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'You're Cut Off!' Star -- The Mug Shot

1/11/2011 7:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mug shot for ugly-people-hating pampered princess Jennifer Jowett -- the chick from VH1's "You're Cut Off!" who was popped for DUI last night -- and based on her shirt, she's tanked.

Jennifer Jowett Mug Shot
As we first reported, Jowett was pulled over in West Hollywood for talking on her cellie while driving -- and when the officer approached the vehicle, she allegedly stank like booze.

We're told Jowett promptly flunked her field sobriety test and spent the night in the slammer. She was released this morning after posting bail.

It's just the latest problem for Jowett -- sources connected to the reality star tell us she's been spiraling out of control ever since she signed up for the show. In fact, we're told she was involved in multiple physical altercations with fellow castmembers during the taping of the show.

We're guessing that footage will surface sometime during the season.



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She's UGLY! Please put up warning before posting such ugly people.

1378 days ago


When are we going to STOP with these idiot "reality" shows? My God...these people are mentally unstable already and then they throw them into a snake pit with OTHER unstable people and then are surprised when **** happens...sheesh.

1378 days ago


That is one FUGLY b*tch.

1378 days ago


How is this ugly bitch going to call anybody ugly?

1378 days ago


By the they sit these people on the floor when they take that mug shot or is she a midget?.

1378 days ago


Sorry..."little person"

1378 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

GOOD! Bring me another dui's head on a platter. Set 'em up & knock 'em down. Especially those who expect to get their way every time, like this f****** b****. Throw away the key while they're at it. What a waste of skin.

1378 days ago


So ugly people annoy her; what's her definition of ugly? She looks like she got beat with that stick a few times. She is one ugly beyotch.

1378 days ago


This smacks of Ted Williams syndrome. Take ordinary people, throw money at them, glitz them up, and put them on TV - They circle the drain really quickly. Sad state of affairs. All reality TV personalities should be interviewed by a Psychotherapist for at least 10 sessions before even setting foot in front of a camera. @sdakotaguy

1378 days ago


I wouldn't call her ugly, but she is certainly no beauty queen. Common, is what comes to mind. You can see her in any Walmart.

1378 days ago

She looks like a killer in that mugshot.

1378 days ago


on her facebook page she says she was a lolly pop girl on the Britney circus tour/. Lots of pics from tour/ before a vegas ****tail waitress. friends with one of Tiger woods mistresses. Kalika???? unreined miss Tennessee?

1378 days ago


She has Paris Hilton-eye syndrome! And what's with the skunk-stripe hair on everybody nowadays? Doesn't anybody who dyes their hair keep it up, or do they just dye it once and think that's all there is to it?

1378 days ago


Ugly people annoy her? She's not the best looking thing on the planet.

Something about a pot and a kettle comes to mind.

1378 days ago


How funny.. flipping thru TMZ in my normal boring everyday job and there she is Jen Jowett looking just as she did when we hung out in high school. She may have had more money than some of our class but to give the girl credit back then she really didnt hang out with the preppy crowd at our school we were actually pretty good friends.. Good Luck Jen.. hopefully your not too far sucked into hollywood to get yourself together..and yes she and I did get in a bit of trouble together aftershock and boys.. geez thank god those days are over.

1377 days ago
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