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Kelsey Grammer -- Officially Divorced

2/10/2011 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This is usually the time when we say "Kelsey Grammer ... officially single" -- but since he's planning on marrying his new girlfriend by the end of the month ... it's just a quick time-out.

Kelsey Grammer Divorce

TMZ has learned Kelsey and Camille Grammer's divorce was finalized moments ago -- after a judge in L.A. County Superior Court signed the divorce decree.

As we previously reported, Kelsey wanted a quickie divorce so he could marry his girlfriend Kayte Walsh. We're told Kelsey and Camille will work out their property settlement issues at a later date.

In order to get the divorce, Kelsey had to post $2.3 million, which protects Camille's pension rights against any new spouse.

UPDATE:  Camille just said, "I have a great many mixed feelings about today -- I'm sad for what was, yet excited about the road ahead."  She adds, "What I most hope is that Kelsey and I can improve our communications and truly co-parent our two wonderful children, and I wish Kelsey and Kayte love and happiness in their new marriage."


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You cannot build your happiness on someone else's unhappiness.

1352 days ago


His new marriage will last 1 maybe 2 years.

1352 days ago


Congratulations Kelsey!! You, Kayte and your two beatiful children will make a wonderful family.

1352 days ago


best of luck Kelsey! love your work! fyi? next time pick one that's less hollywood and more wife material! yikes!

1352 days ago

Cynthia J    

These two make me want to VOMIT!! He's made so much money it's obscene. Jesus, he's not even that great of an actor. He chased women in a way we can only call"teenage romance" No one, and I mean no one should be that rich and indulgent. No wonder our Country has turned into such a dog dump. No hope for the rest of us. Especially when some of us think their living these petty greedy hideous little lives., Offa

1352 days ago


I pity the poor guy that hooks up with her. All those stories coming out after a break up! Yikes. This woman doesn't know her place in the world.

1352 days ago


Hey Camille, text me: 634-5789.

1352 days ago


Dear New friend,
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1352 days ago


Oh stop. Just PLEASE stop the nonsense! All you Kayte lovers - YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HER! Your hatred for Camille is the reason you are choosing to like Kelsey's mistress. Really? She's an adulterous. And Kelsey is a pig - a great actor, but a PIG. Do you know Katye personally? Have you ever heard her speak? Have you read an interview she has done? No? But you love her? Wow, SHALLOW MUCH? Star struck over Kelsey? I'd say warped.

And you will start hating on innocent and precious Kayte in no time. Once she sheds that girl next store image and steps out in $2,000.00 Louboutin's you'll start seeing a different side of her. The signs are already there. Did you see her newly highlighted hair and awful spray tan she was sporting at Kelsey's last event? No? The changes are already beginning. In a few years she will be rail thin with 36 F breasts - probably done by the same surgeon who did Camille's. And then you all will be hating on her and calling her a gold digger just like did to Camille. Watch and see. Kayte is not a princess. She is an adulterous. Kelsey had not even begun divorce proceedings when he began seeking around on Camille. Sorry, I just don't see how anyone could think he hung the moon. Great actor, horrible person. He not only cheated on Camille, he cheated on his children. And you people still have respect for him?

1352 days ago


Well, good for her, I don't watch Housewives, but reading the gossip she isn't too well like, but hey, married is married, and if he was cheating, no matter what, wrong - but she got paid and is moving on - hopefully we don't hear anymore shiz from these two but....doubt it

1351 days ago


What a clown this guy is. Cheating on his wife and divorcing her to marry another, no pre-nup either so bye bye to half of everything. The new girlfiend must really be an idiot to think he won't eventually do the same to her...

1351 days ago


Camille,, "money can't buy you class"

1351 days ago

i Pine    

did you guy hear cammillie ans KEL HAVENT SLEPT YOGETHER FOR OVER TEN YEARS SO YEAH IT WAS ONLY BUSINESS AND THAT CAMILLIE WAS BUSY ON THE SIDE FOR REAL AND NICKS WIFE OPEN YOU DANM EYES GIRL YOUR HUSBANDS IS GETTING IT FROM CAMILIE EVERYDAY AND ALL NIGHT LONG . WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU. Camillie leave Nick alone that is someones hubby. Stop kissing other womans hubbys on the mouth you whore. And Kel see if you can jeep this youngin for the rest of your life. Maybe she can give you a child and you can really know love for once before you die.

1351 days ago


Ya know their just not real people Oh. wait I saw miss o today and dr Phil and Jerry
A few really stupid judge shows and some reality crap
Maybe they are real What a world. What world
When nothing matters nothing left

1351 days ago


Kelsey grammer my advise to you is not always a new marriage: but to address the issues that makes you unhappy. Do you beleive a new young women whom you just recently met on the air plane is going make you any younger or happier. Kelsey you will always be able to attract many women because of the material things that you can offer. Kelsey also remember that you cannot get right out of wrong. It is only a matter of time before kate will gain wealth and fame because of who you are and eventually a young men .then you will get to fell what Camille felt. Life is just a cycle, you sow dirt;then you reap dirt.

1351 days ago
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