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Gary Busey

Allegedly Set Up

in Bogus DUI Sting

1/14/2011 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two people were arrested in Malibu yesterday after allegedly setting up Gary Busey for a DUI bust and then taking pictures of the police encounter.

Busey was driving on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu when cops pulled him over ... because they were told he was driving drunk.

Turns out ... cops got the tip from a couple who claimed they saw Busey driving his Mercedes erratically.

When cops went after Busey's car the couple followed and parked behind the cop car when Busey was stopped.

Cops determined Busey "was perfectly sober" and then noticed the couple -- Patrice Karst and Mark Abel -- were taking pictures of the action. 

According to deputies, the couple identified themselves as members of the press.  Cops asked them to stop taking photos, but they refused.

The L.A. County Sheriff's deputies arrested the couple for obstructing a peace officer in his duties. Patrice was also charged with possession of marijuana.


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#75 hey dumb ass read before ya post stupid crap. the obstructing was due to them disabeying his order to stop taking pics. shheesssh

1345 days ago





1345 days ago

EMC betch    

**** the police they are dumb as ****. they didnt even read them their god damn rights. just cause this dumbass dude was speeding down pch, he gets off easy cause hes a celebrity??? wtf is that ****. **** the pigs

1345 days ago

EMC betch    

**** the cops man mr mark and patrice didnt do **** whats the point of a marijuana card if they still arrest u and ****. they didnt even tell them their god damn rights **** the pigs

1344 days ago


There is always two sides to the story. The right to stop and take pictures is permitted by law. When the full story is completely revealed I am sure the judicial system will expose the bandits.

316 days ago


Comment 77 proof read your comment....First off if you were arrested for taking a picture I am sure the look on your face would be similar, neither one of them have red eyes, nor are there eyes dilated. Welcome to the media junky club dip____.

316 days ago

patrice karst    

I am Patrice Karst and I have waited 3 1/2 years to finally blow the whistle on, "What really happened."
Here is the REAL story. Hey TMZ way to go on reporting a completely fictitious story. Even when I called you the day you ran it to tell you what really happened. Do the right thing and do THAT story!

Attention Peter Bibring- Senior Staff Attorney ACLU of Southern California

Dear Peter,

I apologize in advance for this long email. I believe that it is the most important email I may ever write. I have a lot to say. I hope that you will be able to give it your full attention.

We know that our civil attorney ( who appears to be at the end of his ability to continue to help us), has tried reaching out to you but has not been hearing anything back. Thus, my email. I have been a supporter of the ACLU most of my adult life and I NEED YOU NOW!

My name is Patrice Karst. I am a 54 year old white woman residing in Los Angeles County. I have done many different things in these 54 years but always my vision, beliefs and thus my career has been devoted to love, truth, freedom and justice for all people. Currently, I am a bestselling children's author whose books share my values. I teach children the importance of love and kindness and to fight for what is right.

I am and always have been a law abiding citizen Except that now I am a convicted criminal. Because I took a picture. I took a picture of some cops. Some very bad cops.

I write this letter to you today because I have been fighting for 3 1/2 years for my civil rights. Especially my First Amendment rights.
Even though I will often use I and my during this email, please note that I am speaking on behalf of and with the permission of Mark Abel, my husband ( though we are currently separated from the stress of our ordeal) and my codefendant in this case and who is, in fact, a US Coast Guard licensed yacht captain.

Please consider this my personal plea and my plea on behalf of every citizen of the United States of America that owns a camera phone that the ACLU take our case to the United States Supreme Court.

Both the Appellate court ( that pretended they didn't have any photos in evidence and denied our appeal at the 11th hour on day 90 at 3:30pm- and then denied our petition for rehearing on the same day we filed for it!) and now the Court of Appeal has denied us a rehearing without even so much as an opinion. These courts are clearly all on the same team. The one full of lies and coverup and corruption. You know, that team.

WE only have 90 days since yesterday's ruling to Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court- making it July 23, 2014.
I have heard that ordinarily the Supreme Court will not look at cases that every lower court has denied. But that Peter is exactly why we need the ACLU- because there has been nothing ORDINARY about our case. If it is a, "fool's errand," to try to bring this to the Supreme Court, then I am just the, "fool" to try to do it. No one ever got to the Supreme Court because things had gone well in their fight for justice and I cannot give up now.

We are told by the media daily that if we citizens see news happening it is important for us to do***ent it!

That's exactly what I did.

On Jan 13, 2011 we were driving on PCH in Malibu on our way to look for rentals. The only reason that we pulled over that day is that we saw one citizen that seemed to have way too many sheriffs around him and I wanted to do***ent whatever was happening. I had already known what issues there were with the Lost Hills Sheriff's Department-- (thug cops, think -Mitrice Richardson murder case). I knew that I had the protection of the First Amendment ( or so I thought!) I even told the first officer that I spoke to, (when asked if I was with the press) that I was with the, "People's Press," and simply wanted to take pictures of the investigation taking place. It wasn't until after we began to pull over that we even realized it was the actor Gary Busey being investigated for a possible DUI. The irony that they arrested us but let Busey go driving off is literally just the beginning of this truly unbelievable situation.

Even though I had every right to be on public land photographing the officers, as soon they made it clear that they didn't appreciate my exercising of those rights, I did as told and got back in my car. It wasn't until I took a picture as my husband was driving away from the scene, (as they had motioned for us to do), and while sitting buckled in said car, that they hunted us down and yanked us off the street and into jail! The entire do***ented event was 61 SECONDS! I was only out of my car for 14 seconds, including walking back to it. They took my dog to the pound. They ransacked and impounded my car. We were never read our Miranda Rights. They refused to give me my phone back (with all of my life and contacts in it) for 4 months.
My 7 hours in the custody of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department was the worst 7 hours of my life and I am still traumatized daily from it.

