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Bball 'Wife' Whistled for Boredom -- Getting Bounced?

2/19/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the stars on VH1's "Basketball Wives" is learning the hard way -- go completely off the hinges and be crazy ... or face losing your job.

Sources close to the reality show tell TMZ, Royce Reed's BW days are numbered -- and it's all because of the ongoing legal battle with her Orlando Magic baby daddy Dwight Howard.

As we previously reported, Royce can't talk about Dwight in the media because of a 2009 gag order. That injunction SEVERELY inhibits her ability to participate in the show ... aka ... she's boring.

We're told producers believe Royce needs to be replaced ASAP ... but haven't found anyone up to snuff yet.

Royce tells TMZ she has other options and, "If they are indeed searching for a replacement for me it is what it is. It all seems petty and immature to me"

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I'm glad she doesn't think or feel she has to act like an idiot.

1341 days ago


SHAQ is the Real Superman !

1341 days ago

Ratings Needed    

She's the only decent one on that show. I have to laugh at the title "Basketball Wives" some of them were engaged to a BB player "baby mama's".... others are divorced from a BB player... they're disgusting with filthy mouths and ghetto fighting....where are the actual wives???? LOL This show is a comedy at it's best!!

1341 days ago


I also heard that Shaunee's young boyfriend has been flirting with Royce...text messages and buying her things. Shaunee is one of the producers...this may have a lot to do with. I heard he was buying the stuff with Shaunee's money too. Drama!

1341 days ago


Wow, I had know idea she had a child, jujutsu thought she dated a player at one time. And these ladies have no class, they are trashy and nasty. Even shaunie is ghetto like the rest of them, she is the ol one wit money. The other girls are still looking.

1341 days ago


When did she become a "wife". The ONLY wives are Shaunie and Jennifer, and to me, they are both pretty poor excuses for wives. Wives are women (!) with class and dignity; not females that sell they dignity for a dollar.

1341 days ago


I love Royce! I'm so glad she's truly keeping it real AND not fake like her hag-fu castmates! She's only being replaced because she defied the Witch Mother, Shaunie, and didn't bow down to her fake ass. (That, plus Shaunie's really hot boyfriend has been flirting with her; buying her gifts!) Royce has too much education and finesse to walk amongst those bottom-feeding, geriatric yesterdays! Keep it movin', Royce!!

1341 days ago


Royce is hardly "boring"! If anything, she's the most interesting one of the bunch. I always wondered how such an obviously smart and pretty girl would hang out with such ghetto-trash! Evelyn has a "boutique" and a lizard's mouth; Jennifer is...tall...and stupid; Shaunie's ass is obviously bitter and done. I predict her ass will be spread from here to China within 5 years; Tami will probably end up in rehab for alcoholism (can the girl knock them back or what? damn!)And yet, that's their "circle"! Royce is an intelligent girl and, for that reason alone, never fit in with them anyway. OH well, I guess maturity IS boring.

1341 days ago


Why is it everytime theres a story with black ppl in it someone has to bring up some racial bullshiit. By the way your comments say alot about you as a person remember that all you ppl filled with hate

1341 days ago


Its not this women fault, its the same problem Real Housewives of Atlanta have. A majority of white people don't want to watch a show with mostly black people in it. Most don't want to watch the angry black do that neck thing they do. Only 13% of the country is black and thats not enough people to get good ratings. Some may say its racist but it isn't. Its just different tastes and cultures.

1341 days ago


Royce is too good for that show anyways. I used to like the "women" in the beginning until they showed their true selves which are bitter mean girls and after the last Episode in Spain I can't stand Shaunie either...she was as nasty as the other 2 hood rats! The 3 of them are making @sses of themselves! It is only a matter of time until Chad sees the real Evelyn and runs..man that thing has some big claves on her now doesn't she!

1341 days ago


This has to be because of Shaunie and her man sending Royce gifts and advancements. I liked Royce. Too bad. But if the rumors are true about her and Shaunie's young man then kick rocks Royce!

1341 days ago


The only reason Royce seems more "intelligent" than the rest of the BW is because she's under the gag order and can't talk about Dwight. If it wasn't for that Royce would be just as ghetto as the rest.

The way Royce instigated the verbal assault on Gloria by the rest of the ladies by telling them where Gloria would be eating that day was a coward act on Royce's part. She's not as innocent as people think she is.

1341 days ago


I hope that Royce gets to stay on the show. LOVE the show.

1341 days ago

Just Sayin    

Royce can't dress and is a little girl compared to the rest of them hoes!

1341 days ago
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