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Mel Gibson

Pleads No Contest


3/11/2011 8:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson just entered a plea of no contest to a charge of simple battery ... and with a little community service and counseling ... it's like nothing ever happened.

Mel's no contest plea relates to a domestic situation in which the alleged victim had a child with her.

031111_mel_arrival_small_videoMel's entered what's called a "West Plea" -- which means he is allowed to maintain his innocence.

Under the plea agreement, Mel will do NO jail time.  He must perform 16 hours of community service with a philanthropic organization, Mending Kids, and undergo 52 weeks of counseling -- he's been seeing a counselor since January but will not get credit for the accrued time.

Beyond that ... Mel is required to have only "peaceful contact" with Oksana Grigorieva -- it's the same order he's under in the family law custody case.

Mel was placed on 36 months informal probation. One of the terms of probation -- he cannot use force or violence against anyone. He was also hit with a protective order that gives Oksana the right to record their calls.

Mel's lawyer, Blair Berk, told the judge her client entered the plea in the interests of his children -- so they wouldn't have to endure a one-year legal fight, and that's why he entered the plea.



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1229 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Here's what I got so far from comparing stories and noting blanks:
- Born in Saransk and lived in 2 room flat with parents. (Jeanne recount of visit there, neighbor's comment apartment block, Ludmilla mention five story house, high population density & poverty)
- Exact birth date unknown, 1970 possibly false (given multiple passports +/- 3 years to reflecting
O would say she was born in 1967. may 65
various reported age difference between O and N)
- Music background likely inflated, but Saransk has several state funded (free) music schools and quite possible OG started music lessons there. (Piano in 2 room flat?)
She probably was going to saransk music school. Means after regular school 2-3 times a week she was taking piano, solfedgio, ets lessons. I doubt she finished the school. Seeing her performance – I may say she probably went to music school for 3-4 years no more.
- Piotr Listermann also in Saransk are,( nearby village). Later attended Civil Engineering University of Mordovia Saransk but dropped that to deal in black market.
- at the age of 15 moved to Moscow to attend university in order to learn piano.[ (per OG wiki)
NO-NO at age 18 not before ( again come to her year of birth 1967)
No say she would be able to pass entry exam to conservatory.
(Another story says she attended Kazan conservatory, bios split on whether she completed it or not)
- OG had finished Saransk school system and been acquainted with fellow student Igor Radov. (No age given for Igor) Igor was a "ladies man".
No one in Russia can finished the school before 17 or 18 ( Again that gives away ger year of birth as 1967)
The rest I don't know.
- per story, Igor goes off to London, swearing to return for her. (Man from Saransk romance)
- note - Moscow also one of the places where Vladimir Radovsky has school on how to catch a billionaire.
- about this time, Piotr married a French woman and left Russia - black market too hot?
- first trip to London, age 15/16. (Not considered too young in Russia; Piotr married a 16 y/o model mid '90s)
- story says working in "prestigious cafe", similar to other covers of playing piano in upscale bar, waitress, etc.
- Igor was a "busker", street musician.
- Ludmilla declined to discuss the incident, but admitted: “Oksana also had a romance with a violinist from an orchestra in Moscow.”This man, much older than Oksana, visited her in

