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I Gave Acid-Tripping

Home Intruder $20

2/15/2011 7:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Moby has officially achieved new, unparalleled levels of chillness -- not only did he NOT call the cops on the guy who broke into his house tripping balls on acid, he even gave him a sweater ... and $20!!!

The DJ-turned-Good Samaritan gave the hilarious blow-by-blow last night in L.A. -- telling us, he found the intruder sitting in his living room at 7am ... high off his ass on LSD and totally disoriented.

According to Moby, "He was completely harmless ... It was too early to cook breakfast for him. So, we just gave him $20 and a sweatshirt and sent him on his way for breakfast."

As for why he didn't call the police -- Moby simply explained, "He didn't stab me."


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Brilliant; put the "totally disoriented" one back out on the streets at 7am. What if he walked into traffic? What if he assaulted someone on their way to work, or school? He was right not to call the cops; NOT! ****ing idiot.

1345 days ago


Lori's right, the others are naive and judgmental, not a good combination.

1345 days ago


Good for him for not calling the police, but maybe he should have called an ambulance so he can get treated.

1345 days ago


Wow, Someone call the cops on MightyMad. Can we say "Need Help"? Ur scary.

1345 days ago



1345 days ago


"He didn't stab me"......... maybe next time he will, stupid.

1345 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@MightyMad and gun toting mom and cartman: You are ALL a bit slow. First of all, you DON'T pat someone on the back and give a sweater to someone who JUST BROKE INTO YOUR HOME. Why? B/c you (mightymad) are AFRAID of him? LOL!!! Yet you have no problem verbally assaulting anonymous posters right? COWARD.

Second, you DON'T shoot the poor brain-fried stoner. What is wrong with you Americans? You either shoot people or befriend them. There's a middle ground. You call the cops and LET THE COPS FIGURE IT OUT. They will take him to a shelter or a hospital or his parents or whatever. Let them decide. This way, you don't harm the poor brain-fried stoner by shooting him and you let him know that there are repercussions to his actions.

Dumb Americans. No wonder your country is going to ****. Y'all are so damn dumb.

1345 days ago


Best story of the year hands down! The kid was most likely lost. This can happen easily. He probably couldnt find the door and just needed somebody to point it out to him. The kid could have easily thought his couch was a spaceship and baffled at why it wouldnt start and travel into the TV set. On a serious note I have a 58 year old lady in my neighborhood with alzheimers who has walked into my house at least 4 times. I should of taken some good ole fashion TMZ advice and plugged that b*tch with my dirty harry .44 mag blue steel 8" barrel and said something like "suck on that B*TCH!" People who think/talk like that need to do the world a favor an put the business end of that puppy in your mouth.

1345 days ago


America is and always will be.....the best:) Can't tell us differently.

1345 days ago

Jim in Cali    

what a goofy story.

on a muscial note, I love Moby's play album.

1345 days ago


Today, a young man on acid, realised that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves... here's Tom with the weather."
-Bill Hicks, Relentless (stand-up comedian)

"Finally a positive drug story. LSD has done some great things for us:)"

1345 days ago


lol all of you bitching about how he isnt protecting his family if pretty hilarious. The dude was high on lds, im pretty sure he had no clue where he was, only crack, meth, coke addicts come back for more and money. guarantied he lost the 20 dollar bill on his way home. save your rants for something relevant.

1345 days ago


is pretty hilarious*

1345 days ago


MightyMoron- you're not NEARLY as smart as you think, believe that. Everyone on this site realizes this 'cept you. Ever consider calling 911? I never suggested shooting at all, where your great insight get that idea? Although, had it been my house, the kid would've been held at gunpoint until police arrive.

1345 days ago


Lori, shoot first ask questions later? The NRA must be so proud.

1345 days ago
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