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Dr. Conrad Murray -- It's Time to Sweat

1/14/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With his medical license yanked ... and the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial looming ... Dr. Conrad Murray took out his aggression on an elliptical machine in L.A. yesterday.




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Y do he got    

he`s just sitting on his tas watchin for his next ellipticals don`t have seats and TMZ is as fake as thiert flake on a photo op to pay for his defence

1344 days ago


Murray does not have a defense!!!

1344 days ago


he is getting in shape because he is getting his own talk show......
he really is innocent because wacko jacko made him give him the meds ...can you imagine wacko throwing a tissy fit when he didnt get his wonder he gave him to much just to shut up the king of slop

1344 days ago

eggshells los gogo    

THAT`s superfluous TMZ and not a elliptical bike but a elliptical superfluous tale of noriticals.

1344 days ago


ENDO yea right TMZ is paying for his defence by giving him photo shoots.Double meanings and story overhacks are as banzai as a spinner setting on his hollywood owned tassy... with his gut hanging downout?.

1344 days ago


No wonder Murray has so many kids. He couldn't trust the type of women that turns him on not to get pregnant to latch onto a doctor for money purposes. He prolly couldn't find a condom big enough not to rip.

1344 days ago


Hahahaha! This song popped right into my head when I read the headline:) Hip-Hop in it's 'infancy'. My son who was about 5 or so at the time would move all the furniture back against the wall & just TEAR UP THOSE HARDWOOD FLOORS to this song! Great times & memories. Man it was a HUGE hit but apparently about this group's only one. The 'SCANDAL' didn't help them tho'. Apparently the thin chick lip-synching in the video wasn't who was REALLY SINGING & that they didn't use the woman who really sang the song because she was a large woman. That caused quite an uproar. I think they just went ahead & put this video out without letting the lady know too & boy was she pissed?! I think she of course was the one who outed themn to the press. YIKES! I think they just paid her a flat rate for her contribution on the song, then royalties of course but tried to cut her completely OUT of the proceeds from the video. How in the world did they think THAT would fly?!! Funny It's been ages ago & not quite sure if I have any of these details correct for SURE. Anyone know that exact details please share them. It was definitely a rather 'Milli-Vanilli' sort of thing. Funny the crap they pulled in those days that they'd never DREAM OF TRYING THESE DAYS:) Milli-Vanilli, now THERE WAS A STORY:) I really felt bad for the guys. All freaked out when they actually won the grammy. I think the one guy just sort of mentally disintegrated after that didn't he? Oh well anyway.................CONNIE GONNA MAKE YA SWEAT TIL YA BLEED??? THAT DOPE ENOUGH? WELL INDEED!!!



1344 days ago


doc I love u!!!!very enegetic and young!!!!!!!!! RIP MJ!!!!!!

1344 days ago

Sheriff Rusty    

if the spandex don't fit you must aquit!

1344 days ago


Fat? Are you kidding? Is that a gun in his pocket or is he just happy to see me? I wonder how many times he has to wrap it around his leg.

Posted at 8:01 AM on Jan 14, 2011 by Sharon

You need to put your glasses on. That is either a wallet or cell phone that is in his

1344 days ago


TMZ why are you making such a big deal out of his Lic's being yanked? He does not have any patience's in CA anyway. The only one he did have, he was so reckless in his actions that his patience died. Last I heard he still has his TX and Nevada lic's.

1344 days ago

mj fan forever    

I really do NOT understand why MURDERER should have 'an aggressivity' given that IN THE TEETH OF EVERYTHING is making fake cards to keep his damned license in Nevada and Texas!!!!???

1344 days ago


You may not understand what I am about to say, but it is how I feel. Please read all of my comment. It is very difficult to say this, but I do forgive Dr. Murray; however, this forgiveness does not excuse the gross negligence and what happened as a result. The forgiveness is for me for I cannot keep hatred in my heart, but that doesn't mean that I like Dr. Murray or have regained confidence in him. I do not care for the man at all. He did let Michael down and did not take care of him. Michael trusted him and his life was literally in Dr. Murray's hands. Murray botched it, whether intentionally or not, and, as a result, Michael is no longer on this Earth. I am glad that Murray will go to trial. I am impressed with the presentation, persistence, and organization of the prosecution's facts and evidence. From all that he did, or didn't do, Dr. Murray is incompetent, at least for what he was hired to do. He was way in over his head. I want the truth to come out and justice, as much as it can be, to be served to the maximum. No more secrets.

1344 days ago


No sweat whatsoever in sight.

He lookes rather bored while his media friends catch this promo shoot.

And wearing his children's money in Nike.

Nice guy. Really.

1344 days ago
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