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Michael Lohan

I Booked Lindsay on Letterman

2/16/2011 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan has revealed HE is the mystery person who booked Lindsay Lohan on "Letterman" this week ... and tells TMZ he only signed her up after getting the green light from Lindsay herself.

Lindsay Lohan Letterman

In case you haven't heard -- Letterman had to issue a retraction this morning, explaining Lindsay would not be doing the "Top 10" bit on Thursday as they had announced yesterday -- after Lindsay tweeted that she NEVER agreed to do the show.

Letterman's people released a statement explaining how someone "purporting to be a friend of Lindsays" reached out to them and made the booking ... but Dave's camp didn't reveal the name of the friend.

But Michael says he was behind it -- telling TMZ he got the idea after Dave cracked a joke at Lindsay's expense during Friday's "Top 10" ... and Lindsay was into it. 

Michael says Lindsay "knew full well" about the booking ... they even discussed transportation from the L.A. studio, where Lindsay would be doing the bit via satellite.

Michael insists everything was going smoothly  -- until Lindsay's reps got wind of the appearance and shut it down.

Now, Michael tells us he's pissed -- adding, "Anything positive that I bring into her life ... [her people] try to nix it."



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I think Dave was just using Lindsay for publicity.

1345 days ago


michael lohan is insane:

"Lindsay’s publicist Leslie Sloane decides I don’t have authority to make these decisions, when in fact I have authority to do anything I want in my daughter’s life if it’s going to help her.”

1345 days ago


Is he on the down low now?

1345 days ago



I wanted to hear the top ten reasons why Lindsay wasnt guilty of felony theft.. But I found the list!

10. I didnt borrow it.. They asked me to take it on tour to parties and nightclubs!

9. I'm such an airhead, did you hear I walked out wearing their bling once before!?

8. Celebrities get free jewelry and clothes all the time - didnt they realize I'm a celebrity?

7. If they can wait a week they can wait a year, no one was buying it anyway!

6. I checked all the pawnshops is SE LA, I could get more swag there for less.

5. My Dads friend saw the EXACT SAME necklace for sale for $800 a couple weeks ago! I B-slapped him for not buying it!

6. Did ya all know that jewelry is cheaper in the back rooms of the jewelry district in downtown LA? Why shop retail! Hey they have a garment district too!

5. If the necklace isnt fit for a princess, you must acquit!

4. I would never steal anything worth over 950. Its just not worth it!

3. You cant believe the shark rates on 10K loans charged by my butch GFF. Not to mention the origination fee initiation!

2. I quit doing coke for a month, and people are still not happy?

And the number one reason she isnt guilty,

1. This is all petty BS, they are vilifying me because I am better than everyone else!

1345 days ago


There's a whole lot of people that need to grow up around here.

1345 days ago


When is LiLoHo and her parents going to grow up?

Looks like never - move back to Long Island!

1345 days ago


Dylan, you are the master of the simple sentence. Please give your brain another 15 minutes to rest and don't forget kid, keep it simple.

1345 days ago


It seams your father, the jailed felon thief figures largely in your value system. I think your success in Hollywood pleased you most because you could imagine your father being pleased. But now, alas you are in bad odour with the police. Do you imagine your daddy being shamed by your disgrace? Do you see him dead in his plane pine box crushed by your failure? The sorry petty end of a promising career? What is worst about this humiliation, Lindsay? Is it how your failure will reflect in your mommy and daddy? Is your worst fear that people will now and forever believe they were indeed just good old trailer-camp, tornado-bait, white trash? And that perhaps you are too? ……. Ta-ta H.L.

1345 days ago


Hey Dylan< did your mother have any kids that lived??

1345 days ago


I have heard it said that Mike sr. and his friend Jay the youth pastor/counselor always get a queen bed instead of two singles. Kate Major said guys called him late at night and she found him on gay chat lines,'not that there is anything wrong with that' and his infatuation /attraction to his daughter Lindsay "creeped her out".

1345 days ago



Great info. Regards,


1345 days ago


Sweet sweet Irony .Family members could only hope he hasn't got to the little ones yet.

1345 days ago


Hmm, just saw this.

"Michael Lohan has Twitter confused for one of those websites where gay gentlemen go for hookups. anyone? Why else would Lindsay Lohan’s dad post these shirtless pics to his account.

Which one is making us squeal in horror more – the shirtless pic or the shirt itself?"

1345 days ago

john smith    

There's been alot of funny comments on TMZ about Lindsay, Dina, Michael, ect. In the end I really do feel that all the international publicity will help her career, She was'nt doing drugs, basically she is accused of being a airhead forgetting that she had the necklace on....Lindsay will do lots of photo shoots, interviews for magazines, films, possibly Oprah, Todays Show, Dr Phil I'm sure wants her, what else,lots of cameo's on TV shows. She's really hot right now because of all the press,internet searches and articles about her are off the hook, lot's of people love reading and hearing about her. She is hot, looks great, has a gazillion connections in Hollywood, including the support I'm sure of the lesbian community, Code Pink ect. and I'm no even sure that she is a lesbian, she has been linked to many men in relationships by the tabloids.....

1345 days ago

john smith    

Charlie is the highest paid TV actor in history, so Lindsay someday may be the highest paid actress in Hollywood.....

1345 days ago
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