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Lindsay Lohan -- DA Not Dropping Betty Ford Incident

1/12/2011 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The push to violate Lindsay Lohan's probation will continue -- the Riverside County DA wants further investigation into LiLo's alleged violent incident at Betty Ford ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan Charged

District Attorney Elect Paul Zellerbach met with his lead investigator and prosecutor this morning to talk about Lindsay's altercation with Betty Ford Center employee Dawn Holland -- who, by the way, doesn't want Linds prosecuted.

Upshot of the summit -- whatever the Palm Desert Police turned over wasn't enough. The DA's office says it needs more info to decide whether to charge Lindsay.

Palm Desert  PD has been pushing to get Lindsay's probation violated over the BFC incident.



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Wow, the Palm Desert Police have a major hard-on for Lindsay, don't they. They're not gonna give up.

1377 days ago


Riverside county is VERY strict and she is in trouble. Dawn Holland isn't pressing charges because she has a battery record of her own, but the charge will stand and she SHOULD get violated, be it a year or 6 months.......That IS the law.

1377 days ago


the law does not apply to the rich and famous people.

1377 days ago


Lets face it, Dawn was paid off by either Lindsey's people or the Betty Ford Clinic, or both. Finally someone is trying to teach her a real lesson, and treat her just like the law would treat us.

1377 days ago


Leave LINDSEY alone already....She went to Betty Ford to get help, and a staffer that they fired beacuse she was giving interviews started messing with her. She's got enough to worry about to be worried about this stupid biaatch

1377 days ago


I can't believe I'm defending Lindsay Lohan... but this is ridiculous! Why are they so adamant about pursuing charges against her? There is no proof that Dawn Holland was paid off, if the supposed "victim" doesn't want to press charges, leave it alone! She's an addict trying to be sober and this added stress will not help.

1377 days ago


more loser is on that other website saying liloser isn't going to her granny's 87th birthday party cause she needs to stay in la and concentrate on her sobriety.

hmmm...hanging out with sr is good for her. being around granny would make her fall off the wagon.

1377 days ago


The DA seems to have a hard on for Lilo.

I'm sure the process of recovery at places like Betty Ford have a lot of physical and emotional violence involved.

Seems like Riverside Co. Officials should let it be.

1377 days ago

Gordon Wagner    

This is a non-story. Some Christian dork judge has a hard-on for any celebrity he can catch a whiff of out in the desert. And ALL of this from a DUI four years back. Ridiculous. Let Lindsay Lohan get on with her life.

1377 days ago


Lindsay should do everyone who is out to get her be it the Police, the DA, the Haters, the Stalkers, the cities, the counties, the taxpayers, a real big favor and take her NY Knicks lovin ass, and her Bulldog lookin, Mets fan girlfriend right over to the frickin Village, and they can listen to Velvet Underground and do dope till they topple over.

1377 days ago

Ciaran Finnegan    

It's been 4 years, leave her be. If she violates her probation before her next meetup in February then sure, take whatever action has to be taken. Lindsay isn't getting any special treatment.

1377 days ago


What the police gave you wasn't enough because they don't have enough! That's all they had. Give it a rest guys.

1377 days ago


The District Attorney of that county seems very board......maybe he should work on something a little more important and stop trying to get his name in the paper.

1377 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Many court systems have a zero tolerance policy for any kind of battery or assault. Victims change their minds all the time about prosecution and the courts proceed regardless just on what ever evidence there is and the testimony of the officers involved. Authorities may also feel that there might be a measure of coercion here, and that in it's self would possibly warrant additional charges. I really feel sorry for Ms. Holland. Called to administer a simple breath test...part of her job....and now her whole life is in shambles.

1377 days ago

all about the money    

I am starting to think that Palm Desert Police need to be brought under federal investigation at this point. They obviously have a personal grudge against Lilo...I mean when your star witness refuses to file charges you don't continue to waste tax payer money and filing with the DA.

Starting to really think something doesn't smell right in Riverside County....

1377 days ago
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