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Charlie Unleashes Lawyer on CBS, Warner Bros.

2/28/2011 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Charlie Sheen is demanding that Warner Bros. and CBS pay him for the 8 episodes of "Two and a Half Men" that were canceled ... OR ELSE!!!


We've learned legal pit bull Marty Singer has fired off a demand letter to Warner Bros. and CBS, claiming Charlie was ready, willing and able to go back to the show weeks ago, but show creator Chuck Lorre began canceling episodes ... ultimately leading to the cancellation of the rest of the season.

Singer is demanding full payment for the canceled episodes -- roughly $16 million.

We've also learned ... Singer may send a similar demand to Lorre, claiming he interfered with Charlie's contract by refusing to produce the full order of shows.

No word from CBS or Warner Bros.


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Can't we demand that this man SHUT UP and GO AWAY!! Jeez Louise, enough already!

1330 days ago


Love it!

1330 days ago


In other news, Charlie Sheen has booked 50 concerts on London.

1330 days ago

Dorothy Mantooth    

GO charlie, Go... was he always this awesome, or is it the effect of long term cocaine abuse to the brain?

1330 days ago


You go mr sheen!

1330 days ago


In the interview, Charlie sounded like that fast-talking, drug addled ******* we all knew in high school or college. Trying so desperately to convince us what a big deal he is while we roll our eyes and wish that he'd just go away.

1330 days ago


You'd think there'd be an "escape clause" in this contract. For instance, a lot of contracts state that if certain conditions aren't met, then the contract is null and void. So, if there was something in his contract about how he will conduct himself and speak of his employers, then he has very little to cry about. There are also laws against slander... just sayin'

1330 days ago


Yeah! Another round!!

The man keeps being accused of being on drugs but passed a urinalysis and a blood test.

I hope he gets paid. He has a point that nothing has ever been said before.

1330 days ago


#4: Charlie has ALWAYS been this awesome.

1330 days ago

sheens.pitbull A T g mail    

I have to speak up here.

I support Charlie 100% in this war, and this SHOULD be war. He's done absolutely NOTHING wrong to CBS or the franchise of Two And A Half Men.

Before I continue, please, all Charlie Haters look away. Go back to your French Fry stations, whatever. You're irrelevant. CBS is NOT in the business of losing money, and if TAAHM was even FALTERING, much less losing money and advertising, the show would have already gone away without all of this. So, the FACTS are, all of you who say the show sucks are in a CLEAR MINORITY. So it isn't your type of humor, we GET that, but since a MAJORITY keep pinging the VALID METER, all hater opinions are moot.

To Charlie's fans, he loves you all, I think that's clear? When you go to war, you need your fan base. Just like Stern, just like O'Brian, the fans will help carry the ball over the line for the score. Do not believe for a second that this shrewd man doesn't know EXACTLY what he's doing, and more importantly, WHY he's doing it.

Charlie is a rebel. If he wasn't, he'd be boring. He's brought to life one of the most classic comedic characters because HE PLAYS HIMSELF. This is why it works. Jeff Foxworthy said of Ron White, "Ron could read the phone book and make it funny." Lorre and the script writers likewise could not bring Charlie a BORING SCRIPT, because Charlie would just breathe life into it that didn't exist. He's likely done that for many episodes already. He's irreplaceable, otherwise CBS would have just written him off and continued production without him. Canceling the show ON ONE ACTOR just STRENGTHENS the facts of what Charlie is saying: he makes that show THAT SHOW. PERIOD.

Why do these people at CBS, or the Charlie Hate Posse, even CARE what Charlie does on Charlie's own time? He shows up and delivers the lines. That's WTF he's PAID TO DO. If you imagined what Charlie's character would be doing when the cameras weren't on him, he'd be doing what Charlie Sheen does for crissakes. To try and turn Charlie into some monk who cashes in his chips at 10 pm every night would DESTROY the very character that makes that show its success. This is the formula. This is the recipe. Why do the people who produce the show want to destroy the recipe? IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

Now, answer me this! Where are the press releases from Chaim and co. showing that Charlie DAMAGES THE SHOW? Of all the complete fake a$S celebs and wanna-be celebs (read: reality celebs), CHARLIE IS THE REAL DEAL. He plays hardball with life, and because of that, a significant portion of audience will tune into TAAHM to WATCH HIM. He's INTERESTING. So where are these reports? Where does it say that he shows up unable to work and costs production so much time and money that they CAN'T RECOVER IT AND SHOW A PROFIT TO BOOT. Those reports are NEVER going to come down the line, because all Charlie did for all those seasons is show up and make their show LOOK GREAT to the viewers who like that type of comedy, and Charlie's comedic timing.

This is nothing but PERSONAL, and Lorre has had way too much fun trying to squeeze Charlie's huevos for his own entertainment. Lorre is NO BETTER than Charlie, they both have huge egos, Charlie's is no worse, it's just on STEROIDS now. This should be war!

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"

Unfortunately Lorre is FAR from without his own sinful lifestyle, yet he has hurled FISTFULS of stones at Charlie over the years. When you've had enough, you've HAD ENOUGH. I do not blame Charlie from standing up to those bullies and saying "Hey wait a second, who are YOU calling dysfunctional?" Pot, Kettle. Kettle, Pot. He just wants to be left alone to do waht he's paid to do. It's no one's business at TAAHM what Charlie does in Vegas, Colorado, NY, his bathroom, or anywhere else off the set. If it IS their business, let's see the contract that says it's their business. They can't produce it.

I support you, brother Charlie. 100 effing percent. If you need anyone on your squad, just SAY THE WORD my man. I will NEVER shrink from fighting the GOOD FIGHT, and this fight is right! You need a pitbull with a brain AND brass balls? I'm right here man. It's all good.

sheens.pitbull A T gmail

1330 days ago

Dick Clark    

dum da dum dum...who care about this tool!

1330 days ago


Charlie is a nut, the way he talks and looks these days. His way of looking at things. Clearly he is living in a dream world. Drugs will do that to you. I would bet a lot of money most of his family don't even recognize the dude that they have seen all over these tabloid sites lately. He also looks real thin, as in sick thin if you know what I mean.

1330 days ago


#8, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you never actually studied law (watching tv lawyers doesn't count).

1330 days ago


I wish he would just disappear already. So sick of CS and all of his drama that he brought on himself. He has way out shined Lindsay though with all of his ongoing yet boring drama. Blah Blah Blah.

1330 days ago


#9, Do you really think anyone read all of that mumbo jumbo?

1330 days ago
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