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Kate Gosselin

Moves to Hold Jon in Contempt

1/10/2011 7:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin is asking a judge to hold ex-hubby Jon Gosselin in contempt of court, TMZ has learned.

We've learned Kate's lawyers filed a Petition for Contempt of Custody Order last Thursday. 

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Kate believes Jon is squarely violating the judge's custody order -- prohibiting either of them from talking about the case -- by allegedly selling information about the case and tweeting his displeasure of the judge's various decisions.

We're told Kate is claiming Jon is willfully disobeying the orders, mostly to make a buck, and she wants the judge to modify the custody agreement to protect the kids from their alleged money-grubbing dad.

We're told a hearing is set for later this month.


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If you as a person don't see that Kate is pimping her kids out on TV for money then you are deranged and a complete lunatic.

Minus the EIGHT kids....NOONE would be interested in a show on TLC with Just Kate. She is a huge selfish Bitch. Did anyone see her on SP Alaska? She pouted, was a huge cry baby and sacrificed her childrens FUN by acting like a wanker. Her personality sucks and that's why she has ZERO girlfriends.

1344 days ago


Irony of ironies. The only reason the witch had the kids was to have multiple multiples to make money. The only reason she wants custody is to make the kids work to support her. She'd probably be just fine with Jon making money off them, too, if he'd only give it all to her. Money grubbing nasty witch. If she'd give Jon reasonable custody time she wouldn't have to spend the money on lawyers. Then she'd have more for the fake tans, fake nails, and the rest of her fake self.

1344 days ago


Alex, Kate's entire career has been from selling her family's secrets and privacy. Her last book was filled with private letters to her children, outlining each emotional problem.

1344 days ago


God these two are THE WORST PARENTS EVER!
Each trying to make a buck off their kids.

1344 days ago


This woman! She wants to go on trips through TLC and act like she is a star, but yet she says he ex is money hungry?? OVay... I hate to see how these kids are going to end up.. I just hope TLC drops the show and ET stops using her, and she can go take care of her kids and be a mom...
I know Jon did some bad things, but I am pretty sure she is way worse than him..

1344 days ago


You mean money grubbing MOM right? Money is what runs in that s***s veins. She's so motivated by money her kids will one day hate her (if they don't already) and want to live with that father of theirs to get away from mommy dearest. She's sick, seriously sick. Please go away Kate. NO ONE LIKES YOU - OLD HAG!!

1344 days ago


The woman made Sara Palin likable.
She DOES have a talent.

1344 days ago


A real father will do anything to take care of his children.
If Jon was so against them on TV he should of gotten himself a good paying job instead of whining about Kate being gone on her book tour and then bonking the young teacher in his familys home.
Jon is now selling his soul in the name of his children so he can act like he cares all while destroying them.
Jon and that new girlfriend of his are slime.

1344 days ago


Says a lot about Kate that her own family wants nothing to do with her.
The kids would be better off being raised by their father, who was the only one that took the time to take care of them, play with them and give them love.
Kate spent her time making enemies, sleeping in, whinning about the messes and bitching at her husband.
I really cant blame Jon for running wild once he got out from under that shrew.
Glad to see that he's settled down, got his own place, got a job and continues to give those children the love and support that their mother is incapable of giving to anyone.
Kate is stirring up trouble because she realizes her 15mins are up and shes wanting to make sure that she hangs onto every cent their CHILDREN earned.
This crazy bitch is trash that thinks her s%$t doesn't stink.

1344 days ago


She's just trying to isolate those poor kids even more than they already are. It's all about control with her - she can't control everything if they're with their dad.

Their dad is the real parent, I hope he is working toward full custody. He can do it - just needs a little more space (2 or 3 bedrooms for the kids and one for him would do it) in a real neighborhood with real neighbors right next door so the kids can actually have a life off camera and walk to friends' houses. They don't need a big yard, either. Plenty of big families grow up just fine in smaller accommodations. They don't need an empty mansion far, far away from other people (except for an occasional pap), and they don't need fake "fun expeditions" where they just stay for 15 minutes to get the shots and then get packed up again to go back to their lonely home.

