TMZ Live: Special Guests Paul Anka & Judge Milian!!

1/13/2011 6:00 PM PST
Unbelievable TMZ Live today! Paul Anka called in to critique Harvey's rendition of "My Way" ... and he LIKED it?!?!? Plus ... Judge Milian from "The People's Court" graced us with her presence -- and touched on all the hot topics. And ... Charles' hair through the years -- you won't wanna miss that!

(0:45) Harvey's rendition of "My Way" ... how awful/awesome was it?
(2:12) Paul Anka on the phone!! He describes Harvey's performance as "better than respectable" ... AND wants to get Harvey in the studio. Shocking.
(4:25) Harvey rubs Paul's praise in Evan's face.
(6:00) Harvey's "People's Court" pal Judge Marilyn Milian is in the house ... and rails Sarah Palin.
(8:30) Milian makes it clear -- Camille Grammer doesn't deserve a huge divorce payday.
(10:40) Milian reveals the dumbest case in "People's Court" history.
(14:30) Evan's wedding -- Milian missed the boat.
(19:00) If Lindsay Lohan paid off Dawn Holland, is it illegal? Jason the lawyer takes this one.
(22:50) Pics from Evan's wedding of Chad and Mike ... wearing yarmulkes.
(26:00) More photos ... this time of Charles' morphing hair-dos through the years. It's a must see!
(28:40) Twitter comment -- Harvey and Paul could be twins. Decide for yourself.
(31:06) And ... Dentyne gum is the bomb -- take it away Dax!!!