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Sheen Allegedly Wanted Associates Killed

3/2/2011 1:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the restraining order Brooke Mueller got against Charlie Sheen ... which led to his children being removed last night -- among the most incendiary allegations ... that he wanted some of his associates killed.


 Brooke also says Charlie "spit on my feet.  He also punched me in the arm."

According to the docs, Charlie allegedly told Brooke he wanted her to give him back $20,000 a month in child support payments  -- "untraceable cash to knock off a few people because the people I hate violently are going to get severely punished."

As for Charlie threatening to cut Brooke's head off and put it in a box -- something we reported last night -- Charlie allegedly said, "If you are having this conversation taped, then consider it done.

Brooke also claims -- referring to the Aspen blowout in December, 2009, which led to the domestic violence case against Charlie -- "I should have killed you when I had the chance!"

Brooke also claims on the way to the Bahamas, Charlie randomly told people on the plane "that he hated his ex-wife, Denise Richards, violently and he was going to have her hair shaved off."

Brooke says while they were in the Bahamas last week, Charlie blurted out, "I'm untouchable!  I'm Charlie Sheen!  I'm more famous than Obama!"

Brooke also references Charlie's interview with TMZ last week, claiming he's made "bizarre, disturbing and violent statements to the media" and "I believe his rage is the result of an intense mental issue."



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1330 days ago


Brooke Mueller is a psycho and addict.
Go Charlie!

1330 days ago


Yeah, you're "Winning" now, aren'cha Charlie? No job, cops came to the house to get the kids, and everyone thinks you're nuts. "Winning".

Um, yeah.

You GO, boy. And just keep goin' 'til you're GONE.

1330 days ago


Who signed this order, a member of NAMBLA? That is crazier than Charlie!

1330 days ago


Brooke Mueller Claims Charlie Sheen Knocked Her Unconscious

By Ken Lee,,20470213,00.html

Wednesday March 02, 2011 11:15 AM EST
Brooke Mueller Claims Charlie Sheen Knocked Her Unconscious

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller has launched a string of accusations against her former husband, including claims that he allegedly made references to having people killed and once referred to his own manager Mark Burg as a "stoopid Jew pig," in a sworn statement filed Tuesday in Los Angeles court.

Mueller, 33, also claims for the first time that Sheen was physically violent toward her before their infamous Christmas Day incident in 2009.

"In October 2009, [Sheen] knocked me to the floor causing me to hit my head on the corner of a couch. I was knocked unconscious and required medical attention, including a CAT scan," Mueller states, adding she has photos of her injuries, two witnesses and a written apology from Sheen regarding the incident.

Asked to respond to these claims by his ex, Sheen's text message to PEOPLE was one word: "Lies."

The new allegations were part of Mueller's restraining order request that was granted by a judge on Tuesday. Sheen, 45, has since been temporarily stripped of custody of their two boys.

Despite Sheen's insistence that he's not anti-Semitic in light of his rants against Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, Mueller provided the court a copy of a text message from Sheen that read, "I must execute mark b like the stoopid jew pig that he is," an apparent reference to his manager Mark Burg.

Mueller, in describing one of Sheen's "increasingly erratic statements" says Sheen recently requested $20,000 in cash back from child support payments in exchange for a new home he was going to buy her, so that he could "have untraceable cash to 'knock off a few people' because 'the people I hate violently are going to get severely punished.' "

She also alleges that following the Christmas Day fight, Sheen told her, "I should have killed you when I had the chance."

Mueller concludes: "I believe his rage is the result of an intense mental issue, rather than simply a reaction to substance abuse."

In the do***ents, she also fesses up to her own issues with staying sober.

"I have not been perfect and I have struggled with my own sobriety issues over the past year and a half," Mueller states. "[Sheen] has not supported my recovery and rehabilitation in any way. He mocks my recovery efforts."

Mueller also admits to "falling off the wagon last week" with one of Sheen's girlfriends while in the Bahamas and says she's currently in day treatment for drug issues.

1330 days ago


Trope and Trope's address is not redacted on page four of these do***ents:
Trope and Trope 12121 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 801.
Even the phone number is displayed.


