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'Sister Wives' New Home

A Neighborhood Divided

1/31/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown and his "Sister Wives" might need to invest in some good fences -- because a few of their new neighbors aren't happy the polygamist reality show stars have moved into their hood.

As TMZ first reported, Brown and his fam recently relocated to Las Vegas so they could explore new job opportunities. TMZ spoke with several of the new neighbors and while some sound tolerant of the Brown clan ("It's a quiet neighborhood, and as long as it stays drama free, then we're fine") others want nothing to do with them. 

One neighbor told us, "I don't want my family surrounded by polygamists."

Another was upset because now her young children are asking her about polygamy -- and now she plans on moving. She told us,  "I am not tolerating the polygamists or their TV show in my neighborhood."



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Vegas just got another handful of whores moving in to the 'hood.

So, what else is new? Well, their pimp doesnt drive a Caddy.

1359 days ago


@ 60 blackbeauty

"Personally I really don't care about their life style. If everyone in that relationship is happy who are we to question them."

Yeah, well its a felony - because its not just about the orgasmic bliss of the religious stoners, miss... Its about the children too.

Yeah a bunch of kids who are going to grow up all messed up.

Just what we need huh?

1359 days ago


I have seen way more dysfunctional families out there where the dad is leaves never to be seen again, or has been married many times but never sees the children except with the wife he currently lives with. This father is there everyday with his children and he loves them and that is better than most dads out there today. Everyone that gives this family a hard time needs to shut their traps, not all families are the same, get over it, and its not the business of the government to regulate morality. Polygamy should be legal. A man can cheat and thats perfectly ok in our society, but he can't marry and live with more than one woman. WHo cares its no one else' business but theirs. Its not the place or time for government to regulate morality if it did we would be putting people in prison for getting a divorce, cheating, being gay, pre-marital intercourse, where doe it end, etc its just ridiculous to regulate morality? Leave these people alone they are good parents and thats all that matters!

1358 days ago


I love this family and would love to meet the wives in person.

To see the great relationship that the first three sister wives is something I would dream to have in life. Yea to each of them and good luck and
God bless you always!!

1354 days ago


its much easier to love than to be so busy jugding others you steal the joy out of your own life and pray god has mercy on you when its your turn to be jugded for the way you spent your life jugding others love them anyway its much easier and is great for your mind body and soul put out nothing but love and thats what youll receive back and why not spend your life full of love and happiness instead of hate and misery life is short here make it count its up to you

1350 days ago


wow doesnt god say judge ye not les ye be judged....There is plural marriage right in the bible...and the only reason polygamy was takin out of the mormon church was to make utah a state. doesnt mean that god told his people to stop living plural marriage. Some people just had different priorities. plural marriage was a commandment of god and it was an everlasting commandment which means EVERLASTING. Some people may have different beliefs and that is fine. all I am saying is let others live the way they feel is long as there is no teen marriages goin on then I think the polygamists ought to be left alone....and in this case there isnt.

1350 days ago


Someone mentioned Bigamy and how it's against the have to actually try to LEGALLY marry to committ bigamy. He is not legally (U.S. law) all his wives. he marries the first one and then the rest are all religious cermonies only. BTW, I have a grandmother got married 7 times...what is the difference between marrying, then divorcing, then marrying, then divorcing, etc etc times over....rather than marrying four all at the same time and having the relationships simultaneously? You are still sleeping with the same amount of this case less...and also, you are spending less time with those folks so probably won't fight as often, won't get sick of each other so quickly, etc. I don't think it's a bad idea, really.

1346 days ago


I wish them the best of luck. Who are we to judge them. I would love to have them in my neighborhood. They seem down to earth and real. I hope the drama goes away...

1335 days ago

Sharon O    

I bet he has a really tiny wee wee

1331 days ago


This is a free world and they shouldn't have to explain anything to anyone. They are living the life they dream of and I support them 100%. To have a man supporting 16 children and 4 wives is awesome because there are a lot of men out there who do not do anything ever to help out.
Brown Family: I love your show and I see a lot of love in your family. I for one struggle with that everyday, so don't worry about the negative comments. This is a FREE world and you should live your life the way you want as long as its not hurting you or anyone else that you love dearly.

1330 days ago


nymom, they're not wrong, they're just different. BOTH are found in nature, and, in fact, when it comes down to the natural laws which humans follow when society doesn't force them into one way, polygamy is where they go first, not monogamy. Monogamy is not the natural norm.

They have been together longer than a lot of monogamous couples, and are loving and happy. They're hurting no one, and therefore, it is no one's business. I'd agree that these are the same people who would move out of minorities, homosexuals, or probably even Democrats moved next door.

The neighbors are the bigoted filth, the family is minding their own business, and being happy.

1326 days ago


I wonder if any of these people who are bashing the Browns think they are Christians. God commands that we love one another, He never ask us to help pass judgement on any one. Please people, lets listen to what our Father God says, even He doesn't judge us untill our death!

1325 days ago


Mankat Manor

Another name for the polygamist advocacy television program 'Sister Wives' airing on the TLC (a.k.a. Manimal Planet) basic cable network.

The show focuses on the exploits of its furry patriarchal leader, 'Cody', and his extended family in their above ground burrows in Utah and Nevada.

Other family members include: 'Janelle', the dominant female; 'Meri', the caring one; 'Christine', with some social problems; 'Robyn', the rebellious one; courageous little 'Shakespeare'; and thirteen (so far) naughty pups.

Person 1: "Hey, did you see the latest episode of Mankat Manor?"

Person 2: "No! I missed it. What happened?"

Person 1: "Well, Christine tried another burrow move, and Paedon almost died in the process. Aspyn got bit by a snake, and they had another run-in with the neighboring Yoder group."

1325 days ago

Cheryl E    

I'm not sure I understand what the legal trouble is. If they aren't "legally" married anywhere what difference does it make to anybody else about the issue. Not that I would be opposed to that, each to their own as long as it is among consenting adults and they seem very committed to their family. I haven't been able to understand why it's anybody's business how you define your family and who has the right to say who can live with you? It is not a lifestyle I would choose because I'm 100% sure of the type of woman I am and I couldn't share the closeness and intimacy I would want with my husband with another woman, but if they are happy and the children are happy and well taken care of, who am I to judge, or anyone for that matter.

1324 days ago


What a bunch of hypocrites! These same people will say its wrong for the polygamist groups to force their religion onto their kids and they call them cults for doing so, yet aren’t they themselves forcing their beliefs onto their own kids? Why not let their kids see it for what it is and let them make up their own minds when they’re old enough to decide? If they decided to do it would you kick them out of your family because they went against your beliefs? Isn't that one of the things you have against the strict religious groups? Isn't it true your every bit as guilty of forcing your beliefs on your kids? Aren't you teaching your kids to separate and hate others that they don't understand? Why do you give yourself the right to do that but you condemn others for doing it? What is it that makes you think your so much better then anyone else that you give yourself that right?

1324 days ago
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