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'Sister Wives' New Home

A Neighborhood Divided

1/31/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown and his "Sister Wives" might need to invest in some good fences -- because a few of their new neighbors aren't happy the polygamist reality show stars have moved into their hood.

As TMZ first reported, Brown and his fam recently relocated to Las Vegas so they could explore new job opportunities. TMZ spoke with several of the new neighbors and while some sound tolerant of the Brown clan ("It's a quiet neighborhood, and as long as it stays drama free, then we're fine") others want nothing to do with them. 

One neighbor told us, "I don't want my family surrounded by polygamists."

Another was upset because now her young children are asking her about polygamy -- and now she plans on moving. She told us,  "I am not tolerating the polygamists or their TV show in my neighborhood."



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Explore new job opportunities???....aren't they still on the TLC reality show called Sister Wives?

1329 days ago


While I would do everything in my power to evict them from the neighborhood, I don't think TMZ has the right to question anyone's neighbors.

That's damn dirty of TMZ.

And this is the second time they've stooped to that level. The first time was with Octomom last week.

1329 days ago


The sister wives must have been desperate to get married to that guy. Freedom of speech is wonderful. TMZ has the right to ask questions of anyone willing to speak to them, as do the neighbors have the right to voice their opinions.

1329 days ago


I can handle a couple living together before marriage.
A guy spreading his time (every 4th night)between 4 women
in the same neighborhood is sick. I don't care what these
wives say, there has to be a lack of brain power to watch
your 'man' go out 3 out of 4 nights and you know he is down
the street making love with someone else.

1329 days ago

Brigham Young    

Southern Nevada's population is 20% Mormon,
as well as having a high rate of polygamists
living there. It's right next to Utah and
Colorado City (a polygamist's wet dream).

1329 days ago


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1329 days ago


LMAO!! This guy was hit by an UGLY stick and these dumb B's want him??? EEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!! These (non-ladies) have absolutely NO self respect for being with his ugly, low life man!! YUCK!!!

1328 days ago


Live and let live that's what I say, I don't care what anyone is doing in their own house I only worry about what's going on in my house. Maybe you should do the same.

1328 days ago


The neighbor is wise to avoid the circus act and move out.

1328 days ago


I say more power to him and his wives. No one has the right to tell consenting adults that they can't love someone. If he wants to have 40 wives, good on him. It's his business.

If the neighbors don't know how to handle the situation and talk to their kids about it then maybe they should move. The neighbor who can't tolerate needs to pull their head out of the sand and realize that not all families are the same and some have a different structure. As long as the kids are well adjusted and cared for, who the hell cares what the parents do.

1328 days ago


and just think the main mormons in utah claim this kind of thing is'nt about them...but it is !!!! they all came from the same seed of mormonism and that josph smith ...the same guy that the missionaires love to talk about!!! fact:plant a tree with a rotten seed and get a rotten tree with ALL branches are rotten!!!!
good old joe smith a man who enjoyed his a few children he married ...a false prophet..and they all still love him..why?

1328 days ago


Those are the same type of people that would move from the neighborhood if gasp** blacks or homosexuals moved in next door to them. Three of the wives have been married to him for over 15 years, at which, it's not about sex but love...committed love.

1328 days ago


I don't agree with their lifestyle at all. But if they were to move into my neighborhood I would be so nosey and watch them for entertainment.

1328 days ago


Wow! it all sounds so polyphobic! You'd be ok with homosexuals living next door wouldn't you? Both are wrong! But like we do here in the U.S., to each their own.

1328 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

lmao. Told you Nevadans wouldn't be be happy with this family moving in. Las Vegas especially.

Just remember, California let OJ walk, but Nevada put him behind bars. California's Medical Board made no move to revoke/suspend Murray's license. Nevada found he lied on his medical license forms re: child support, and if it hadn't been for an 11th hour deal with one of his 7 (or whatever) baby mamas, Nevada would have sucessfully revoked his license.

It may be a state of prostitution and gambling, but the state itself doesn't mess around... Watch for legislation in the coming 5 years to somehow ban or limit polygamy in the state.

1328 days ago
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