1330 days ago

steven katona    

unbelievable!!!!!!!!!! charlie!!!! save this!!!!!! what is going on here???? one bloody day and your whole world can change eh? i'm at a loss for words. i'm goin to my anthropology class. i dunno what to say.

how could you both do this to your fans? shame. charlies under alot of pressure and brooks on the edge. its fueling the flame. its time for a time out. brook and charlie need to write some emails back and forth and work on re-connecting for the kids sake. charlie! watch your mouth! next time take deep breaths and don't spout off stuff like that! go swimming instead! take a walk. take an asprin. just don't spit and rant. charlie! quit it! brooks not a superhero she needed your help. now learn to be patient. then you'll win!

1330 days ago


Why does TMZ post the worst pix, esp in this Sheen melodrama? They've always got their mouths open, BM looks like she is going to 'eat a hot dog'!

1330 days ago


This is getting ridiculous.

Charlie being Charlie is one thing.
Charlie being a complete horses ass is another.

I simply don't see him back next season for Two and a Half Men.

John Stamos, huh? Makes me curious to the back story there, how he'll be introduced to explain Chaz' absence.

1330 days ago

abram hernandez    

What a desperate attempt... Oh... I guess she feels left out,

1330 days ago


Charlie Sheen Doesn't Hit Women (Oh, Really?)
by Jeanne Sager
on March 1, 2011 at 2:45 PM

Have you heard the news? Charlie Sheen is now the hero to the All-American male. Able to take more drugs than nature allows and still survive. He's able to rant on network TV and avoid the psych ward. Able to convince a bevy of "goddesses" to move in with him after he successfully did the above plus lost his job on Two and a Half Men (where, let's face it, he didn't do any work to begin with -- he just played a lazy drunk).

Who knew being a wife-beating criminal was such a great thing, America? Yup. While certain American males are sitting, as you read this, furiously typing "how the f--k do I get Charlie Sheen's life?" they're conveniently ignoring a whole long history of Charlie Sheen's brushes with the law. Piers Morgan hasn't. In a bit released from tonight's highly anticipated interview, Sheen claims:

Women are not to be hit. They are to be hugged and caressed.

Oh, really? Remember the time he allegedly slammed a girlfriend's head into the ground, knocking her unconscious? How about that time he choked his own wife? America, let's wake up. You are currently fascinated with a man who is a criminal, and a dangerous one at that.

Sheen's goddesses, Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin, plus soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Mueller and two of his children, are now said to be living with a man who was once arrested on felony assault charges for threatening Mueller with a knife and trying to choke her (he was later convicted). These women and children are living with a guy who allegedly once slammed girlfriend Brittany Ashland into a marble floor, then threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the assault. A guy who didn't care that ex-wife Denise Richards was holding daughter Lola in her arms when she says he pushed her to the ground, making death threats. And let's not forget way back in 1990, Sheen "accidentally shot" then-fiancee Kelly Preston in the arm. He wasn't charged, but Preston immediately broke off the engagement (moving on to marry John Travolta).

Still sound like a guy we should be laughing about and celebrating for living the high life? Really? Because that's just brushing over the domestic violence charges. We also have Sheen's alleged trashing of a room at the Plaza Hotel last fall, when -- surprise, surprise -- his "escort" was said to be locked in a closet, terrified.

We could go on. Talk about the rehab stints. His link to Heidi Fleiss. But we shouldn't need to.

Charlie Sheen may think he's a tiger with Adonis DNA. I think he's a s***bag. America, when are you going to follow suit?

1330 days ago



You're slipping. got the video of the kids being taken from Charlie. What happened Slippery? You piss off Charlie? Can't make revenue on another websites "exclusive".

Mr. Levin, I am asking you to PLEASE stop with all the media attention. Think of how much RESPECT you will gain in EVERYONES eyes if you stop posting negative information about Mr. Sheen. He needs HELP. Help him Mr. Levin, help him.

James Peak

1330 days ago


he said, she said

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Wikipedia has an article on:
He said, she said

[edit] English
[edit] Phrase

he said, she said

1. Expression for an event or etc. that doesn't have proof, is dubious, or is false

That rumor is all he said, she said.

1330 days ago


This guy is a punk. He is a tough guy because he hits and terrifies women. Dude, gimme a call for the octagon. I'm your afe and I'd kick your ass unrecognizable. He claims his goddesses don't judge him...hello dude, they are two paid prostitutes. No kidding...they are just looking for a nice ride with a wealthy guy because they couldn't make enough money on their own to suppoet a cat.

1330 days ago


I don't know who is telling the truth and who is not. That is not the issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

The children are hopefully somewhere safe. First issue down, but not permanent.

Charlie needs help from anyone he will let into his life right now. Family, friends, doctors, anyone.

1330 days ago
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