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Dr. Murray Patient -- Med Board Made 'Poor Choice'

1/12/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of Conrad Murray's longtime patients is "pissed" with Judge Michael Pastor's decision to yank the Doc's medical license ... telling TMZ the Judge is "preventing a phenomenal doctor from working."


Robert Day -- a patient at Murray's Vegas practice -- says the judge made a "100% poor choice" because Murray "just wanted to help MJ."

Day adds, "[Murray] is the most compassionate reserved gentle giant you'll ever meet."

As we previously reported, Judge Pastor ordered the suspension of Murray's license as a condition to the Doc's bail in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.


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So if your child( brother/sister) dies because a doctor gave him/her something he asked for him/herself,knowing it was very dangerous and not normal, you would say:
" ah, nevermind, my kid/sister/brother asked for it ,so it`s okay" ?!

1342 days ago


Why does Conrad Murray have to have his only means of support, his medical license,suspended, because Michael Jackson loved to go to sleep with drugs?


Please refer to the testimony given by the coroner and others during the preliminary.

Bottom line is that Murray was negligent and incompetent as a physician in just about everything he did or did not do regarding Michael.

Oh and I almost forgot, he's also a liar.

1342 days ago


Hey Siggi! You go girl! Sometimes you just gotta let loose and tell it like it is. Probably will never change the minds of the haters but at least you get your voice out there.

1342 days ago


So his overall health was excellent.
Posted at 8:47 AM on Jan 12, 2011 by karin
Great post karin!
Truth and correct information will WIN everytime!!!

1342 days ago


:-) You too - all the time!
Sorry about typos - I keep forgetting to use spell check.
Posted at 8:49 AM on Jan 12, 2011 by Siggisis
No prob! I understand. I always come up with an..."ooops typo" at least 2-3 times per day....LOL!

1342 days ago


Everyone looks at the "doctor" Murray as the only killer, but if we start to think, he did not alone, who are their accomplices? I am sure that Murray had not acted alone! There is much $$$ throughout this!, now Michael had killed it psychologically a month ago, when Ortega, Dileo, Payne, had bad relations with MJ because he said he wasn't prepared for the concert by the short time to test and because his health was not good. He aid that he had low weight that not ate, bad the legs, etc, this is not an announced murder?TII’s people was guilty! Because AEG forbade MJ Dr. Klain medications a week ago, very strange is this case, I believe that all these people so badly made to Michael should be imprisoned.

1342 days ago


Thanks for ridding the world of a child molester.

1342 days ago

new era hats    

Thanks for posting this. Very nice recap of some of the key points in my talk. I hope you and your readers find it useful! Thanks again

1342 days ago


So let me get this right, some of you want to explain all his Junkie meds on poor health and yet the coroners said he was in excellent health? You can’t have it both ways.

Posted at 8:56 AM on Jan 12, 2011 by Whamo

According to the coroner he was in excellent health, see my post # 96

" Autopsy did show incedential findings however his overall health was excellent. !!
Prostate issue; vitillago, polop of the colon, inflammation and scaring of his lungs, and also had some arthritis of the spine."

The meds for those things where the ones on the list.

1342 days ago


I wonder how soon we will find out whether Nevada and Texas will also suspend Murray's medical license?

Murray does not even practice in California so actually it has no effect on his income unless the other two states suspend it.

Posted at 8:54 AM on Jan 12, 2011 by MiMi

You are right. In the news here (Denmark) they keep saying that Murray has lost his licence and has no means of income. I thought so too at first. But that is not the case - over here we forget that you have STATES and that those states have different laws.
I hope they look into this in Nevada and Vegas.

Hey Siggi! You go girl! Sometimes you just gotta let loose and tell it like it is. Probably will never change the minds of the haters but at least you get your voice out there.

Posted at 9:02 AM on Jan 12, 2011 by LC4Michael

Heh, I am IRRITATED today. **** happens when you´re IRRITATED, right?!
Haters, don´t cross me today - for your own good. ;-)

1342 days ago


In closing arguments by the defense according to notes taken by someone covering the trail on the Trails and Tribulations website, Murray's attorney said..."And that propofol would have burned off... ( did he say that? !!!)". That is why Murray waited over an hour to call 911 so that the propofol had time to burn off and together with the evidence he hid, thought he would walk away.

Murray could have said NO like the 3 doctors who were asked before him to administer propofol if he was a GOOD doctor. He says he gave him propofol for 2 months prior and then tries to wean with a mix of other deadly drugs right before the concerts just adding more pressure to the situation. Even if you don't like MJ, you don't want a doctor like this caring for you. It's a scary thought!

1342 days ago


Karin::If my child, sister, brother, made these stupid decisions, then they would have no family support, no one, half intelligent, around them, and not taught to be responsible, with,... your life, and others, not have some strength, of character, or otherwise? You missed the point. This is about Michael Jackson and Conrad Murray, Not anyone else.Focus, focus.

1342 days ago

tonny brasco    

HAPPY DAYS .. thank you very much Dear Judge .i been waiting for this day since June 25, 2009(2009-06-25)..

Once again thanks .he should be in jain by now anyway .

ROT In HELL pig ..

1342 days ago


"Pastor made minimal comments on his ruling that there was enough evidence for Murray, 57, to stand trial. But the judge was clear that he thought Jackson's former personal physician may pose an "imminent danger" if allowed to keep his medical license.

Murray's attorney, Ed Chernoff, called the suspension the "nuclear option," noting that Murray hadn't practiced medicine in California since Jackson's death."

"If you do that, he's dead in the water," Chernoff said. "He has no practice anymore. His patients have no doctor."

Walgren made the point in his closing arguments, during which he placed the blame for Jackson's death squarely on the doctor.

"Michael is not here today because of an utterly inept, incompetent and reckless Dr. Conrad Murray," Walgren said.

1342 days ago
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