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Snooki's New Show

MAJOR Toilet Paper Crisis

1/26/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki is about to face off with some of the GREATEST challenges of her life -- mortgages, career decisions ... and toilet paper clean-up ... so says the outline for her new reality show obtained by TMZ.

We got our grubby little mitts on the rundown for the upcoming Snooki and Jwoww spinoff show -- and according to the docs, there's gonna be a whole lotta boozing and she-pimpin'.

The storyline -- Snooks is finally moving out of her parents' house and into a place with Jwoww -- but, (surprise!!!) she's totally unprepared to deal with actual real-life problems.

For example ... the two have their sights set on a $1.5 million pad, but they don't know what a mortgage is ... or how to write a check ... and they keep getting distracted by the "hot" mortgage broker.

But conflict erupts -- so say the docs -- because during their cohabitation, Snooki ... gasp ... "made a mess of the bathroom and didn't change the toilet paper." She also "ate a ton of Jwoww's food" ... and anyone who's ever had a roommate knows that crap don't fly.

So what will happen??? We're guessing a ton of cussing and drunken debauchery ... can't wait!!!



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wouldnt do em wit ur benis!

1368 days ago



1368 days ago


she is sooooo gross--fat ugly yuk!

1368 days ago


The only way it could be better was if they invited that SHE-WOOKIE Kloe Kardashian to live with them. Imagine having to clean the tub drain after any of those Jersey Walrus'.

1368 days ago


Why are these people able to not only be on TV but make alot of money,and more importantly,who are the idiots watching their shows?

1368 days ago


What a jaw dropper! To think they would get their own show and that Snookie would put on yet another drunken show after her arrest is just stunning.

What is so damn interesting about these two? Both are drunks and that Jwow-she's violent! The fact the ratings are so high for Jersey Shore is a great example of where we are in this country. Drinking - FREE sex with multiple partners in a day - and the battery on others - why does anyone watch them?

I predict this show will evaporate quickly.

1368 days ago


One last thought here...

I don't believe these girls don't know how to write a check or what a mortgage is. It's more likely they are scripted for interest in ratings.

1368 days ago

casting couch    

Snooki wants smoosh smoosh

1368 days ago

Dave White    

Cant believe this crap is on TV,who the hell are these people?That snooki cant dance,sing act,shes short fat and ugly,that goes for all of them.If i knew i could make money and have a show become famous they could have come to Mich and film my drunk stupid ass doing nothing at all,I guess this is what the producers wanted,for everyone to hate them and to say what a **** show it is,I saw it twice and i wanted to hurl,i felt bad for all those idiots.Cant understand why they would send them to a some other country to make our cuontry look even worse than we do now,you guys just suck big red ****

1368 days ago


Does anyone know if these piss ants will be living OUTSIDE of my state of NJ? I hope so... they haven't made a "Non Morons Only" law yet, but they should.

1368 days ago


Can you imagine the what the combined smell of their c**nts must be like in the morning?

1368 days ago


The story is already bull****. Prior to the show, Jersey Shore, Jenni not only owned her own house/condo, but also her own business. She obviously knows what a mortgage is and how to write a check.

1368 days ago

jealous of kate    

I could understand not knowing 'how to change a roll of toilet paper' if YOU NEVER HAD THAT TYPE OF HOLDER IN YOUR HOUSE!!! (I had gotten rid of the old fashioned type years ago, my kids would just stare for a few minutes trying to figure it out). Why is THIS SHOW A SURPRISE? MTV put it on EXPECTING THEM TO FAIL!!! MTV HAS BECOME A LAUGHING JOKE, A DISGUSTING LAUGHING JOKE. They are having a 'casting call' for '16 AND PREGNANT' with this lovely explanation that if you are in that condition, and would like to 'share it', the ups and downs, and they are looking for girls from all over the country, to please contact them. One town in Tn. has over 20% of their teens pregnant, you have to wonder if some rumor flew around the town that MTV was going to be filming there and .... some teens are stupid, you never know, just as adults are stupid.... Does anyone remember (meaning they are old like me) when MTV actually had MUSIC AS THEIR LINE UP?

1368 days ago


This is no different than Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. I guess dumb sells.

1368 days ago


I knew it would be scripted but come on. Jwow has lived on her own since she was 17!! She knows how to live without Daddy. Gimme a break. At least 'try' not to be so obvious.

1368 days ago
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