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Tourette's Guy on 'Idol': I Wrote Songs About 'Whores'

2/20/2011 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Durbin -- the Tourette's-suffering guy on "American Idol" last week -- wasn't joking when he said he turned his life around ... because just last year, he claimed to love singing about "sex" and "whores."

It was all part of an interview he gave with his band "The Hollywood Scars" -- they were competing in a local battle of the bands in Santa Cruz last April ... and during the interview, Durbin says his favorite things to write songs about are "having sex with women ... whores ... [and] having a good time."

It's pretty ironic considering how Durbin was portrayed on his "Idol" episode -- as a kind, genuine 21-year-old father of a new baby ... who suffers from Tourette's ... and can barely make ends meet.

0218_idol_audition_mini_launchCheck out the "Idol" clip if you missed the episode. So far, calls to James haven't been returned.


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Mrs. Mathers    

he sux n e wayz

1349 days ago


This kid has to go, asap. He is lousy, and the screams are obnoxious. He ain't no Adam Lambert, and certainly no Mr. Tyler. Plus, what's all that crying? Bye-bye.

1349 days ago


dnt hate peoples. he should do a duet with charlie sheen

1349 days ago


hey everyone who didn't know this. The company pocodot is trying to trick youtube viewers into making pocodot accounts. That comment you see is fake and so are the thumbs up. Do not make a pocodot, it is lame. I just made one and they won't let me delete it. Please copy and paste this into every video with fake pocodot highest rated comments before anyone else gets sucked into this bs.

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1349 days ago


a Adam Lambert wannabe irk!!!

1349 days ago


Give the kid a break. He has always been into music and was just trying to do his own thing. Did not have an easy upbringing either.

Why are there always so many haters out there - you do not even know him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1349 days ago


Those ignorant of what Tourette's or Asperger's is should refrain from making comments such as "Circus Freak" or "Tourette's Guy" until they've educated themselves or, at minimum, gained enough compassion to qualify as a decent human being.
My 14 year old son lives with both and I work with many children on the Autism spectrum, which includes Asperger's for those unaware in this day and age that it is Autism. Tourette's is an impulse control problem from lack of enough dopamine in the brain. One in 5,000 have Tourette's/while only one in 5,000 people WITH Tourette's have copralia, the impulse to yell out inappropriate words that juvenile individuals like to attach to the entire syndrome.
As far as Mr. Durbin's past actions, they are despicable, but as demonstrated in many of your comments, you don't have to have a syndrome to have impulse control problems. What Mr. Durbin does have is an extraordinary singing voice one would hope he used for better purposes in the future. His mistakes don't belong to a syndrome; they belong to being human- something you should try.

1349 days ago


Once again TMZ reporting some useless B.S. Rap star write songs about whores everyday lets report useful info TMZ

1349 days ago


I agree with SMB-his screams are obnoxious. He is nothing like Steven Tyler. I hope he doesn't stick around too long-there are people there with actual talent who deserve air time.

1349 days ago

Davey Boy    

Can't stand this little cry-baby. Was hoping he'd get the boot last week. ::crossing fingers that he won't make it to the top 24::

1349 days ago

Davey Boy    

This guy "killed" that Aerosmith song and not in a good way. Couldn't believe he got the golden ticket. He sux!

1349 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This guy is annoying. All he does is pity himself, cry... and place stupid irritating screams in songs when they are not necessary. I can see him now screaming a song each week. Lame.

1349 days ago


Oh, TMZ, TMZ, TMZ, as if you don't just love your whores. TMZ should change its name to "TMZ. Were the Whores go to get their 15 minutes."

And these guys should change their band name to, "The Four Adam Lamberts"

1349 days ago


@#14, Bob:
Or, I could have just said that, LMAO!

1349 days ago


People who curse and say they have tourettes are liars and have watched too much tv.

Tourettes IS NOT uncontrollable cursing, Tourettes is having ticks. My friend has tourettes, and everytime he comes to a door, he has to stomp his feet 3 times before he can open it, that is Tourettes.

1349 days ago
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