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Charlie Sheen

Frantic to Find His Kids

3/2/2011 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen does not know where his twins were taken last night, and he tells TMZ, "I'm going crazy.  I have to find my children."

Charlie Sheen Kids
Charlie's kids were taken from his home last night after Brooke Mueller obtained a court order which temporarily stripped Charlie of any custodial rights.

Charlie sent a nanny over to Brooke's home in the Los Feliz area of L.A., to check on the kids, but no one was there.

Charlie believes Brooke is on crack cocaine and feels she's a danger to the twins.

Charlie tells us he's trying to reach out to Brooke to settle things rather than fight it out in court, but so far he hasn't heard from anyone.  And it's complicated by the fact that there's an order prohibiting Charlie from having any contact with Brooke.


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1295 days ago


Charlie Who?

1295 days ago


Pfft...she's a danger to the twins have you looked at yourself live with do drugs and drink...fix your own life before commenting on someone else's!

1295 days ago


He is freaking crazy. If Brooke was really still on crack cocaine, she would not be getting a pass at day treatment. He's an idiot. She may have her issues, but at least she's trying to help herself and has her family around to help with her the boys. Much better environment for them than living at Charlie's with his parade of porn stars. And please. He has to still be on drugs. He sounds like a raving lunatic.

1295 days ago


when Charlie is waving his clear drug test papers aorund
does anyone know what drugs they actually tested for
it may show clean for cocaine? or pot? but doubt if it checked for all drugs or prescription drugs purchased on the streets or over-prescribed by some feel good doctor

surprised that nobody is looking into that
what lab-were they reputable
was it some kind of home drug test that he printed out on his computer

won't believe him unless/until someone with the thoroughness of a Dr Phil does a complete screening and lie detector test

if he passes those then people clearly have nothing to be entertained by as they seem to be
then if that were the case Charlie would be unable to help his words/actions and would be in desperate need of a different kind of help

1295 days ago


He's probably on something or he is Bi-Polar

1295 days ago


He is so ****ed up right now. He needs 2 he outta the drug game now before he starts hitting the pipe and dies. Just being on drugs costs him the kids.

1295 days ago



(insert sarcasm here).

Lost his job, lost his dignity, lost his marbles, lost his "intrigue", lost a lot of fans, lost his kids...


1295 days ago


There is no way Charlie is clean!!!!!! Shame on Mike and Harvey for saying he is. They just don't want to say he is not because then Charlie won't talk to them anymore. It seems getting the interview is more important then telling the truth and saving his life. Shame on TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1295 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a good actor. I enjoy him in comedy roles. That's the best I can say.

As for all this other stuff that's going on, he is acting exactly as what he is, an addict. Delusional, paranoid, ranting, threatening, violent, running his mouth, in denial - need I go on? All of these characteristics are trademarks of an addict, whether it be drugs or alcohol or both. I could care less how many negative drug tests he submits - he is an addict, he requires severe rehabilitation and counselling. Personally I think he needs a strait jacket and a muzzle.

1295 days ago


This story is very sad. Charlie Sheen is obviously seriously ill, whether it is drugs or alcohol or a mental condition. And does he, or the producers, of "Two and a Half Men" REALLY think the audience will still find it funny to see Charlie Harper, his character on the show, acting like an overgrown kid, constantly partying and drinking and carrying on with young hookers? Somehow his behavior lately has made the show seem very UN-funny to me. Talk about typecasting!!!! He would be pathetic if not so obviously ill. And I'm not sure Brooke is any better!

1295 days ago


THANK GOD! After watching the 20/20 interview, I was sitting there thinking that Child Protective Services need to get involved here. The kids aren't really with Brooke, they're with her mother. ANYWHERE is better than with Charlie right now. Scary. That guy is about to die, seriously. He'll either kill himself or have an overdose, no doubt.

1295 days ago

Theresa Summer    

Since he's an obvious threat to Brooke and Denise -- why has he not yet been committed? What is it going to take?

1295 days ago


His hollywood like and his personal life are cannot take his kids for being HOLLYWOOD !!!!!!!!!!

Shes after more money........those kids are treated better than most kids in this world........Leave his kids out of it people

1295 days ago



Come on, you are in jest right? HOLLYWOOD? Really? The only way his kids would left out of this, would be if they weren't here!

CLEARLY, you are not a father, or, not a thinking one. EVERY move he makes should involve thinking of his kids. Which is not the case.

Oh, and the best, 'those kids are treated better than most' and HOW do you know that? All four of his young kids are in with the train wreck HE made. WHEN is he around? In between all of his boozin' and sex parties with icky girls?

You must as delusional as Charlie to believe what you posted.

There isn't enough of money in Charlie's bank to make anyone want to hang out with him, unless of course you have a washer missing.....and that is exactly how Charlie likes his women.

Young, dumb, with their legs spread open.....classy gals ya know.

Gee, Charlie looks like you are hero to loser group....maybe he needs a cape with a big L on it?

1295 days ago
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