1229 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

London while on tour. (Man from Moscow romance)
- probable assumption - Igor connected with musical circles as pimp, OG part of stable.
1987 & 1988
- no record though one story says she remained working in cafe for years until 91 when spotted by Lichfield.
- work visa?
- pregnancy? Have baby at 16/17, cut a couple of years from age difference, stay home to "help mother with new baby"
That would put her back in Russia in 1989 where she would meet Baranov and demand a new passport. Maybe knock off a couple of years which would A) make her a little younger and B) close up the age gap between her and Natasha.
Posted at 11:43 AM on Aug 25, 2010 by Curious
Posted at 12:11 PM on Aug 25, 2010 by marysyka
Posted at 12:41 PM on Aug 25, 2010 by middleagedcrazy
So far to date these are my impressions and rough timeline of so-called relationship between Mr. Mel and the piano player:
Meeting: whether call from a contact that he was in trailer and wanted company or at Russian lounge - probably summer 2008
Relationship: we know what the piano player wanted. As for Mr. Mel, she was 'classy' 'well-educated' 'talented' and he thought she was more of an equal than the usual mid-life blond 20-something bimbo.
As 'relationship' progresses, he tries to 'clean her up' and give her opportunities. Mr. Mel is not as invested in their relationship as the piano player and is a very busy man. The piano player gets pregnant and starts the 'fantasy romance.'
Mr. Mel 'mans up' and takes responsibility for child. Somehow discovers some of her past, most likely through accountants when bills start coming in and probably friends informing him she is not quite what she appears. Mrs. Robyn files for divorce. Again, he is not invested too heavily in relationship so lets some things go --
Protracted breakup: Probably really final throes of any relationship go down the tubes in summer of 2009. Odd and inexplicable marriage and wild settlement figures and rumors start appearing in gossip sites. Mr. Mel realizes that he can't 'clean her up' and starts withdrawing.
Winter 2009: Mr. Mel trying to be fair and generous but very busy and too busy for the piano player and the piano player starts taping and the 'gaslighting' and other manipulation techniques.

1229 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

January-February 2010: It is all over but the shouting. Tries to give the piano player a 'good send-off' and again, tries to 'clean her up' with both parties saving face.
The rest is very public and I really think the tapes were initially for the Russian market, not for US consumption.
Let me know what you think.
Posted at 8:47 AM on Aug 28, 2010 by middleagedcrazy
Posted at 1:03 PM on Aug 28, 2010 by middleagedcrazy - Similar
Neil Edmunds
University of the West of England, Bristol
-In the neighbouring Mordovian ASSR, attempts to develop musical life beyond the performance of folk music began during the 1930s. A music school was founded in 1932 in Saransk, the republic’s capital, which produced a generation of native musicians, and the Mordovian State Song and Dance Ensemble was established to popularise the region’s folk music throughout the Soviet Union soon after. A Mordovian branch of the Union of Soviet Composers was then created in 1955 to co-ordinate the musical life of the republic, but by then several important works by native Mordovians had already been composed.

** Music schools state funded during old Repulbic days. Russian friends say college still free in Russia. Anyone could attend then.
Beauty pageant and flat pictures.

Oksana says she was wildly in love with a young Russian man in Saransk and a Russian man in Moscow. Sadly four years later, she ended up with neither and married one who, by her account was a drug addict, and they remained married for six months. In the early 90’s she left him and headed for the United Kingdom to advance her music studies at RoyalCollege and TrinityCollege..( )
Met Matthew vicar son after that.

1229 days ago








1229 days ago


I guess "middle life crisis" can ruin someone's life... Poor Mel...

1229 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Marriage Ivan Baranov 1989/90
(Interview with Ivan's mum)

1989 Then, as a 19-year-old girl, she turned his head 21-year old Igor Baranov. The young and naive man was needed only in order to account for his parents to arrange their lives and go to America, about which she dreamed
- Grigorieva with Baranov lived together for only three months. А divorced, Oksana immediately flew back to England. I later learned that there is this beast hooked some 40-year old man with a good apartment and lived on his money It told me her daughter, in this same city living brother Oksana. But then I do not know.
Igor Radov 1985/86 ?(OG 15-16?)

at the age of 15 moved to Moscow to attend university in order to learn piano.[ (per OG wiki)
OG attended Saransk musical college (where mum worked), Igor fellow student
Igor graduates, off to London, says he will return for OG
OG goes to Kazan conservatory while Igor's away
Igor returns a year later, OG drops out of conservatory, gains passport, off to London
Igor playing in street bands, OG washing up & waiting tables @ "prestigious" cafe
Igor dumps her and heads for America
Ludmilla declined to discuss the incident, but admitted: “Oksana also had a romance with a violinist from an orchestra in Moscow.”This man, much older than Oksana, visited her in London while on tour.
*Moved to England in 1991Pravda James Bond's Russian Bride (August12, 2003) (per OG)
1993 - apparently, while still working in cafe, she is spotted by Lord Lichfield
Piotr Listermann
* He graduated from good village school and enrolled in the Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Mordovia Saransk.
* But a diploma in civil engineering it is not suitable, since the trade on black market can earn a monthly salary for three days
*With an initial capital, he moved to Moscow in mid-80's married a Frenchwoman, which left the Soviet Union.
* In France, tried to be honest businessman - did not work, and in 1995 he was arrested on charges of illegal use of stolen cars
*After his release from prison Listerman married 16-year-old Russian photo model Christine Semenovskoy. And engaged in applied creativity in the fashion business - dating and leisure.
*Later, more than once married and divorced, returned to Russia where it became the main "for girls".