The kids are already showing severe signs of stress now that they don't have their dad around all the time as the buffer between them and their disturbed mom. Just look at the body language when they're close to their mom in pictures or videos. Look up "narcissistic personality disorder" and "narcissistic mother" and compare the signs with what we've witnessed getting worse and worse with Kate. The dad is emotionally normal, just has been caught up in unusual cir***stances (for starters, living so long with a full-blown pathological narcissist, which would trigger post traumatic stress disorder in anybody....) and by nature is a mellow fellow who isn't a dominant type. But he's been smart enough to get therapy (which Kate has always refused, including couples therapy) and is figuring things out now. The kids look normal and relaxed around him. They look like they are walking on eggshells and ready to explode themselves around their mom.

The two younger kids who were expelled from kindergarden were just imitating mom: hitting, screaming, verbally abusing other kids and staff. We've seen Kate do all that on camera, imagine what she does when the cameras are off! Her behavior goes far beyond the occasional "mom is tired and lost it for a bit", it's routine cycles of abuse and neglect.

One of these days, those kids are going to figure out that they outnumber her and then the real trouble will begin. Heaven help her when those sextuplets hit their teens, unless she's been smart enough to hand them all over to their dad so she can "pursue her career". Assuming they even get to their teens without an incident so bad that they all get taken away from her - either she will hurt them or they will hurt her. The two little kindergarden expellees already know they can gang up on an adult, that was one of the actions that led to their expulsion. It's just a matter of time. Kids tend to stay inexplicably loyal even to abusive and neglectful parents - but once they hit a certain age, that inborn loyalty will evaporate.

All the judge has to do is order a complete psychological evaluation of both parents and parenting coaches to observe both of them extensively. Jon has nothing to fear from that. Unless the evaluators are too gullible (narcissists are good actors and can turn on the charm when they want) or the evaluation is too short, Kate's problems should surface pretty quickly. Also all the kids need to be professionally interviewed individually - the younger ones need to be observed under "play therapy" conditions. The older twins can speak for themselves.

1344 days ago


TMZ, I just do NOT understand your obsession with Kate Gosselin. Had your TV show on last night and listened to everyone creaming over Kate in her bikini...YES...she looked fantastic. I have NO problem admitting that...BUT...I noticed that no one mentioned the fact that Kate denies any type of breast surgery and always claims to be wearing a 'good bra'...she did NOT have a bra on with that bikini on your clip last night...and of course, you never addressed another one of her MANY lies.

And you go again...'poor Kate'-Jon is just trying to make money off of the kids by selling stories...yet you have NO problem with the fact this **** doesn't give a rip that TWO of her SIX YEAR OLD CHILDREN were expelled from school-and now they're zig zagging all over the world to tape that asinine show. Once again...TMZ, COME to Reading, PA and watch this family in action when the cameras aren't rolling. You will see that Kate is NOT at home with her kids AT ALL (unless the show is filming) and you will see these kids happy/smiling/laughing when they're with their dad, who, by the way IS a douchebag-but he's MUCH better than Kate. And while you're here, perhaps you could actually bother with those of us who have put up with her **** WAY before she became a 'household name' and you fell in love with her...(but of course, you won't...)

1344 days ago


I would love to bang the sh*t out of Kate...See this what happens when your a Asian with a small **** get no respect..If he were fu*cking her right he wouldn't have this problem

1344 days ago


She's just jealous he beat her to it. She pimps out those kids daily and now she's mad he is tapping that same well. They are both disgusting, but she's the absolute worst.

1344 days ago


Is she in contempt for selling this sealed court order to TMZ?

1344 days ago


I hold the judge in contempt for allowing TLC & kate to keep the kids from the one hands on loving parent they had.
How far up his robe is kate/TLC's hand for him to allow the shrew to take the kids half way around the world and pimp them out. Her kids are in crisis with 2 EXPELLED and all she cares about is her tanning and camera time.

1344 days ago
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