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TMZ Live -- Can Rob Lowe Save 'Two and a Half Men?'

3/8/2011 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is Rob Lowe REALLY replacing Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men?" Plus, does Lindsay Lohan have a case against the jewelry store owner who sold the infamous surveillance video?

The answer to these questions and 16 others on today's TMZ LIve!


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(:36) Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan's legal problems will get worse this week.
(2:40) Lindsay WANTS to sue the jewelry store ... but she'll never win according to Jason.
(5:00) Despite being 86'd from the show, Charlie will still get paid for syndication.
(6:00) Charlie's rants -- are they just an act?
(8:33) Inside jokes with Harvey, Charles and Eric.
(10:35) Would Charlie be pissed if Rob Lowe took his place on "Men?"
(14:40) Harvey's Mardi Gras story ... one of the lowest moments of his life.
(17:15) Charlie's two-front custody war ... can one affect the other?
(18:10) Time to rip Tom Brady's hair!
(18:50) Skype question ... from an 11-year-old! Harvey has a field day with this.
(20:55) Twitter time! Questions about why TMZ Live rarely starts on time, is Bob the Sam Lutfi of Charlie's life, can Brooke use Charlie's rants against him, & is Dennis Broad really a former cop?
(27:00) Charlie's uphill battle against Warner Bros.
(29:40) When are tickets going on sale for the TMZ Bus Tour?

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If Charlie Sheen had a nervous breakdown then could his father be granted conservatorship??

1322 days ago


The show is over. They are just trying to stretch it out.

In the interum. Rob Lowe could pull it off. He's funny, dry wit. As always depending upon the writers.

1322 days ago


No one thought Lindsey would prevail in her lawsuit against etrade for the milkaholic commercial but she did.

1322 days ago


The question about Rob Lowe....NO! I was in the short lasting Dr. Vegas & he couldn't pull that off so No, he can't replace Sheen....How about a monkey?

1322 days ago



I do not think Charlie was on drugs during this recent video....he was talking to someone overseas maybe he stayed up so long to wait for the call in the middle of the night that he became delirious???

1322 days ago

All in good taste     

Harvey and Andy pee in the same pot.
They enjoy coming in the back door and enjoy each others joy sticks.

The viewers have Harveys back and enjoy The Media Zionist (TMZ). A little inside joke from the little jewish boys room.

Ole Mc Harvey has a show, e i e i o
here a gossip there some gossip everywhere a gossip gossip
The camera goes whiz whiz
The staff goes har har hardy har
The lawyer says sue sue sue e

Ole Mc Harvery has a show, e i e i o
repeat each segments twice or three times like the show e i e i o
The commentator is a vocal rock star
The staff can rap a smack look e look e
The police blotter never looked so good
The celebrities halo's are all adjusted

Ole Mc Harvery has a show, e i e i o
repeat each segments twice or thrre times like the show e i e i o

1322 days ago


Gary Busey should replace Charlie Sheen....

1322 days ago

Sarah Degann    

Have you guys seen the Demi Lovato tape yet? has it up.

1322 days ago


harvey plz wear sunglasses u squinting is annoyin jk

1322 days ago


Please........There are too many times now that the screen freezes and can't hear clearly, without pauses every 10 seconds....Can you please fix this???

1322 days ago

Pattie Hogan-Vuckovich    

What corner are you looking down upon in the outside shot?

1322 days ago


Is Brad still with Angelina Jolie? Are they happy?

1322 days ago


please, please, please get rob lowe in the role. Can so see him being great in the role. I def. would watch ;)

1322 days ago


The show is over. It had a good run. What a shame. And TMZ live is pretty annoying.

1322 days ago


Why can't Hunter watch the "Two And A Half Men" show, especially since there is a child actor on the show, who he can probably relate to?

And to suggest Miley Cyrus "Hannah Montana" is a joke.

1322 days ago
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