1229 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Sergei Kuzmin - OG's second(?) trip to England 1990
(FROM RUSSIA W/ FOUR EX- HUSBANDS AND LOVERS Sunday Mirror, Jun 15, 1997 by Matthew Bell & Oksana’s road to Mel: From Russian poverty to Hollywood royalty via an embittered British husband and a Bond actor By WILL STEWART IN MOSCOW and LAURA COLLINS For Mail Online)
Her devoted parents introduced her to Sergei Kuzmin, who runs the Union international exchange centre in Saransk.
He put her in touch with Elizabeth Hoodless, of the Community Service Volunteers organisation, and then accompanied 20-year-old Oksana on the plane to London.
She was given the job of looking after Elizabeth’s elderly parents, who lived in Shoreham, near Sevenoaks, Kent. “But she hated it,” said Sergei. “She took the first opportunity to get out.
“She left long before her year was up and went to work for a family in Hampshire .
During her three-month stay in Shoreham Oksana’s stunning figure caught the eye of shy Matthew Simmons, whose father Rev Barry Simmons was vicar of the village’s St Peter And St Paul Church.
“It was her first trip to Western Europe and she was very naive." -per Matthew
The couple eventually split and Oksana took up a new job in Hampshire.
ROLO -married April 6, 1992, stayed with Andrew 6 month prior wedding 11/1991
Within a matter of weeks she married Nicholas Rowland at Brighton Register Office on April 6, 1992 .
obtained a British passport after she wed graphic designer Nicholas Rowland in 1992, although there was no suggestion it was a 'marriage of convenience'.
The couple, who married in Brighton, East Sussex, were divorced soon afterwards.
On their marriage certificate she listed her job as ‘music teacher’. After five months of marriage, Oksana wrote to the Kazan Conservatoire on September 7, 1992, requesting that she be sent what do***ents she needed to enroll in the prestigious Royal College of Music, London.
Oksana’s new life had begun. As her studies at the Royal College of Music started, her marriage to Rowland seems to have ended .A relationship with a much older man, well-connected and wealthy, seems to have followed, although he has never been named. According to friends, it

1229 days ago


Mr. Gibson, good luck to you and your family.
You have endured much and been crucified at the hands of this woman, but I fear its not the end of it.

You are required to have "peaceful contact", but as the world has seen, she cannot be trusted, lies, manipulates and engages in criminal activity. Dont be taken in by any "kind overtures" on her part or for "Lucias sake", zebras dont change their stripes.
A word if I may, always have a trusted witness with you when you have ANY kind of contact with her. 36 months is a long time and everyone, when provoked, has their breaking points... and she knows your weakest link, your children/family.

Justice was not served in California to-day, crosssing fingers the FEDS will come through. You and your family DESERVE JUSTICE!

1229 days ago


Sam, you are suffering from Malignant Mel copy and paste spam diarrhea. No one wants to read your old bull****. Your loser lost today, and soon you will have nowhere to play.

1229 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

was he who introduced her to London society and into a circle that led to her being photographed by Lord Lichfield
Posted at 8:22 PM on Sep 3, 2010 by Curious
Quick summary --
Sources of income:
copyrights, residuals - very uncertain.
Oriti is now co-author on some of her songs after an expensive lawsuit. Earlier there was a lot of talk on this board about the 'un Dia' song not having clear copyright either.
Child support.
$2500/mo ($30k yr) from TD - uncertain what other property was settled and payouts
$5000/mo ($60.........k yr) from Mr. Mel - uncertain of tax liability re cash child support (untaxed) and kind (housing, childcare, insurance, transportation)
So, as of now, she had $90k a year in untaxed child support.
A job in a lounge would bring in at the least another $50k a year.
Even in an expensive area, not too bad. We also do not know what businesses and real estate she and her family have bought and invested in over the past few years.
So, she is very comfortably off. Anything I have forgotten?

