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TMZ Live -- Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller: It's On!

3/2/2011 6:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

What's REALLY happening in the Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller custody battle? We answer this question and 26 more on today's TMZ Live!! 


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(0:00) Mike accidentally flashed crack during yesterday's TMZ Live ... and we made fun of it on the TV show today.
(1:10) The Charlie Sheen restraining order -- why it was so easy for Brooke to get.
(2:50) Charles put on the spot: Does he believe Brooke?
(4:50) Kim Kardashian's song -- how bad is it?
(7:18) Is Sheen an anti-Semite?
(7:55) Harvey has big Lindsay news ... but not for now.
(8:30) Skype question all the way from Sweden!
(10:55) Who are "The Three Wiseasses" who stand in the back? We talk to one of them ... Rick.
(16:00) Should Christina Aguilera go to rehab?
(17:10) Props to Josh for his "Single Ladies" dance.
(20:50) Twitter lightning round: Charlie vs. Brooke, TMZ Intervision, why Max killed his Twitter account, & the Mel & Oksana case.
(27:20) Can Selena Gomez be punished for hooking up with Justin Bieber because he's under 18?
(29:50) Story time with Jason and Harvey.


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So I posted earlier his name is Matt.... Too cute

1296 days ago


can you confirm/kill the rumor about jim carrey getting killed in a skiing accident?????

Posted at 1:35 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by GoAwayGloria

Oh My God you SCARED me :) I can happily confirm thru the magic of google that this is indeed a TERRIBLE RUMOUR!!!! eeeeek if he died.

If someone like Jim Carrey, who also suffers with mental disorders, can control himself, look after his grandchild, which I beleive he adores, and live as normal a life as he can died, I would genuinely be sad and feel his family and friends, the whole world, would have lost a true talent and a nice guy.

Charlie, you make me sick to my stomach.

Glad it was a rumour Jim x

1296 days ago


is Charlie Sheen trying to live fast , die young and leave a good looking corpse??

Posted at 1:39 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by janeen

hahahahahaha sorry, but THAT would NOT make a good looking corpse.... have you seen him?? gross :)

1296 days ago


Linda2 @ #64 and #65

You got it so right. are you as astounded as I am that so many people can actually want to be him?????

Anyone can see and hear that this man is clearly not in his right mind, he is way out in some realm he believes to be real, and those stupid goddesses (which i hate calling them) so I'll call them whores, are getting swept up in this madness. Soon he will tire out and crash and burn, and they will be be all used up, beaten up and spat out, hopefully not in body bags.

1296 days ago

Boycott CBS    

I think we should boycott CBS until they give everyone their jobs back and resume production of Two and a Half Men.

1296 days ago

jonalyn panambo    

i love to watch TMZ!
specially about Justin Bieber and his rumored girlfriend Selena gomez!
I Hate Her!
_Jailyn Crishia_14!

1296 days ago


Can charlie sheen be given a lie detector test to really just prove everything?

muary povich might be able to help him...

1296 days ago


charlie, you really should be in jail; you are getting off easy by having your show cancelled. you should have never called chuck lorre a pu**y; hes former IDF and some of the executives are also. they could carelss about your drug problem.
you know charlie, the meaining of life is to use your natural born abilities to make the world a better place and to work on things you are doing over and over again; that is the noachide way. you are fighting with yourself, no one else.

1296 days ago


why is it that Charlie Sheen on in the media Every, single day basically for being a substance abuser and rapper, T.I. is incarcerated in Arkansas? I'm just askin'......

1296 days ago


Harvey hi. What is your opinion on the music industry today. It seems voice is secondary and looks and marketability are primary. IMHO the industry is dying. tx.

1296 days ago


Winning!! First of all, Charlie Sheen is a rock star. Whoever is just realizing that, I don't know where you have been... Charlie's character is so entertaining because Charlie brings his real life experience to the character. Two and a Half Men is the best show on TV, period. And all of a sudden, b/c Charlie has pissed off one or more of the suits, the show is being cancelled. The same thing happend to Norm McDonald on Saturday Night Live, remember?! We can't let Charlie suffer b/c the pride and ego of Frick and Frack, executives who don't have a clue about the artisitic personality of an actor. Let Charlie be Charlie... accept him. And bring back America's favorite TV Show

1296 days ago

Jean White    

I missed Josh performing single ladies. Can you repost it or is it on youtube?

1296 days ago


If Justin and Selena Had sex this is what might happen found it on the net: In California, the age of consent is 18. It is a misdemeanor for an 18 year old to have sex with a 17 year old. It can result in a large fine and up to a year in jail for the 18 year old.

1295 days ago


Harvey -- if the DA accepted money from Oksana's lawyer, do you think that seating a Grand Jury would be the best way for the evidence against Oksana to be considered for extortion charges?

1295 days ago


Why doesn't Two and a half men have Emilio Estivez fill in for Charlie?

1295 days ago
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