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Denise Richards: Stay Away From Our Kids, Charlie!

3/10/2011 1:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A showdown is brewing between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards ... TMZ has learned ... because Charlie wants 7-year-old Sam to come over to his house this weekend for a birthday party ... and Denise is saying, "No way!"


Sam's birthday was yesterday ... and we're told Denise was steadfast -- she was not going to let Charlie into her house to see the children because of Charlie's craziness.  Turns out that wasn't a problem, because Charlie never came.  He called in the evening to wish Sam a happy birthday, but that was it.

But now Charlie wants to have a big party at his house this weekend, celebrating Sam's birthday, and inviting all her friends.  We're told Denise is scoffing at the invitation and says Sam isn't going, nor are any of her friends.

We're told Charlie is gearing up for a fight -- possibly a legal fight.

Happy birthday!


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When Denise married Charlie he had gone to rehab and at that point he looked like he had pulled his life together. He had also replaced Michael J. Fox on "Spin City".

1293 days ago


What has this man done to even suggest to anyone he is harming his children? Even ill people have a right to see their kids.
I think she is trying to be martyr. Send a chaperone with them, but for heaven's sake Denise you don't own the kids - 50% of them is you and the rest is him. Let him see his kids. These women think they have complete ownership on children, they don't.

1293 days ago

CA Girl    

It's a terrible thing to not be able to see your own kids (assuming you want to see your kids. Some parents don't give a you-know-what.) However, clearer heads will prevail and I hope Denise Richards stays in the real moment and declines the invitation for a birthday party at Mr. Sheen's "Sober Valley Lodge". Pictures of it would eventually make their way to the internet for all to see the kids interacting with the various hookers-in-residence, which would reflect badly on the MOTHER, but not for the father, as everyone has seen he thinks his living situation is a healthy for the kids. No, I think I'd decline that invitation to Dad's lodge - sober or not. Have the party at the MOTHER'S house, and invite Mr. Sheen - and ONLY Mr. Sheen - to attend for x-number of hours. That would be what I'd do.

1293 days ago


One more thing #99 (Lori) go girl, right on the money!

1293 days ago


It's clear (crystal) that Charlie is on c'caine (or some other rec drug(s)). The rant he did when he had the blue shirt, messy hair...what a mess. I've always enjoyed his acting and yes, even thought he was good looking. Sadly, his looks are fading. The sunken cheeks, rotten teeth...blech. I think Denise Richards is an opportunistic cow, but I have to side with her on this one.

1293 days ago


I think he is a danger to the girls the last family vacation daddy went crazy and ended up in the hospital that is very scary for children to be in that environment.

1293 days ago


I know a lot of you agree with Denise, but have you been the child in a situation like this? She should go over there and supervise a visit.

Posted at 10:15 AM on Mar 10, 2011 by e1


Of course most young children miss their parents.The girls may miss seeing Charlie. Brooke has already stated that the boys are missing Charlie and asking about him.

Young children lack the capacity to know what's best for them. They do all sorts of potentially dangerous things. The parents have the responsibility to look out for their best interest and safety. A child that doesn't have at least one responsible parent is a child who ends up in the foster care system often as a ward of the state.

Until children reach the age of reason, its quite difficult to explain to them why they aren't spending as much time with a parent as they wish to. Or, that a parent isn't spending as much time with them. Who wants their child to feel unloved by both their parents? Children tend to internalize such messages as meaning that they themselves are lovable. In her recent interview on the View, Denise clearly expressed her understanding of this situation and how she is approaching explaining things carefully to the girls. Sounded like she had a good plan.

Moreover, Charlie has allegedly made threats of bodily harm against Denise. Not only would her presence at Charlie's house represent a real danger to Denise, would anyone want the girls to witness their father assaulting their mother? What about the harm to children who grow up witnessing domestic violence. Trust me, there are plenty of professional studies on the effects of domestic violence - from verbal abuse up to and including murder - on children who witness it. The bottom line is that even just being a witness to verbal abuse is damaging for life.

1293 days ago


Why can't he just take his daughter out to supper and enjoy some time with her only. I think that would be more special to her then some huge birthday party. Also then you wouldn't have to worry about the porn stars or drinking going on.

1293 days ago


Why are you all gang banging on Charlie, No one is looking up ur ass, Telling everyone what's wrong with YOU !! You all are jealous of CHARLIE SHEEN!!

1293 days ago



Right. That last episode happened during his girls' visit. Charlie trashed the hotel room while his paid "escort" locked herself in the bathroom for fear of her life. The police came and gave him the choice of jail or hospital Charlie chose the hospital.

That all happened with his girls in a room down the hall. That's what happened during the girls last planned visit with Charlie.

1293 days ago


Wait...the guy should be able to give his daughter a birthday party..without the control of an ex wife... he's NOT going to ACT crazy around his children...geezz.. let him get balloons and cake and pony rides....i totally agree denise is doing the right thing keeping his antics and the media away from their girls..but they are his children also...its a kids party...

1293 days ago


"Children tend to internalize such messages as meaning that they themselves are lovable."

Correction - meant to say aren't lovable - or put another way - are unlovable.

1293 days ago


He is completely manic. Had recently been photographed waving a machete. Was accused of holding a knife to his soon to ex-wife’s neck. Anyone that would let their kids anywhere near him should be charged with endangerment. He may have never hurt his kids physically in the past, but you just don’t know what he could do. I’m sure his ranting and raving would be enough to scare any child.

1293 days ago

CA Girl    

Good points, #108, however, I would venture a guess that assault against the former Mrs. Sheen would not take place during a child's birthday party, which would be known to the "world". Yes, even hearing the abuse DOES affect a child's life. I know this to be true and you are correct in pointing it out. It's all a very big mess to everyone concerned. Ex-Wives/Ex-husbands attempting to play up the media (after all, this is what they know and how they make their living.) But the child's welfare comes first and is beyond anyone else's. The adults will survive one way or the other. It really is about the kids now - and it's sad.

1293 days ago


CA Girl I think he would mess up the party look what happened at the house with the little boys on Christmas!

1293 days ago
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