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Kelsey's Old Wife Wants Protection From New One

1/26/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer's soon-to-be ex-wife Camille Grammer is afraid she could be financially fleeced by Kelsey's soon-to-be new wife Kayte Walsh, and she wants a judge to step in and protect her.

Camille Grammer
The legal titans for both sides were in court this AM -- Neal Hersh for Camille and Lance Spiegel for Kelsey -- arguing over whether Kelsey is entitled to an immediate divorce decree, saving those pesky property issues for a later date.

The judge put the matter over until February 7.  So if the judge grants the divorce on the 7th, Kelsey could still get married during the last 2 weeks of February -- which he wants.

But Hersh told the judge he's worried about Camille's cut of Kelsey's pension -- estimated at between $5 and $10 million.  Even if the judge awards her a cut in the pension, Hersh is worried ... if Kelsey dies Kayte could go to the pension administrator as the grieving widow and lay claim to the proceeds.

It's unlikely Camille would lose her pension rights, but just in case Hersh wants Kelsey to cough up a $10 million bond to protect her.

To be continued on Feb. 7th.



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First BEEEEEAAACTHESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1364 days ago


please move this to "I dont care tmz"

1364 days ago


How much does Comcast/NBC/Bravo pay you guys to keep "reporting" on Real Housewives/Camille Grammer?

1364 days ago

A wife from Hell.

1364 days ago

Tall Blonde    

His new gal is a LADY and has no time for your DRAMA ~ move on looser.

1364 days ago


the Queen of ALL Gold Digging Lazy B1tches! Geta real job and support yourself. No wonder he dumped your nasty skank @ss!

1364 days ago


Camille Grammer, don't you think this vengeful public vendetta will scar your reputation for life? What are you thinking?

1364 days ago


Just another gold digging whore. Of course, Mel's ex is the ultimate gold digger but this broad is coming close...

1364 days ago


Camille is not Kelsey's "OLD" wife or even his ex-wife. She is still his wife. Furthermore, she should be given the money she's legally entitled at the same time a dorce is granted. Kayte should not have any access to money that might be Camille's and the only way to ensure this is to get everything settled at the same time.

1364 days ago


well, I wouldn't do what she's doing but I don't blame her. I don't like golddiggers and camille is certainly one. But Kelsey's new girl is no saint either: just another golddigger. So the way I see it: it's a fight of golddigers for Kelsey's (A big retarded Jerk) money. That Kate Walsh is obviously pushing for that wedding and Kelsey is abiding because the sex must be so good or something...What goes around comes it is for Camille too: isn't she Kelsey's second wife?? She should have seen it coming.

1364 days ago


It's no wonder Kelsey is leaving her. What a piece of work. Camille you look ridiculous the more you drag it on, and it becomes clearer it's all about money for you. Your poor poor kids. You look ridiculous and desperate trying to tie all this crap up. LET HIM GO! The faster it's over with and the faster he remarries, the quicker you will stop looking like a blood sucking leech.

1364 days ago


If Kelsey wants dress in drag & play around with strippers half his age, it's gonna cost. Camille is in the driver's seat.

1364 days ago


Wow, talk about the botoxed up face that would launch a thousand ships... just to get the hell away from the bitch.

1364 days ago


I guess Camille needs more plastic.

1364 days ago


I think it's bs that she has any claim to his pension....don't know if that is normal, but I've never heard of anyone getting pension rights in a divorce.

1364 days ago
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