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Lindsay Lohan: Let Me Take A Lie Detector Test!

2/9/2011 11:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan offered to take a polygraph test to prove to the L.A. County District Attorney she did not steal the $2,500 necklace that triggered the felony grand theft charge ... but the D.A. refused.

Sources directly connected with the case tell TMZ ... when Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, met with prosecutors Danette Meyers and John Lynch last Monday, she told them Lindsay wanted to submit to a polygraph test -- to prove the necklace was given to her on loan and that she did not steal it.

We're told the prosecutors shot down the offer, because they didn't think polygraphs were scientifically sound.  They also believed there was a significant amount of evidence proving Lindsay did indeed pilfer the jewelry.


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Still no word from team Linnocent because she is Lilty.


Good one, Sean!

And I'm STILL almost HYSTERICAL over this beyatch pretending she's offering over something meaningful in this case when she says she'll take a lie detector test!!! Hoo hoo haa haa!

Lindsay, you need to take a **TRUTH DETETECTOR TEST** on a daily basis!!!! Forever!

Hahahaha, such a funny little story this one is!

1354 days ago


The prosecuter was afraid LiLo would steal the polygraph machine

1354 days ago


Harvey! Offer Lindsay to take the polygraph on TMZ Live!

1354 days ago


@ Soetoro #79:

Do you know the legal regs regarding other medications? Seems like providing someone with any substance that would alter biochemical, CNS, blood pressure response, etc. would be either disqualifying or do***ented as necessary (and given weight?).

I've heard nothing about Lohan still being on Adderall (or any other rx), but Adderall will raise BP, cause anxiety, perspiration, and more, especially in people who take it for reasons other than ADD (like starlet weight loss, clubbing energy).

Couldn't a medication just as easily be used to negate unwanted results as one used to increase a positive one?

Just curious. :)

1354 days ago


If she did ask for a test it is because it is a win win for her. 1-If she passes she claims she is telling the truth 2-If she fails she claims the tests are not reliable

1354 days ago


Um, where is the mugshot, you suck TMZ

1354 days ago


Maybe she's confused about a lie detector, thinks it's a breathalizer. (there's a joke in here somewhere ;)

1354 days ago


Good point Cake.. though I can't remember hearing that she was ever taken off Adderall either... wasn't that one of the drugs she was supposed to be allowed to keep taking while in rehab. I don't know.. I'm honestly asking. I know she was on it before jail and that they said it was prescribed and so would be given in jail.. not sure what happened with that during rehab though.

1354 days ago


Lindsay is twittering again. She just posted a twit pic. Looks like it was one from the other day when she was at that event.

1354 days ago


Mebbe this is a Hail Mary type move...?

Perhaps the 'meeting' between Holley and Meyers re a potential plea agreement didn't go so well?

Guessing protocol required Meyers to listen to any offers, but also guessing she is not required to agree...

who knows...

1354 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

*Lindsay is too cracked out to even work up some crack tears at this point. She doesn’t take any of this seriously, and she gave these little smirks and smiles to Shawn Chapman Holley throughout the arraignment. She’s such an awful actress.

*The judge tried to open a can of whoop-ass, but it didn’t really matter. He gave her a big speech about how she can’t screw up ever again and I swear to God, I felt that crackhead’s eye roll. Yeah, that’s the same thing she was told the last time, and the time before that, and the time…

*I like the emphasis that Lindsay is “just like everybody else” from the judge. No she’s not. If she was like everyone else, the crackhead would be in jail.

*WTF? Lindsay sent flowers to the jewelry store that she stole from?!? Crackhead. I think the prosecutor, Danette Meyers, has Lindsay’s number - I like that she brought that up in open court.

Anyway… yeah. Lindsay is going to screw up again. Of course. And hopefully when she screws up again, she won’t kill someone.

Margaritas on Mother Crackhead tonight!


1354 days ago

Just Me    

After watching her court appearance today, I think Lindsay has completely lost what's left of her drug addled mind. Not only does she appear in court wearing a completely inappropriate little white dress, very similar to what Sharon Stone wore when she played a sociopath in Basic Instinct ~ but she also wanted to take a lie dector test, which was a scene in the movie as well ~ Really? ~ Was she planning to flash the judge? Newsflash Lindsay, you're no Sharon Stone. This is reality honey, not a movie . . . does she think she's auditioning for a role in Basic Instinct 3, and not in a court of law?

1354 days ago


I have been following this story like everyone else...
And I must say however, alot of this is just not making alot of sense...A lot of things are not adding up...
I really feel that when it ALL comes out in the courts-
the jeweler has some very serious issues to account for as well.
My gut is there is more to this big picture then the jeweler is painting for us all...
It is truly an unfortunate incident for all of those involved.
Whether Lindsay stole the necklace or not, remains the big $ 40,000 question...
but I feel there is more to the "rest of the story" that will come out - as the truth always prevails...
If she is guilty, fine - she should pay the consequences.
However, she does deserve a fair trial just as we would expect for ourselves.
But UNTIL she is proven guilty, we all need to be respectful and stop slamming her and her family.
Sorry guys - but this is not acceptable nor morally ethical.
It is horribly cruel, and is crossing the line here.
I am in no way defending her or her previous actions.
It is so very easy to ultimately base our opinions on her past actions - and run with our opinions automatically proving her guilty before proven otherwise.
Remember - Innocent until proven guilty. And the courts will decide her fate - not us.
But really, these hateful remarks about her and her family are downright not only hurtful, but harmful to their well being as well.
We are all human - we all put our pants on the same way - so lets all try to remember the Golden Rule we have all been taught since adolesence and wait for the courts to decide her fate.

1354 days ago


@ lou #80:

You nearly made me spit out my dragonfruit juice. Perfect... : )

Posted at 6:56 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by cake



(STILL choking with mirthful peals of laughter of the idea of Little Lindsay Liehan heading down in her bestmlittle Miss Muffet outfit to take the big bad wolf Lie Detector Test without being eaten up by it!)

Well folks, that's it, she's obviously INNOCENT because she can pass a friggin' lie detector test without frying its brains out. Oh wait, she DID fry its brains out, it's never SEEN readings like that before! Maybe she'll lie about doing that too.

Hooo hooo haaaa haaaa ho! (It hurts to laugh this much!)

1354 days ago



I believe they would have to get her to submit to a blood test as a stipulation and see if she was using any drugs to trick the test. But this is really silly, because like I said (and its the law) in California both sides need to agree to the test and in no way would a prosecutor ever let a cagey defendant take a winnable test. I mean, that would be the definition of reasonable doubt wouldn't you think?

1354 days ago
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