Right. Done. Feel free to correct.
I've noticed the change in venues tend to correspsond with certain Russian financial interests - but I think that's just 'cause my tinfoil hat's too tight tonight.
Miss Oksana's Love Trail
Igor Radkov (musician - Saransk, Mordova) 1985/1986
cause of breakup - unknown
Ivan Baranov (1st husband -lawyer Saransk, Mordova) 1989/1990
divorce within 3-6 months (reports vary), new passport

1229 days ago


if either of you actually did some research you'd realize how wrong you are.

nothing from today stops Oxy from filing a civil suit.
the only thing she can't do is claim that he "admitted" to the battery by pleading no contest.

any collected depositions and legal do***entation can be used.
witnesses can be called

the 2 biggest differences are
1. that Gibson can't refuse to testify in a civil trial (and you might want to look at what happens if he tries to avail himself of the '5th amendment) -- and
2. she is only required to tip the scales to 51%

Posted at 2:53 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by TMZgossip

Thanks TMZG, I'm not a lawyer so I don't know. It's logical that nothing stops her from filing a civil suit. Mel's only concern seemed to be that his plea not count TOWARD a civil suit. So it seems some sort of concern or negotiation is happening there. I really don't think that part will be public, but who knows.

1229 days ago


I too hope he KNOWS how much the world hates him!!! Good luck with what you called a ruined film career ..... People will be picketing anything Mel related. Have a nice life now in total seclusion, you're irrelevant and unimportant. Go pay your own lawyers!

Posted at 2:46 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by yo

I really don't believe the world hates Mel Gibson nearly as much as "YOU" HATE "YOURSELF"! If Roman Polanski still has a very active career and "NEVER" SERVED A DAY IN JAIL FOR "VICIOUSLY" RAPING A CHILD, then Mel Gibson will do just fine!!!

1229 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Matthew Simmons (Vicar's son) late 1990
3 month affair while OG in Shoreham
Andrew Alridge(former business partner of N. Rowland, London) Nov 1991 - April 1992
cause of breakup - OG married Rolo
Nicholas Rowland (2nd husband, graphic designer, London) April 1992 - Sept. 1992
divorced after getting British citizenship (and probably new passport)
Alan Bergman (retired ballet dancer & businessman, London) 1993 - 1995
cause of breakup - left him for TD
Lord Lichfield (Patrick Ansen, photographer,London) Unverified they actually ever met.
TimothyDalton (actor, London & Los Angeles) 1995 or 1997 - 2000/2001 (2002 & 2005 also mentioned)
cause of breakup - TD caught OG in affair OR just wanted out
Peter Blomquist (businessman, London) seeing Peter while still with Timothy & beyond for a while
cause of breakup - Mrs. Blomqvist found out
Sam Oriti (producer "Coconut Fred", musician, manager; Los Angeles) 2004
cause of breakup - lawsuits regarding 4 songs(05) and pink underwear(04)
Suits were filed in 09
David Foster (music producer, Los Angeles) 2005 or 2006 - about 2008
cause of breakup - met Mr. Mel (OG in house Foster bought before moving to Sherman Oaks.)
Posted at 7:39 PM on Sep 25, 2010 by Curious
Posted at 5:02 AM on Sep 26, 2010 by middleagedcrazy

Some stories of Oskana
Below are 4 stories of Miss Oksana's "history". Note the various discrepencies.
Sunday Mirror, Jun 15, 1997 by Matthew Bell
James Bond star Timothy Dalton’s pregnant girlfriend has a sensational secret past, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.

1229 days ago

Fidel's niece    


your head is stuck in your azz

How many times have you posted
"malignant Mel" today?

If you guess correctly,
you will get a toy to play with,
so you can stop
playing with your

***Team Mel***

1229 days ago
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