearing is set for later this month.


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How are the haters eating lies Ramona? Who's lying here?
TMZ? Did they not fact-check this story? Was it fed to them by Kate's PR? If they got the story that way, Kate's PR lied (there's a shocker)and it looks like they were trying to do damage control if Jon was the plaintiff. Jon's people wouldn't plant the story if it makes him look bad, would they?
Either way, Ramona, Kate comes out looking like the b!tch she is. A b!tch for lying about a verifiable court entry. A b!tch for being in contempt herself for talking about custody on tv interviews, also verifiable. A b!tch if the filing was done by Jon because she wouldn't let him talk to his kids for 3 weeks. So you see, Ramona, Kate comes out looking like a b!tch any which way you slice it.

1379 days ago

TLC paydays    

Hey Harvey-with you being an attorney and having a staff of people to research, I'm surprised you didn't actually fact check this story.

1379 days ago



1378 days ago


Kate G. is a sorry excuse for a mother. Her bodyguards wife must be the dumbest wife ever or she just doesn't give a crap. I would think they have something going on, but Steve has seen this woman have her psychotic meltdowns over and over and I'll bet he doesn't even like her. The money must be great.

1378 days ago


C**tyKate ~ You asked me to keep you posted. Well I checked again today and it now appears that Kate too has filed a contempt petition on 1/14. Jon's was filed on 1/6. So it does appear TMZ did know that Kate was going to file one (the whole story seemed fed by a PR person) but they didn't pick up on the fact that Jon first filed the contempt petition.

1376 days ago


Sunfire: But Jon and Michael were best buds!!!
kr, how can you be so cruel? Are you like this in real life? You don't even know Ellen. How can you pass judgment like that on her? Jon is trying to have a normal life, out of the limelight. It's Kate who wants to be a celebrity. Don't even put Michael Lohan in the same sentence as Jon.

Posted at 4:37 PM on Jan 10, 2011 by Sunfire

1376 days ago


I don't understand, Kate gets her way all the time, she and TLC have the Judge in their pockets and if she feels shes doing nothing wrong and she claims she is trying to keep everything nice for the kids emotional well being, then why does she go after Jon at every turn?...Money must do a lot, because even the legal system is letting a emotional child abuser do whatever she wants, but a father who is soo sorry for what he and his former wife has done to their kids, Jon just wants so bad to salvage some sort of childhood for his brood, but because he doesnt have money and he gets threatened with being arrested every time he tries, its sad and just another case of David and Goliath!...Jon means well and somebody out there w/money and pull should help him get the kids.

1375 days ago


Thanks Daisy appreciate the update. If Kate's PR fed the story to TMZ they need to be held in contempt.

1375 days ago


You're welcome - I just hate bad/inaccurate reporting. And the fact that it hasn't been corrected in the 8 days since it's been posted is driving me nuts :)

1375 days ago


They don't really need to correct it now. Good to know TMZ can see into the future though isn't it? Thanks again & if anything else goes down let us know?

1375 days ago


yeah - it's still inaccurate though. They claim Kate filed "last Thursday" which was 1/6 which was the date of Jon's filing. And they failed to mention that her contempt petition was probably just retaliation for him filing first. It's just bad reporting. Their psychic abilities are quite interesting though. . .

1375 days ago


The last time I ran across an article about Kate was when two of her kid's got expelled. At the time she said that they did not get expelled and blah, blah, blah. From what I remember from that article, she was blaming the kid's problems on post divorce syndrome and they were going to therapy. She was also blaming it all on Jon and saying that it was basically his fault that the kid's were taking the divorce so badly. Every time I see Kate on television, she is always bashing Jon so how is this even possible that she is trying to take him to court for selling stories of the kid's to the public? She should be held in contempt for violating the same order. If she was seriously a good mother, she would have done something when her kid's got expelled, like maybe getting off television to see if the kid's were traumatized by having their parents' divorce all over the media. Granted, they both need to grow up but Kate has always been abusive even towards Jon when they were married. Can't blame the man for leaving her. He was taking care of the kid's all the time while she was going to one town to the next promoting her books and trying to be a celebrity.

1373 days ago

Annie S.    

Pitiful wench. I live in her town. People here despise her. She was cold in 50 degree weather at Palin's camp but yesterday trolled around outside Target, no coat in 30 degree weather to show her bod... She knew there would be cameras there. I HATE HER guts. Lousy skanky Mom.

1373 days ago

Jerry Angel    

She is the money-grubber. I can't believe her. She exploits the children on a reality show and makes hundreds of thousands only because of their children and she has the gall to call him a money-grubber? She is ruining his life. He should have a show with the children, the Dad and 8. And put her in the poor house. How disgusting

1371 days ago


The only time you see or hear about Kate doing something with her kids, is when the TLC cameras are around. She used to say that if her kids ever didn't want to do it OR it wasn't good for them, she would stop. Now she has them work work work. She has to know that people watch it for the kids and not her. She could never hold her own. She only cares about making a buck of her kids.

I'm not saying Jon should receive the father of the year award but he seems to think about his kids as more than just $. How can the guy make enough money to pay child support? I don't understand why it is so high. Kate makes tons of money and is only with her kids when it's for the show. All the other time she is traveling. If she truley cared about the kids, when she was away she would let them be with their father. Nanny or Daddy, it shouldn't be a choice.

1371 days ago
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