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Lindsay Lohan -- I'm Done Clubbing! (Seriously)

1/24/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stop us if you heard this one before -- Lindsay Lohan is telling her friends she is never clubbing again. As in forever. Forever ever. For reals. Stop laughing.

Lindsay Lohan Done Clubbing
Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ she is "completely over the club scene" -- no more "I'll just have water, thanks" -- and realizes that cutting it out completely is the best chance for her to avoid temptation and remain sober.

We're also told the no clubbing pledge extends to her friends as well -- as in she's going to stop hanging out with the people that only used her to party.

Which pretty much only leaves her trainer and the pizza delivery guy.



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"Been through hell". Ha. LL doesn't know what hell IS. I've been through more in 2 years than she's endured in her entire 24 years of living and I didn't have millions to bail me out of trouble or comfort me either. I just had to deal with it and accept it. I didn't have the luxury of taking a vacation or going on a shopping spree to ease the pain either. Everything she's been through, she did it to herself. No one else is to blame. Only her. If she actually turns her life around this time, I'll be happy for her but to trivialize everyone else's pain and suffering by saying this spoiled, rich brat "has been through hell" is outright insulting. As if her life is somehow more important because she's a celebrity. Please.

1369 days ago


yeh ok

1369 days ago


If she keeps her promise, at least it's a start. Yes, she can drink and drug anywhere. But she's been in the club atmosphere for years, even underage, and it never did her any good.

Kim Kardashian does just fine at clubs without drinking alcohol, but she's not an addict. Lindsay doesn't need any more temptations right now. Still think she should just hire a team of 24/7 keepers (for shifts) whose sole job would be to 1) drive her everywhere and 2) keep reminding her/distracting her from drinking and drugging. As they say, she needs adult supervision... at least for a long while.

1369 days ago

for now    

Mike 85 claims to have suffered more than Lindsay but he has no proof.
Nobody knows him. Millions of people know what Lindsay has been through.
She still does charity work to help many needy people while Mike is hateful
and blames everyone but himself for his problems.

1369 days ago


She may actually survive if she quits the clubs and the drugs and the party-hearty friends.

1368 days ago


ummmmmmm, yeah.

And I am a 6ft tall gorgeous model looking woman with a tight
sexy body.

Happily married to the man I am crushing on.

I have 6 billion dollars

Own a 15,000 SQ ft waterfront home in Maui and one in Italy....

Should I go on???

1368 days ago


If I was a rich and successful producer, I'd give her a year to fulfill her vows with an offer to star in an Ann-Margret bio or a remake of "Bay Bye Birdie" as the prize. She is so Ann-Margret except that AM was sexier ans squeaky clean.)

1362 days ago


Lindsay now your thinking right. You have many more years why not be happy joyous an Free.

1362 days ago


I would like to grab Lindsay by the shoulders and shake her to her senses. She's a naturally talented actress who has such great potential it's ashamed to see it all go to waste.

1360 days ago
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