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Zsa Zsa Gabor -- SMILING in Birthday Photos!

2/7/2011 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor celebrated her 94th birthday this weekend with a big giant chocolate cake ... and a SMILE -- super-impressive considering all she's been through in the past few months.

Gabor -- who was released from the hospital hours before these photos were taken -- is still bed-ridden ... but doctors say her infection is gone and her blood pressure has stabilized.

Zsa Zsa's hubby -- Prince von Anhalt -- tells us Gabor is finally acting like her old self again ... and he's optimistic about her future health.


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Stop being so immature here. She is 94 years old and looks amazing for what she's been through.

Stop using your 20 something mentality and grow past such a shallow existence that only values looks.

The demographic here is just dismal.

1320 days ago

Cecilia Ma Magdalena Mirasol    

that is sweet!

1320 days ago


At 94 with no makeup, she looks incredibly good.

1320 days ago



Why didn't they just put her to sleep like an old crippled dog? Honestly, why just take her leg at 94. what has she done in the last 40 years anyway?

Posted at 7:15 AM on Feb 7, 2011 by Jeff
You first

1320 days ago


What I complete horses ass this man is. I can't imagine even for a moment that she would ever want the public to see her like this. Her persona has always been one of elegance, beauty, and grace. Shame on him for publicizing these pictures for his own engrandisement.

1320 days ago


Happy Birthday Zsa Zsa! You are one tough cookie and in your day you were stunningly beautiful.

I wish you well!

1320 days ago


she doesn't look bad for 94 and no makeup. they could have fixed her up a bit for the cameras, though. I'm sure she would have preferred that, if she knew what was happening. Any way, happy birthday, Zsa Zsa.

1320 days ago


#16, shame on you, # 26 agree completely. Tmz, please pull these pics down. This poor woman is in her 90's. She's just lost her leg and not well. It's clear she has no idea she's being photographed. I love you guys but you just lost my respect truthfully. This woman would never want to be seen like this. Her moron of a husband expoits her shamelessly. It's sickening really.

1320 days ago


Her husband the slimy prince is a publicity hound!! Shame on him for posting these pictures of frail Zsa Zsa!! No such thing as dignity here !!!!

Posted at 9:36 AM on Feb 7, 2011 by Sandra

Her husband is not slimy. Zsa Zsa has always loved the spot light. He should have dressed her up a little, but he is a man and probably did not think about it. He maybe selling photos to pay the medical bills, at least she not stuck in a nursing home, her husband has flair, and caring for her the best way he can, got to love that guy.

1320 days ago


I agree that a shall of some sort should have been placed over her nightgown. However, it would've been cruel to cover her in makeup and to do her hair up. She was released from the hospital only hours before these pictures...she was closer to death than ever this time. Even before the leg was lost it was an ordeal to get her dolled up into some credible form of her old self (hasn't been done since the 2007 Vanity Fair article as far as I know) and now without that leg she is completely unable to assist her husband in getting "dolled up". I dislike the prince, but they must have something special together for her to have kept him around for 25 years. ZZ was in good health for 16 of those years and could have divorced him a long time ago if she didn't like him.

1320 days ago


She looks like death, I hate when people are close to death, Why do they always have the same look?

1320 days ago


Would it kill her husband to pay $100 for someone to color and style her hair???????????????? Or get one of her old wigs out and fixed up!???

1320 days ago


No one buys those hospital gowns. She had to have been wearing it when she was discharged. Did he not have the skills to bring an outfit for her to wear out of the hospital? Is he too cheap? Could he not have grabbed a sweater for her??????????????

1320 days ago


I hope I look that good at 94. Not only is she 94 but very ill...and still looks that good!! God Bless and I hope you feel better

1320 days ago


TMZ, you people have no soul at this point. I would not normally enter my email into something like this, but seriously, you guys have 0 perspective.It doesn't matter how much $ you make on this kind of stuff, you are LOSERS and you know it:)

1320 days ago
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