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Justin Bieber & Charlie Sheen on TMZ Live - REALLY!

2/21/2011 10:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Did we spoil Justin Bieber's birthday surprise? Will Charlie Sheen make "Major League 3" and who is Charlie's new "goddess?"

We get the answers straight from The Biebs and Charlie Sheen on today's TMZ Live!



(1:28) Justin Bieber's on the phone!!! Is he mad at Common for their run-in at the NBA celebrity All-Star game?
(2:50) Bieber's a dead man on "CSI" ... and he lets us know his favorite part about the shoot.
(4:00) Bieber is coy about sending Selena Gomez a TON of flowers.
(5:10) Warning Biebettes -- Justin cut his signature 'do ... and we have a photo! Bieber tells us why he decided to get a trim.
(9:52) Did we ruin Justin's birthday surprise? Looks like it. Sorry 'bout that, Biebs.
(16:50) Charlie Sheen's VIP baseball party ... we have all the details ... and exclusive video.
(25:00) Charlie's ON THE PHONE! And round one goes horribly wrong.
(26:55) Charlie's back! He describes his MLB party like no one else can. Seriously.
(28:32) Charlie let the MLBers wear Babe Ruth's 1927 World Series ring ... you know, the one he OWNS.
(30:15) Charlie has "two goddesses" ... something we'll eventually understand. 
(30:50) UNBELIEVABLE NEWS: Charlie says he wants to do "Major League 3"!!! Rejoice!


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Sheen came off as a gigantic douchebag to me. What an ego! Why on earth do the TMZ guys worship him as much as they do?

1342 days ago


Charlie Sheen rocks! that was awsome!

1342 days ago


My God... how many posts are there going to be about the fact Charlie Sheen called into TMZ today? It's pretty ridiculous TMZ... how about you mention what an arrogant prick he was on the phone? Like when he said flying in baseball players was all "VIP" because that's the way he rolls? Or when he talked about looking down on all the "trolls" - yes he was referring to all regular non-celebrity people as trolls.
Then he called a movie an "abortion" - after the hooker he just did coke with and had sex with just had an abortion 4 days ago.
What an absolute ******* he was. I mean really... a crackhead is going to call me a troll? HA!

1342 days ago


Charlie Sheen has gone off the deep end. Why is TMZ hitching their wagon to his?

1342 days ago


I can not stand this bieber ...who cares that u got ur haircut ... really i could care less will u please have ur 15min and move ... tmz u have lost all my respect ... done watching

1342 days ago

Barbara Boyle    

It's really sad to see that Charlie Sheen has been living such a self-destructive lifestyle for so long, only now it has spiraled totally out of control. I truly believe that the only way he will ever overcome his addictions is to seek major help by getting into long term therapy and to surrender his life to a higher power...gain a spiritual awareness...Otherwise, we will be hearing about more of his crazy antics in the near future right here on TMZ...Good luck Charie!

1342 days ago


I thought TMZ was quite mean to Bieber. He is just a kid. Why keep bothering him about his damn hair? Who cares about the kids hair? You guys should have asked him more important questions. He was nice enough to come on TMZ live right?

1342 days ago


LMFAO. " maybe they did and you just...RUINED IT." ahahaha(:
no he loved the allstar game. Rihanna,Beyonce, AND nicki Manji was there...he was like in heaven...hahaha. Hes such a playa now a days.(:
yeaaaah i could rlly care less about Sheen...hahah Love the Cut Bieber i think its sexy.

- Brandi Marie

1342 days ago


Ya little harder on Bieber nice kid good role model, Charlie Sheen complete rude douche bag f**k him can't wait til he fails w his dumb show or ODs

1342 days ago


I love Charlie Sheen and he is a great actor But he has lost his damn mind! Sorry Charlie you are sounding way crazy.

1342 days ago


QUESTION (reprinting this on all Sheen articles): How can TMZ report honestly on the stars and what they are doing and then have them on their show, like TMZ Live, like Charlie Sheen, and be absolutely star-struct. Today's conversation with Sheen and Mike and the others made me gag. It's obvious that TMZ Live cannot be objective and ask hard-hitting questions and stand their ground, because they don't want to offend the stars. TMZ is a rag and we want dirt. Give me a break.

What do you all think and where are the best sites for news and not kissing ass. Thanks.

I realize now that I will have to rely on "The National Inquirer, "RadaronLine," and "Page Six," for hard-hitting news and just the facts. What do the rest of you think?

1342 days ago

who dat    

You peeps at tmz are a bunch of kiss asses to a worthless douche.

Major League III plot. Sheen snorts lines of coke as thick and long as the chalk lines between home plate; first and third.

I don't do speakerphone. You dumb Fks should have hung up on that FkTard.

1342 days ago


TMZ's sole reason for being is the promotion of Warner's interests but just realize that this site is the only one that still considers Sheen news.

1342 days ago


Sheen has a horrible mouth. Good grief.

1342 days ago

gARY b    

beiber is on chat roulette right now. i know it for a fact i just seen him on it. i am in boston and it is almost 930pm he is on chatroulette for a fact!!!!!

1342 days ago
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