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Charlie Sheen Controls the Fate of 'Men'

2/15/2011 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Charlie Sheen leaves "Two and a Half Men" ...  the show is over  ... this according to sources connected to the production.

Charlie Sheen Two and a Half Men

Our sources say if Charlie doesn't come back, his role will absolutely not be re-cast and Warner Bros. would end production immediately.

As TMZ has been reporting, there's a lot of conflict between Charlie on the one side and Warner Bros., CBS and creator Chuck Lorre on the other.

Charlie says he wants to return to work but is beyond pissed that Warner Bros. has 86'd 4 of the last 8 scheduled episodes this season. 

Everyone is braced for the worst, but so far, the show is scheduled to return to production on February 28.



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Go ahead Charlie, quit. You'll get another show. How about "One Man and a Porn Star?"

1313 days ago


Man I would be completely ticked off that this jerk is controlling my income!!!

1313 days ago


Go ahead Charlie. Make a huge mistake and leave the show that's #1 in the ratings and paying you millions of dollars. :(

1313 days ago


Everyone, Chill out! Including Charlie. Just let things take their course, and americans, quit running everyone into the ground all the time. Sad,sad,sad.(lol)

1313 days ago


Why not just stay in production longer and save the episodes for fall and have an even longer next/last season?

1313 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Hopefully this show gets cancelled. Hard to believe but this guy's ego is bigger than his cocaine habit.

1313 days ago


Charlie got his feelings hurt ------- BIG F K DEAL. I hope he remembers that there are a lot of people that need to put food on the table and he will bring those people down with CBS
sad - out of control drunk,drug addict

1313 days ago


Well he can control them but not the rest of Hollywood.
Havent had a main role in a movie for more than 10 years and a single movie role more than 5 years says it all.

1313 days ago


I love the show, but honestly Charlie (and I hope you read TMZ) you need massive help!!! The world does NOT revolve around you! What you do affects everyone on that production crew. Your lifestyle makes you unpredictable and unreliable...yet you believe Warner Bros should continue to fork out the money they do on this show?!! How narcissistic can you be?! You've been told to get help...but you seem to be refusing to do so, you seem to be refusing to get your addictions under control. Warner Bros is NOT at your beck & call to work when you feel like it. They told you what you need to do in order to re-start production, you aren't doing it. Throwing a friggin fit like a 2-yr old because no one is there to open the door because you showed up to work (when they told you no one would be there) only illustrates your entitled behavior. Get a life, get a grip and get help! In my eyes you should be responsible for paying every single member of that cast and crew their lost wages!

1313 days ago

D. S.    

Is this show THAT serious?! Why hasn't it been canceled yet?

1313 days ago


your child support has to run what $100,000 a month, you spend that much,
you make 1.8 mill. per episode
yes, I am going to quit this job because they pissed me off
sounds like his thought process is working overtime

1313 days ago

Oval Beach    

If he leaves the show...he and his sleezy drugged up ass can kiss Hollywood good bye because I can't think of another studio that would take on such a stupid risk...besides...Two and a Half Men is such a STUPID show...I'm so damn surprised that is has lasted this long. Good bye to Charlie and the rest of the overpaid actors from that crummy show.

1313 days ago


Show, NOT man, just die already.

1313 days ago


We as a people are quickly approaching the bottom or at least thats the way the networks think. Charlies is nothing more than a drug addicted, whore loving drunk. He has the number one TV show and can't seem to keep his act together. He doesn't deserve the chance to continue on TV. Over a millon dollars a show and he can't keep his act together. I would have more respect for the networks if they just fired him on the spot and let him sink to another low. He comes on TV and states that Crack is not that hard to control. Great work, keeping him on TV. Flush the toilet and let this piece of crap circle the bowl and float away......

1313 days ago

What Da    

OK, TMZ and Warner Brothers. This is how you can continue the show with out Charlie Sheen as a Full time cast member. You only need him on certain episodes.

Have him at the how drunk off his ass (He doesnt even need to act) and then have him fall over the railing outside. He DIES,,,,Later he comes back as a fun loving debauched ghost who tries to get his brother laid, be fun at parties or just not so nerdy....he can play jokes on the other cast....only his brother can see him or the whole cast its up to you....But this is how everyone gets to go on working and pay their mortgages and Charlie can work when he wants too and you all can have your sanity back......You guys can pay me later : Im a giver , never a taker...

1313 days ago
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