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Kelsey Grammer to Judge: Let Me Remarry!!!

1/21/2011 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer claims in new legal docs ...  he's met almost all the conditions legally required to get a quickie divorce ... and he's asking the judge to officially  grant the divorce on Wednesday.

Kelsey Grammer

TMZ has learned Kelsey's lawyer filed legal docs claiming the actor has agreed to every condition Camille Grammer requested in order to get a divorce decree immediately, leaving the property settlement issues for another day -- every condition except one. Kelsey refuses to put up a $10 million bond intended to keep everyone honest while they negotiate the final settlement..

As TMZ first reported, Kelsey wants the divorce stat, so he can marry his girlfriend Kayte Walsh.

Camille's legal team claims -- whether Kelsey has agreed to Camille's conditions or not -- right now he can't actually meet her conditions and as a result the judge should not allow him to pull the plug on their marriage.

A hearing is set for Wednesday.


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blah blah blah    

Camille should sue "the other woman" mistress....while she is at it.

1307 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Regardless of what you think of Camille, Kelsey's a top of the line d*****bag b*stard. He gets involved with this tart loser stewardess, not telling Camille anything was wrong with their relationship, then tells her he needs her at the premier then the Tony awards, when he tells her it's over?!? NONE of you would put up with that crap. She might be a dumbell but it doesn't lessen his responsibilty at all. He's doing what all aging Lotharios do: trying to be young again even though it only makes them look that much older. I hope she rakes him over the financial coals then he gets dumped by his bimbo, who will probably get involved with a married pilot. B**ch.
Btw Camille will end up with no friends if she keeps up her lying, games, & undermining. Also, note to her psycho psychic friend, A little off on the philandering husband eh?

1307 days ago


Camille, the longer you draw this out, the more pathetic you look...if that's even possible. We expect Kelsey to behave this way, you on the other hand might have a chance to redeem yourself if you just move on and stop whining. Ten years from now your kids are going to Google you and they won't be pleased with all of the public comments you have made about Kelsey. He may be a jerk but at least he's taking the high road.

1307 days ago


He got a 29 year old piece of A.Z.Z. and lost his mind at the same time - there is something radically wrong with this guy - to say the least - I think he needs his skull opened up to see if there is a brain inside!!!!!

1307 days ago


I guess I'm the only one here who thinks Kelsey is right. He is giving an obscenely large amount of money to her and the children. She brought nothing to the marriage and earned nothing during the marriange. She should consider herself lucky to be getting what she has been offered and quickly dump this person who does not love her anymore. She knew what he was when she married him. She has spent a LOT of his money over the last 13 years. Get out now and get a job or lose the 4 nannies and take care of the children.

1307 days ago


Kelsey definitely has "issues" of all kinds...and while Camille looks to be one of the more disgusting persons on the planet? at least she KNOWS him and put up with him for 13 years...she was well paid like any hooker would be...but still, she has stuck with this backward, co-dependent, cross dresser...JUST SAY NO KELSEY...get some help dude.

1307 days ago


@ If sense were common everyone would have it.

lol, very true....When I saw the episode with the drunk clairvoyant, I thought she was soooo full of crap, this just makes her look even worse! I said in a earlier post that I dont care for camille, from what I have seen she is fake and acts like her **** dont stink. I like Kyle, I think she is real and I was hoping she would punch camille in her snobby little face, but Kelsey; he is 100% FAKE and he thinks he is so wonderful, in fact him and camille were a perfect match lol.

1307 days ago


What an idiot. Kelsey Grammer is a poor excuse for a man. This guy is all about me, me, me. He is beyond selfish, cold-blooded and not to mention just stupid. I can guarantee you this will back fire on him and I believe it already has with the mistress already having a miscarriage. I don't understand why the media calls her the girlfriend. She is simply a mistress until the divorce is final.

1307 days ago


What's the rush? Is Kelsey in that big of a hurry to get into his wedding dress?

1307 days ago


Camille is a dog. Google 'stoopid housewives' for great HWs stuff...

1307 days ago


Didn't Kelsey Grammer pull a similar kind of dump and remarry to Camille with the previous wife? IIRC, there was some kind of loathsome behavior he pulled to marry her, now, he's at it again. Is this man a serial marrying man or what? Pretty neurotic IMHO. She's lucky to be rid of the creep.

1307 days ago


Anne, actually Camille brought a lot to the marriage. He was damn near broke when they met. She took what little he had and made very wise investments. They started a production company TOGETHER. She supported him with his alcoholism, nursed him thru a heart attack, held him up when his mother died. Kelsey would be bankrupt now if it wasn't for her business sense, or he would have drank himself to death. Kelsey will be the first to acknowledge all these things that she did for him. I'm not a Camille fan, but he picked her. And he benefited tremendously because of it. They are both narcissistic, self-absorbed fame whores. Two peas in a pod. But give credit where credit is due. I hope Camille takes him for every last penny.

1307 days ago


Ah Frasier, how far you've fallen... down the steps and into the gutter. And I would have done the same thing if I were to wake up one day from an alcoholic stupor and finding out I was married to Gollum's sister.


1307 days ago


Who's going to wear the gown? Kelsey or Kayte?

1307 days ago


What's the rush?

1307 days ago
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