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Ben Roethlisberger -- BOOZING at Texas Piano Bar

2/3/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger is paying extra special attention to his diet this week -- because when he was pounding drinks at a Texas bar Tuesday night ... he wanted his rum mixed with DIET COKE.

Ben Roethlisberger Piano Bar
TMZ has obtained FOOTAGE of the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback hanging out at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar in Fort Worth Texas ... where he sang his face off from 11:00 PM until 1:15 AM the next morning.

Sources inside the bar tell us Big Ben arrived with two massive teammates -- and bought several rounds of drinks for himself AND the entire bar.

We're told Ben racked up an $800 tab -- and tipped an additional $200.  People inside the bar tell us Ben was "nice, fun and took care of everyone."

In the clip, Ben can be seen singing along to the Billy Joel classic "Piano Man" while his teammates joined in on the fun.

So, we gotta ask ...

UPDATE: This morning, Ben told reporters about his big night out ... saying, "It was a superstition and tradition on Tuesday night. I take the linemen out to dinner. We went out for barbecue and then we wanted to hear some live music. We just had an enjoyable night."

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Fred Mertz    

Church Lady, get a life.

1364 days ago


Dinner for the lineman was OK. Drinking at a bar a bad idea. Maybe Ben felt comfortable that no trouble would start with his oversized lineman at his side, also they would keep him in check.

1364 days ago


Whats wrong with having a few drinks? And the stupid bitches who accused him were full of ****. NOT GUILTY *******s.

1364 days ago


I hate the Steelers but Ben did nothing wrong. I guess the old bs Puritan values are somehow buried in certain Americans DNA. People can't wait to judge people for harmless normal activities like a man going out for a few drinks. And there is nothing wrong for a man to go out to a bar and try to pick up a woman for sex. Sex is normal and healthy nothing to be ashamed of you retarded repressed Christian hypocrites.

1364 days ago


No evidence is presented that anyone broke curfew; no names or quotes etc. Manager is quoted on other sites saying they left before midnight. $800 tab for entire line?(these fellows weight close to 300 pounds each so that sounds about right).
So it's just libel and slander. Unfortunately, under the silly libel laws of this country, if you are a public figure it is next to impossible to collect money damages that would prevent sites like TMZ publishing such crap.

1364 days ago


So what! It was Twesday night! Get a grip!!!

1364 days ago


here we go steelers here we go.

1363 days ago

Big Bennie    

Just think Big Ben ,you have all off-season to go out drinking and doing karokee....I suggest I'm a loser by the Beatles,hahahah!!!!

1363 days ago


What a bunch of morons! While they were out partying the Packers were in bed and ended up being the superbowl champions! Now the Packers can party all night long while the Squeelers kick themselves.

1363 days ago


So Ben wants to be a roll model.Who for future drunks of America.

1363 days ago


So he had some fun, I think there is too much attention being given to him and it is rediculous to continue to bash him. Let him alone.

1362 days ago

Melissa Smith    

I think TMZ is sleazy. Some stupid phone video, taken out of who know whos version of events. He isn't doing drugs, no women involved and he is over 21. If you made it to the Super bowl wouldn't you want to celebrate?
Hope you like your success posting crap like this...even the NFL Network analysts thought it was sleazy. They made apoint to point that out on national television

1362 days ago


Look, it's tradition for QBs to take their offensive linemen - you know, the guys who keep the QB from getting pounded into the turf play after play - out for food and/or drinks. It engenders their goodwill.

It was Tuesday (well in advance of the game), they were out having a good time drinking, singing karaoke, and, as far as anyone can tell, behaving themselves. For all of 2-1/2 hours, I might add.

It's after the game as I write this, and the Steelers, my team, have lost the SB...and I still don't see anything wrong with this.

1362 days ago


Guess that tradition should be changed if he EVER gets a chance to get back to the Superbowl. I'm a huge Steelers fan with all the young teams such as the packers and the buccaneers, I'm not so sure we'll get back with Ben in the shotgun

1362 days ago

Bruce Gephart    

This article sounds like the "trash reporting" that comes out of Hollywood all of the time. I don't see anything wrong with what Ben did at the piano bar. It's time that the media and all of you idiots who can't think of anything smarter than calling him rapelisberger get off Ben's back, and get a life of your own.
He knows and has admitted that he messed up big time with his behavior during the incident in Georgia (although there is no grounds for anyone to talk like they are certain that he committed rape; I think until a jury finds someone guilty of such a charge, people should not talk like it was a fact).
If any of you would have taken the time to follow Ben's behavior since he had his talk with Goodell, he has given one evidence after another that he is trying to turn his life around. I was very upset with his previous behavior, but I am now willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that his attempt to reform is sincere. Only time will tell whether he has really reformed. Until then, only those who are without sin should be casting stones at Ben (take a little time to read John 8:1-11, unless you think you know more than the Son of God).

1362 days ago
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