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'Glee' Cast to Lindsay Lohan:

'We're Really Sorry'

1/31/2011 10:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The cast of "Glee" apologized to Lindsay Lohan for mocking her during an episode last year ... TMZ has learned.

Glee Apology Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay was out at dinner in West Hollywood Sunday night when she ran into the cast (minus Jane Lynch and Lea Michele) ... and naturally, that episode -- mocking Lindsay's frequent trips to rehab -- came up .

Sources tell us the cast walked up to LiLo ... apologized for the jokes ... and said they didn't mean to hurt her feelings. Lindsay accepted their apology and everyone parted ways.

0131_glee_launch_EX_TMZDon't expect the same thing to happen if Lindsay bumps into Jay Leno. Or David Letterman. Or Jon Stewart. Or Jimmy Kimmel. Or ...


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whatever -
where was the apology to President Bush after the release of the movie where they wanted to kill George Bush. Or all the cruelness to Sarah Palin and family? Come on already!

1325 days ago


I think it's good that they apoligized and everything I really do but I dont think that they were wrong in this situation. It is called a joke learn how to take a joke Lindsey.

1325 days ago


glee should be mockin they selfs with all that crapy performance not mizz lohan

1325 days ago


glee should be mockin they selfs with all that crapy performance not mizz lohan

1325 days ago


soo nes pellm I had several conversations with Lindsay about this and every time Lindsay got mad and said "its my life" blah blah blah.. "I can still drink and drink responsibly" yadda yadda.. "its normal for people my age" ...and so on. And then I see her go hang out with really scarey/creepy/slimy people that looked like junkies (and in looking back..thats exactly what they were thats why she hung with them) Lindsay USED to say exactly what you are saying .. Don't know what she thinks now.. I talk to her anymore (cept maybe sometimes i reconize her anonymous posts on message boards)

1325 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

If sitting bull is Dina or Michael that's rough for Lindsay. And all hope is never lost. Only when they close the lid on the box and bury you is all hope lost. If she does the "controllably" thing she'll just end up in crisis again and back to treatment. No shame in 5 trips to treatment and still be using. She just hasn't found the right treatment for her. Seems that one is pretty much the same as another in the forms of treatment she has chosen. I wish that next time she would try something different. Addiction is not a disease of the soul or of the mind. It is a disease of the brain, that affects the soul and the mind. It is genetic and it is not her fault that she has a genetic predisposition. An addict lives in their limbic brain rather than the higher brain. With proper treatment the addict can be brought from the limbic back to the higher thinking brain. It's a relatively simple medical process, some feel controversial, but highly effective for those that it has worked for. Ooops, there goes that soap box again.

1325 days ago


TMZ. Just sayin...

1325 days ago


I wish she would go to a rehab that doesn't cater to "celebrities." On E! Entertainment last night, it was reported that numerous celeb "rehab" centers were all vying for Charlie Sheen to come "to them" for all the publicity the rehab center would receive. He wouldn't even have to pay! And they call themselves rehabilitation centers?
I really want Lindsay to get better, because she used to be a beautiful actress. She was good in the Parent Trap (even though it was eons ago)

1325 days ago


Sure they apologized. Sounds like more drivel from the Lohan camp to me.

1325 days ago


TMZ is just simmering this story for Feb 25 court hearing.

1325 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

She's in the clear for the 25th. Judge will make his decision based on the facts presented to him. Doesn't matter what he has read or seen on TV, he will make his decision on what is presented to him. Out the door for school, chat later?

1325 days ago


What exactly do people think is going to happen at that hearing?
It's just a FORMALITY.
Lindsay's probation is supervised and she hasn't done anything wrong so far. Just 24 days to go

1325 days ago


@ Nicole. What actually WILL be going on on the 25th is a three ring media circus to generate web site hits. It's like sweeps week for tabloids.

She remains underinvestigation, so who knows/cares?

1325 days ago


The Riverside County DA doesnt care about her court date, they will still investagate her till they have to, as long as it takes.

They will nail her lying ass!! Papa Lohans too

1325 days ago


The People Mag paragraph does not say ANYONE APOLOGIZED.

"After taking in the Screen Actors Guild Awards, nominee Chris Colfer and his fellow Glee cast – Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron and more – kept the party going at West Hollywood's Chateau Marmont where they ran into … Lindsay Lohan. After spying them across the patio, Lohan settled at their table, wriggling into a chair where she chatted for a while with Colfer, who was very eager to meet her. But the entire group was giddy, erupting into cheers when Matthew Morrison arrived. Later, he met up with Jennifer Morrison, who had been dining elsewhere on the patio. "

The pattern of exaggeration continues.

1325 days ago
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