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MTV Star Arrested, Smears Poop on Jail Cell

2/28/2011 1:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MTV reality show star Abram Boise must have been feeling down in the dumps after he got arrested this weekend ... because while sitting in his jail cell, he defecated in his hands and smeared it on the cell ... this according to law enforcement sources.

Abram Boise

Boise was arrested in Massachusetts by Lunenburg PD on two counts of defacing property and one count of indecent exposure ... after cops found him urinating in public.

But apparently his bowels weren't empty ... because law enforcement sources tell us he peed on the floor of the cell, was moved to a second one, and then he pooped in his hand and smeared it all over the wall of the second cell.

Abram has appeared in such reality shows as “Road Rules: South Pacific,” “The Gauntlet,” “The Inferno,” “Battle of the Sexes 2,” “The Inferno 3” and “The Island.”

In case you give a crap, Abram is scheduled to be arraigned today.


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Just someone who cares    

It's amusing to me how you people praise him and seek him out to get his attention. You look for your own 15 minutes of fame and when you don't achieve it you criticize in anyway you can to make your own life not seem so bad. I can assure you Abram puts his socks on one at a time just like the rest of us. Yes he gets paid for being on television just as any of you would if you had the chance. Truth be told Abram is one of the most caring and compassionate people you will ever have a chance to meet. Yes he can get a little crazy but hey if he didn't would we watch him on MTV? We encourage this behavior and the media shapes it into entertainment. We have no reason to make jokes at his expense, how would you feel the next time you make a mistake we post it all over the internet and crack every joke we can about it.

Very simply it's not a black/ white thing or about pulling hair. It was an honest mistake. Abram was at a bar and had to urinate and since the bathroom's were out of order decided to do so in the parking lot with many other patrons (male and female. The arresting officer was aware of Abram's fame and decided to make an example out of him. Despite the officers own history of being in rehab multiple times in the past few years you would think he would have been a little more lenient towards Abram. Abram did deficate in his own hands as the young officers were trying to incite his behavior in hopes to be able to club and mace him. He was never switched to another cell till he was being bailed out and had to sign papers.

I just wanted to clarify a few things and remind everyone that there are two sides to every story also that we're all human. So next time let's not be so quick to pass judgement.

1298 days ago


Vincent Van Gogh's great grandson, Poop Van Gogh.

1298 days ago


I guess he didn't want to have his "****t pushed in".

1298 days ago


Why does MTV and TMZ insist on putting these douchebags in the spotlight? They are nobodys and always will be.

1298 days ago


Gay men are just like normal people except they like to play with there own poop and stick things in there anus.

1298 days ago


As detention officer there is nothing more despicable than to know that there are human beings like this kid out there and that we have to deal with them. No respect for the line of work we do. I know they are highly intoxicated and claim to not know what they are doing but I wish they could walk a day in our shoes when people like this kid come to jail and pull this kind of crap.

Posted at 10:07 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by Marci


As a citizen of the western world, there is nothing more despicable than knowing there are human beings like you working in the field of "rehabilitation." Absolutely NO respect for mental health and human relationships.

Your "attitude" is dangerous!!!

1298 days ago



1298 days ago


@Just someone who cares

"Despite the officers own history of being in rehab multiple times in the past few years you would think he would have been a little more lenient towards Abram"


[assuming you're serious, get help] I work with individuals with substance abuse issues and it's people like you who expect the world to bend over and be "lenient" while these folks fu*k others over, that we have to pry out of their lives before they can can even remotely hope to sustain a recovery. Don't know if you're his mother, attorney or just a lonely yenta-busy body who needs to feel like they're coming to the aid of a poor misguided young man, who's being vilified, just because he made a little "mistake". I'd pay anything to see how compassionate you'd be if he caused irreparable damage to your property-or maybe he has, and this was your response. Well, as you can see, it didn't help you worsen situations... GOOD JOB!!! remind me to never allow my child near you. Go back to collecting [rescuing] cats.

1298 days ago


That's what you should do the first day in the pen. People will know you're crazy and won't mess with you.

1298 days ago


We don't need to hear this. We need Hollywood to step up and get these sort of people out of there. Enough of the entitled, trashy and ones with no respect for the law or their community. We are tired of the Charlie Sheens, Nenes, Camilles, so called basketball wives... etc.

Put the talented actors back on t.v for us to enjoy. We are tired of these ungrateful people who seem to have forgotten where they come from. Show us talent not trash.

1298 days ago


Real white boyz rub shet all over themselves not the wall.

1298 days ago


bahahaha......I love Abram, He's always been one of my favorites.

1298 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

The arresting officer was aware of Abram's fame and decided to make an example out of him.

by someone that cares

Now that line right there is a big pile of @#$%!

Nobody knows who this clown is and nobody cares who this clown is.

Another classic example of a nobody who thinks they are somebody.

So for the somebody that cares all I can say is get ready for the 3am phone call from the coroners office.

1298 days ago


What a pig.

1298 days ago

Y do he got    

Bullsmit! thats the oldest BAd cop`ss smear there is.A jail cell in the first place is just a tolet and most cells and poopers are full of smit before any new guy in placed in it.I`ll seen smit piled over three feet high in those cell tolets and than they bring you..your lunch to eat with all that smit gas leftovers from the 100 guys before you and the smit if you flush the smitter in going to go everywhere.And than there is the no pooper cell and you can`t go days in there without going smit.If they place you in any of the smit full cells they hate you so much that they would kill you if they could.But that sick cell can kill you with germs and toxs plus what ever VD you breath in or set in trying to pooh.They hate this guy and are playing the dirt up card and Timmy goes along so they hate him also.TMZ should`nt know WTF happens in a jail cell and this guys liberitys and rights are all broken by the johhnys running those johnnys and thier press mouth smit johhnys full of it trashing someone they hate again without a trial.According to me TMZ is full of smit so his the bad LA PD johnnys playing johhny smit games on this guy.Lock anyone up in a tolet or a cell without a tolet and there has to be a mess..they built that cage to FN you BEFORE any trial and they play super dirty to get you to break and they win and eat off the public all thier life for slinging smit at it

1298 days ago
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