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'Idol' Contestant House Fire -- The Charred Remains

2/2/2011 10:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The single mom who belts out an AMAZING rendition of Melissa Etheridge's "I'm the Only One" on "American Idol" tonight nearly lost her house in a recent fire -- and TMZ has photos of the carnage.

Sources close to 28-year-old Wendy Taylor tell TMZ, the blaze roared through her Houston home Friday night -- right after she tucked her three boys into bed.

We're told Wendy had stepped outside to make a phone call when she heard her dogs scratching at the door -- at which point, she discovered massive amounts of smoke billowing through her house and dialed 911.

0203_idol_audition_vid_200She and the kids made it out in one piece -- sadly, the same can't be said for her kitchen.

No word on the official cause -- but we're told it was probably an electrical malfunction.


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This freakin' show has become nothing more than a sensationalized soap opera. Is there ANYONE on this show they won't exploit with some sob story to put them over? What happened to just making it on your talent?

1357 days ago


Kelly Clarkson also had a problem with an apartment fire, shortly before auditioning for AI. Some kind of curse?

1357 days ago

Lilarose in Oregon    

This woman needs to get a real genuine fire alarm! She can contact her local fire department and they most likely will provide her with one and install it themselves. My department did that for me. Otherwise, go to Wally World or any other department store and purchase one! Put it in the proper place and don't let anyone take the battery out (it is lithium and should last 10 yrs but don't wait that long, test it!) to use in dang toys and games! These are cheap considering what you stand to lose. Can't always rely on your dogs, folks! I watched an RV burn recently and it killed the dog inside. NO ALARM.................

1357 days ago


Really TMZ, this is a story?????

1357 days ago

Who cares?

1357 days ago


Another obvious ploy for sympathy/audience support -- also a pat on the back from Steven "Never Call Me Steve" Tyler.

Next week someone's dog will die in a train crash plus the eleven puppies it was expecting.

One of whom will survive/somehow live -- and be presented on national tv to a gushing Jennifer Lopez.


1357 days ago


I'm not saying AMERICAN IDOL is a bad or boring show, but I'd rather watch the Ajax foaming/working on my kitchen counter.

And if I hafta watch one more excited contestant leave the studio with judge approval and burst into his or her adoring families' arms?

I'll start sucking the Ajax from the bottom of the container.


1357 days ago


It looks like she's wearing Steve Irwin's crocodile hunter getup

1357 days ago


Cardboard boxes near a stove??

1357 days ago


I'll start sucking the Ajax from the bottom of the container.


Posted at 6:16 PM on Feb 2, 2011 by Doeb

I have brain bleach from Aisle 3 and Wal-mart and a case of battery acid if you need some more fun.

Notice how they had to let us know, SUBTLY, coughcough, that she's a single mother of three young sons. Geez, the drama they need to cook up to keep this show going is starting to grate on my nerves. America's Got Talent is doing the same and that really gets my goard because I actually watch, and love that show.

BTW, why is it MOST of the winners from the previous shows don't become as famous as second, third and forth place winners, ROFLMAO.

1357 days ago


that's pretty sad....good thing she had dogs. animals always sense when something's wrong. <--- :)

1357 days ago


For those of you that are commenting on Wendy, get to know her before you start to slam her. The cardboard boxes are there to pack up what is left of her kitchen and living room. They were not there before the fire. I don't know about AI using this as a ploy to get sympathy or whatever. I can tell you that Wendy has worked her butt off in regards to perfecting her talent. She doesn't deserve to be slammed like this. Wendy, I hope you get your family and home back on track before we see you in Hollywood. If not, your friends and I are here to help!

1357 days ago


Cardboard boxes near a stove??

Really dd??? Don't you think they would have burned in the fire? These pics were AFTER the fire dumbass.
I'm sure the boxes are there so she can pack whatever she can salvage.

1357 days ago

You people are just awful!!! This is a friend of mine and would give a stranger the shirt off her back. How dare you all say she did this for the sake of putting her at the top of the list or in the forefront of anyone's mind?! SHE did not contact TMZ and ask them to put up what happened.

The fact they mention she's a single mom is nothing more than stating a FACT. Being a single mom while trying to make it in this world, whether she's out working a 9-5 office job or making it big with her amazing talent, is NOT easy. I hand it to her for her accomplishments and tenacity to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that have tried to get in her way.

Shame on anyone who doesn't even know her and said hateful things about her. I HOPE she doesn't see this article. She doesn't deserve to read the assenine rhetoric some readers spewed forth.

1357 days ago

And to the person commenting about the cardboard boxes, they were put there by the water/fire restoration company who came in, to try and salvage some of her belongings.

1357 days ago
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