Then as if it couldn't get any worse, it did. The next day after our arrest, the same Lost Hills Sheriff's Department released-our mug shots and a completely bogus press release and sold this false story to the world wide press. The story was that we had "set up Gary Busey in a DUI sting by flagging them/calling 911 and saying that Busey's mercedes was swerving so that we could sell pictures."
This ridiculous and phony story went globally viral within a few hours. Later, in trial, they admitted that none of it was true and that we had simply driven upon the scene.
Too little too late. Our reputations ruined. Every single thing that I have fought for all my life smeared by a mug shot and fake story. Any Google search of me brings up those mug shots and false story. I am a children's book author! This is tragedy for me.They did this to us.
I would not believe what has happened to us could happen in America. I feel like I have been in a bad movie for years now. They say, you can't make this sh-t up and boy, are they right!

We have been prosecuted all this time ONLY to cover up this original false arrest and false story. They knew that I was not going to stay quiet when I sent a complaint to then head of the Sheriff's Department Lee Baca, filed a claim with the city of Los Angeles, filled out a complaint form for the Lost Hills Sheriff's station, asked for an investigation through the Office of Independent Review and decided to file a civil suit ( I have enclosed it). They chose to lie and prosecute me hoping that I would be found guilty and not be able to sue them. They decided that I was a "trouble maker" and wanted to make sure they got me and got me good. They won. We had to withdraw our civil complaint because we were found guilty.

Everyone along the way, went along with this. All the other sheriffs, detectives, lieutenants, internal investigators, all of the judges, the D.A's, the attorneys, the appellate courts -- ALL OF THEM have perpetuated this debacle and continued the cover up. A month long jury trial in Malibu for a misdemeanor because I took a picture of cops! And I got this particular rouge cop ( that has already been investigated for his anger issues many times and has in fact killed without a witness) pissed off.
Our trial was one of the longest misdemeanor trials in California history. At the time we had no money to hire attorneys and were represented by public defenders who did a terrible job. They absolutely refused to let me take the stand and simply tell the jury what happened! We turned down plea deals for, "Disturbing the Peace" because we knew we had done nothing wrong!
If they knew about what occurred in our trial and what Judge Mira allowed, it would turn the public's collective stomach.

I was found guilt of obstruction of a peace officer but the only obstruction was of my First Amendment rights.
This prosecution has cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars at the very least! As an aside, the Malibu court had to close down because of budget issues. Like I said, you can't make this stuff up

For all these years, at the advise of all my attorneys, I have not gone to the press to show the public what has happened to us and release the pictures. I was stupidly naive and should have done it along time ago. Had there been some public support and outrage, this case would NEVER have gotten this far and I would have had legal recourse for the hell we have been put through.

What a nightmare. What an absolute disgrace. What an assault to our civil liberties. How much we have suffered.

This is truly only the tip of the iceberg. When I share with you the whole story, you will be blown away by the level of corruption, lies, cover up that has gone on in our 3 1/2 year battle.
HOW can this happen in the USA? How it is even possible that this ludicrous case could have ever been allowed to be prosecuted and that judge after judge after judge has continued the cover up is BEGGING to be brought to the public's attention.

The extraordinary set of cir***stances and injustices that have occurred to bring us to this very letter that has me even talking about the Supreme Court happened for a reason. It is an unbelievable story. And yet, it did in fact happen- to me.
God works in the most mysterious ways and I believe He is imploring me from within to keep fighting! They picked on the wrong girl. When you feel that you have been raped by,"the man", over and over and over you have no choice but to fight!

And if there was ever a case that needed the ACLU, it is ours. In this digital age when taking pictures of police activity should be a protected right! We must keep our officials honest.

I have the smoking gun Peter. I have the pictures that tell the whole story! I have the six photographs that clearly show (with the original time stamps- no less) exactly what happened that day and that I was in complete compliance. These pictures show ever single one of the dozens of lies that the sheriffs testified to on the stand and that so many people in power are fully aware of.

Because I believe in the truth and have not fought this hard to roll over and play dead now and because you are my last hope, I prostrate myself before you and the ACLU to take this case and bring it to the public's attention and hopefully to Supreme Court of the United States.

Even if our chances are small, that's what you do- you fight for the underdog right? I believe that is what our founding fathers would have me do. This is such an important and potentially historic case. The implications of the rulings made are far reaching and affect almost every citizen of our country.

I am including a Youtube video that was in-fact made by the ACLU and is featured on your main website entitled PHOTOGRAPHERS KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. It is a 4:20 long video that will explain the entire crux of our current situation. I am on both of my bended knees for you to take 4 minutes and watch this incredibly important piece of work. I am the girl in this video. You made this video for this case and didn't even know it. And I believe that it is destined that I be one of your poster children for First Amendment Rights. This is free society. It is our duty to photograph our police. I was doing my civic duty and I have been wronged badly by my government.

I will close with the lyrics from this very video that your organization created...

"They can't turn the light's off now, the world is much too small. When anybody's rights get wronged, it's everybody's wake up call. Corruption thrives on secrecy, transparency is up to you and me, because we really want to see the Truth set free for all."

Time is now of the essence. It is time to finally call a press conference and share my story. I cannot do this alone, however. I need your assistance to help me blow the whistle on these s***bags. I am in it for the long haul Peter--and clearly begging you to jump onboard.

Can we meet in person so that I may share with you everything pertaining to this case?

Will you please help us clear our names and champion the First Amendment rights of all camera phone owners everywhere?

From my heart,

Patrice Karst

149 days ago
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