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Zsa Zsa's Hubby

Our House Was Broken Into!

2/27/2011 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Bel Air home of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Prince Frederic von Anhalt was allegedly broken into this morning -- and the Prince chased off intruders with a bat ... this according to the Prince himself.

According to the Prince, it happened around 3:00 AM this morning. He claims two men broke in through the back of the house, waking him up. The Prince says they got as far as the living room, but he chased them away with a baseball bat.

The Prince says the guys didn't put up a fight when he came at them, but that he fell while chasing them and hurt his hip.

The Prince thinks the guys must have been there for a while before he discovered them because he believes some paintings, a laptop, a camera and some of their statues are missing.


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Having a 200K watch on loan be stolen would not help him. Any insurance money would go to the jeweler. However, the fact it was in the house (if it was) would provide enough motive for burglary to make a burlgary store sound more plausible if this was a set-up. When people ask, "Why now?," he can point to the story on TMZ about the loaned jewelry (which didn't he himself call TMZ to tell them about to make sure it got publicity)?

1304 days ago


hmmmmmm, he reminds me of tonya harding. can we really believe anything he says. Is it really a coisedence that all these "robberies" happen to him. I think he is in on it.....Just Sayin Something is fishy in Beverly Hills

1304 days ago


Newsflash : Prince VonAhole charged with insurance fraud over claims paid for items allegedly stolen during an alleged break difficulties to blame.
in 3,2,1.......

1304 days ago


Many years ago, before I attended law school, I was Zsa Zsa's assistant for a very brief time. Very brief because it was the only job I ever walked out on. There just came a day when I could not tolerate any more of her screaming at me whenever there was any minor imperfection in her life. Zsa Zsa is not a nice person. She's not only arrogant because of her beauty, but in my opinion, quite sadistic in many ways.

During the time I worked for her, she purchased this house, and I have been in it several times. As I recall, there most certainly was an alarm system at that time. Oh, and I can assure you, there would never have been anything so crass as a baseball bat in Zsa Zsa's house. I'm on team insurance fraud.

1304 days ago


So, a house that is for sale for MILLIONS has NO alarm/motion detectors? They are the ONLY teo that live in the house? No dogs/aides/nurses etc.? Sounds fishy.

1304 days ago


That's why you don't let TMZ into your homes and film. Shame on you, TMZ!!!! Famous or not, elderly people live in that home! Think next time.

1304 days ago


Were they even going to the Oscars? With her poor health, I would think they would just watch it on TV like the rest of us. Did they need that jewelry to watch from home? I smell a scam, does anybody else? Something smells fishy... just sayin'.

1304 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

We all know "I was robbed" is Anhaltspeak for "I took my camera and laptop to the pawn shop to get cash because Cuban cigars are getting expensive these days and my wife's bank account is getting low." Tomorrow, after searching the house, he'll claim the jewelry he borrowed for the Oscars party has also gone missing. The jewelry store will just claim on its insurance, and Von Anhalt will go some place and sell the jewelry for - yep, you guessed it - more cash. There's literally nothing this guy won't do for cash.

1304 days ago


Face it, this guy isn't trying to make money for anything else but his own self! Lady Sari made him sign a pre-nup many moons ago so he gets NA-DA, Zip, Zlich, Nothing. No house, no Bentley, nothing! He also cannot collect on her SAG pension money either-He's gonna try and sell as much as he can to keep the lifestyle to which he is accustomed.

Where the heck is Francesca in all this? She needs to get a court appointed overseer involved in this ASAP and get her mom into a quality home-did you notice the mold around the doors? And I'm not speaking about good ol' Freddie on this one

1304 days ago

dorcas nkosi    

Houses get break into more when people are in the house since they do not activate the security system

1304 days ago


If this really did happen, which I doubt, I hope he is prosecuted for insurance fraud and filing a false claim.

1303 days ago


Fishy and as said smells like an insurance scam. First how does a property just recently put on the market for $25 million get broken into so easily, where's their security or at least an alarm?? Also they only managed to make it to the living room but had time to take paintings, statues, a laptop, and digital camera were stolen, at least he thinks? How would you even not know for sure.
This guy is a joke and will do anything for publicity, hell his marriage to Zsa Zsa is a sham anyway. He only married her for her money and fame and she only married him for his royal title and so that she would become a princess, if it weren't for her progressing age and bad health then more then likely he would ex husband number eleven, or however many times she's been married.

1303 days ago

emery demech    

Why didn't he get the 44 Magnum out or his Colt 45 & empty the Magazine on them.I don't have 1% of what they got & I'm Locked & Loaded with my three friends Colt, Remington & Ruger. I like my burglars shot up with variety, 10 soft tipped 45's, 6 rd 44 Mag's & 15 shot clip of 9MM. The Prince should have a 12 Gauge Auto under the bed with a 15 shot 9 MM with a rd chambered. Did they ever find that 20ft snake he saw in his driveway?

1303 days ago

bruce walker    

YEA Right !!!! This guy's was just living off her and now she not there to keep and eye on things , he's getting his hand on anything he can get away with .

1303 days ago

bruce walker    

look at that pic. he's happy as hell , he is already counting the money.

1303 days ago
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