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Kate Gosselin

Moves to Hold Jon in Contempt

1/10/2011 7:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin is asking a judge to hold ex-hubby Jon Gosselin in contempt of court, TMZ has learned.

We've learned Kate's lawyers filed a Petition for Contempt of Custody Order last Thursday. 

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Kate believes Jon is squarely violating the judge's custody order -- prohibiting either of them from talking about the case -- by allegedly selling information about the case and tweeting his displeasure of the judge's various decisions.

We're told Kate is claiming Jon is willfully disobeying the orders, mostly to make a buck, and she wants the judge to modify the custody agreement to protect the kids from their alleged money-grubbing dad.

We're told a hearing is set for later this month.


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Hi Mommy!

1379 days ago

Peta Vale    

You are both money grubbers whom have manipulated your children and probably turned them into little brats. Why dont you do the honourable thing and get a real job and teach these kids how to make your way in this world like any regular person. Protect the kids from money grubbind dad my arse you Kate are equally as bad if not more. You think you deserve celbrity because you had a few kids. Oh give me a break. I've watched the show a couple of times during ad breaks and I must say that you would have to be the most boring people to watch i've ever come across. J&K have no personality at all. So go away. Will be good for your children and yourselves.

1379 days ago


Jon has a job. It doesn't involve selling his kids or flashing boobs so nobody is interested.

1379 days ago


She is such a b!tch.

1379 days ago


She is just trying to drum up some publicity and trying to get her name back out there. She was spending all of that money like a drunken sailor because she anticipated that she was going to be this big wanted a list star and now she is broke. Her problem is that once people tried to work with her and got a wiff of her attitude and realized she had absolutely no talent nobody would hire her. That whole Sarah Palin's Alaska thing was the final nail in her coffin. I swear she is the only person that could make Palin look like a reasonable person in comparison.

1379 days ago


So who's going to protect the kids from their angry, bitchy, control freak, famewhore mother?

1379 days ago


Thats funny "she wants the judge to modify the custody agreement to protect the kids from their alleged money-grubbing dad."

But its alright for the kids to she "mommie dearest" flirting and allover the married bodyguard. Talk about a double standard.

Ya gotta love it - "SHE WANTS".

Ya no that old saying "Sh*t in one hand and want in the other - see which gets full first". LOL

1379 days ago


Contemptible Jon is in contempt of court, eh? Now THERE'S a biiiiiig surprise - not. Despite all of his PR induced promises that he's a changed man, he's still the same Jon.

In other words, Jon, STFU!!!!!

1379 days ago


Jon has STFU. Have you heard him crying on TV?
No, just Kate.

1379 days ago


Is this guy living in his car yet? Does he even have a real job? And before you all jump to say "what does Kate do?" She has custody of and cares for 8 that have been used by BOTH parents and the tv show that exploits them.

1379 days ago


I find both of them contemptable.

1379 days ago


Jon HAS a FULL TIME job.
It's not in the media. It's a REAL JOB.

1379 days ago


Neither parent is perfect, but Jon spent 2 years on a continued party and is way behind in support. The court has given him plenty of chances to get his act together, but all he has done is move in with a another gf. I think when the judge gets to the bottom of all of this, Ms. Ellen will have a big problem. She better hope Jon can pay for a lawyer for her. Her tweets told the whole story, and just a little advice for her, run while you can.

1379 days ago


It's ashame how they're tearing those poor kids lives apart. Money brings out the evil in almost everyone.

1379 days ago


Ellen has her own place and Jon has his own place.

1379 days ago
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