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Kelsey Grammer -- Officially Divorced

2/10/2011 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This is usually the time when we say "Kelsey Grammer ... officially single" -- but since he's planning on marrying his new girlfriend by the end of the month ... it's just a quick time-out.

Kelsey Grammer Divorce

TMZ has learned Kelsey and Camille Grammer's divorce was finalized moments ago -- after a judge in L.A. County Superior Court signed the divorce decree.

As we previously reported, Kelsey wanted a quickie divorce so he could marry his girlfriend Kayte Walsh. We're told Kelsey and Camille will work out their property settlement issues at a later date.

In order to get the divorce, Kelsey had to post $2.3 million, which protects Camille's pension rights against any new spouse.

UPDATE:  Camille just said, "I have a great many mixed feelings about today -- I'm sad for what was, yet excited about the road ahead."  She adds, "What I most hope is that Kelsey and I can improve our communications and truly co-parent our two wonderful children, and I wish Kelsey and Kayte love and happiness in their new marriage."


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MJ is LOVE    

Whew, now the world can rest tonight knowing this problem is solved...

1321 days ago


makes you wonder what this new chick has on him that he needs to get married so fast, almost like he's being blackmailed into it. The new wife will be shopping for 1000 dollar shoes the day after she gets married to this bank machine. You watch she's gonna be no different and he will be divorced in a yr again.

1321 days ago

You go girl!    

I don't see any reason why people would hate on Camille. I say she is smart for marrying that serial divorcer because he truly doesn't know the meaning of marriage. Every woman should just seduce him, marry him, and wait for a divorce. Become a free rich woman because money truly can buy happiness.

1321 days ago


I used to be a Kelsey fan until I witnessed how he treats women. S***BAG!

1321 days ago


Lucky B`a`s`t`a`r`d`s!! I want a D `` this quickly!!! Guess $$$ talks!

1321 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

The joke is on us beleive it or not. Kelsey Grammer and his ex-wife are genius.

1321 days ago


Grammer may be a great actor on he leaves little to be desired. The SIGN: Hello, when you tell your husband you love him and he doesn't say it's over....Did she not replay her & Kelsy while on House Wives?

He was distant & looked like a deer in the headlights....

What a pig not a Man to tell another person Honey, I'm home and by the way there's another woman!

1321 days ago


Camille Grammar has a live-in boyfriend. She has had him for years. Hers and Kelsey's marriage was business only and contractual. Kelsey is gay, but for his career, he has to appear heterosexual for his career.

Camille is no angel.

1321 days ago


this is what happen cammile when u act like ur married to GOD!! and think ur bettre than everyone u know sometime u can be rich an have everything but rember there is always the highst power..or karma...nothing is forevere..stop acting like a baby..even Oprha dosen't act like u...even ur hasbund dosen't act like u..stop and think...sometimes it is bettre to be nice...b/c one minute u can have everything next thing u will loose...haha now we are laughing at uuuuuu

1321 days ago


Congrats to Kelsey!
Glad you finally escaped from that IBS shrew.

1321 days ago


I do believe that the rumors about Kelsey's sexual orientation could be true, but why in this day in age would he feel he has to marry another woman? Gay people are widely accepted in our culture these days. He's such an odd one. I've never trusted that guy as the "real" thing. Everything about him just seemed "OFF" to me.

And if it's true that his marriage to Camille was contractual - well, I can sort of believe that. It would also explain maybe why they chose a surrogate to have their children. I know a few women who suffer from IBS who had no problems with pregnancy.I never really bought the story Camille and Kelsey were selling regarding the use of a surrogate. And Camille is no dummy and is actually very educated and has smart business sense. Maybe it was a contractual marriage. Who knows. I just think Kelsey jumping into another marriage (and one without a prenup) is just a really asinine move on his part.

1321 days ago

Shanan Li    

I really do not care for either. Camille went from being the most hated housewife to Taylor Armstrong aka VaJayJay lips being the most hated housewife. I hope Camille pulls it together. She needs to help others with bringing info about IBS out. I guess, her's is better now that Kyle is off her back!!

1321 days ago


So what! Let's start making bets till his next divorce. Poor guy, becuz of his history, his mind is messed up.

1321 days ago


I am not a fan of Camille but going through what she has had to deal with(cheating husband) etc...was bad enough. But to have it paraded all over the networks, magazines, TV, Internet, etc...has to be far worse than what I have suffered. If people are unhappy, deal with it with each other and THEN make a decision....not by cheating. And when both parties are cheaters, it is going to boil down to see who cheats first in the "new" relationship.

1321 days ago

norm p    

Narcissist kelsey grammer can wed shameless kayte. They will honeymoon at yosemite. Maybe camille should buy them a little bridge for the 2 trolls to live under. Then we will not have to watch kelsey's arrogant heartless soulless behavior. The kids will be told daddy crawled under a rock never to be seen or heard from again. And the children can start heeling from the hurt and damage he has caused. It's sad how Kelsey destroys lives without one iota of regret All that give him a pass are ignorant fools.

1321 days ago
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