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Jermaine's Ex Shopping Jackson Reality Show

2/18/2011 7:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alejandra Jackson -- baby mama to Jermaine and Randy -- still refuses to move out of the Jackson family compound ... but she is ready to spill family's secrets on a new reality show ... for the right price.


Sources close to Alejandra tell us she's in talks with several producing partners to star in a reality show along with her children. As we previously reported, she's also working on a tell-all book -- and we're told she's currently looking for a writer.

TMZ broke the story ... last month the Michael Jackson estate asked a judge to remove Alejandra and her kids -- Jaafar, Jermajesty, Genevieve, Donte and Randy Jr. -- from the home.

That came after Alejandra turned down Katherine's request to leave the house so it could be renovated. Katherine offered Alejandra a condo if she signed a confidentiality agreement -- but Alejandra refused. Confidentiality agreements and tell-all books don't go well together.

We're told Alejandra feels she needs to make money -- from the reality show and the book -- because the fathers of her children are behind on support payments. For instance, Jermaine owes Alejandra almost $100,000 in back child support.

A hearing on whether Alejandra has to leave the house is set for March 15.


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What a despicable person this woman is, and her men.

No wonder her kids are little monsters.

Poor Katherine Jackson, having all these losers in her life.

1341 days ago

Big Daddy    

What, the two brothers were taking turns on this chick? So who is trying to kick out the entertainment system? LMBO

1341 days ago


What, the two brothers were taking turns on this chick? So who is trying to kick out the entertainment system? LMBO

Posted at 3:00 PM on Feb 18, 2011 by Big Daddy

you know they were tag teamin her like a 42nd street hooker!

1341 days ago


She is a freeloader...get a job honey and stop working your way through the family. Nasty!

1341 days ago


I don't feel sorry for anyone here!!! Jermaine and Randy are both whores and birds of the feather flock together!!! It's sad that it's coming down to this....but who knew? Not surprised!!!!

1341 days ago


Freeloader, Typical though it seems MANY people were living off of Michael and his success. I really hope the Judge kicks her to the curb and slaps her with a gag order. If she wants money go after the baby daddies for the back support. Michael was not the father of her children and I think Michael and his mother have been more than generous to this skank.

1341 days ago


another person trying to make money because all she is, is a nobody that married a somebody and think they are expected to be worth millions. such a sad world that these people are able to end up on tv.

1341 days ago


just when you thought she couldn't get any trashier!

1341 days ago

Tony C    

Good for her! Let the skeletons out, I am sure there are a lot and TMZ will cover it in finest detail

1341 days ago


Can they not have the tramp forcibly removed after some point; People get evicted and tossed to the curb every day. except she'll be going to a paid for condo

1341 days ago


What a sorry skank...She has sex with both brothers and have kids with them. The kids are siblings/cousins and will be teased horribly in the future. Now, this trash wants to force someone top take care of her and she is going by any means necessary to make the jackson lives miserable...WoW, Jackson rejects you sure know how to pick them. I don't understand why Janet, Latoya or Rebbie has not kicked this dirty biotch azz yet.

1341 days ago


Why does there need to be a hearing? She doesn't own the house, so why can't they just kick her ass to the curb?

1341 days ago


Goodness...didn´t we have enough of all that crap already? The next reality show and the next "tell-all" book, and everyone has their own "truth". Sorry for saying this, but as MJ stated years ago...."who´s f**** his brother´s wife?" It speaks volumes! And now, this "lady" is the next one riding the money train, disgusting!

1341 days ago


A) I hope she gets the show deal and writes the book

B)I CAN'T WAIT to read/watch them

C) there are alot more dispicable people in the world than her and she fits perfect in this crazy family and finally someone is gonna out the truths of the Jackson fam.

1341 days ago


Epic skank.

Kick her ass to the curb and don't look back.

1341 days ago
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