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'You're Cut Off' Star SHOCKED By DUI Sentence

3/13/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"You're Cut Off" bad girl Jennifer Jowett just copped a plea in her DUI case and WON'T have to go to jail -- but the VH1 star isn't happy that she's being punished at all.

Jowett pled no contest to driving drunk in West Hollywood back in January -- on the night her show premiered.

TMZ has learned Jowett was ordered to three years probation, must attend alcohol education classes and will have to pay hundreds of dollars in penalties in fines.

But Jowett isn't happy with the deal at all -- telling us, "I can't believe it ... i thought they'd drop [the case]."

Some times there's just no pleasing people ...


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#15 "will have to pay hundreds of dollars in penalties in fines. "

Perhaps you mean penalties AND fines? Or is your version OK because it sounds the same? You ignorant people! Go back to Israel!

Posted at 7:41 AM on Mar 13, 2011 by Sugarbutt

Bad news for ya, butt...the sentence is proper.

Who feels ignorant now?

1320 days ago


Don't know this person or show.... don't want to. Also think DUI needs to carry much stiffer, non-negotiable, non-reducible sentences. Morons.

1320 days ago


Bad news for ya, butt...the sentence is proper.

Who feels ignorant now?

Posted at 10:16 AM on Mar 13, 2011 by brenda

Nice try, Brenda, but there's no such thing as a penalty IN a fine. By the way, your name should be capitalized.

1320 days ago

Hot Blooded    

Forgive my ignorance, but why are mug shots taken from such angles?
I thought the camera was supposed to look them head on, not from above. Why the hell do they do this? To make the baddies more attractive?! Come on, now!

1320 days ago


I watched the show and this bitch is horrible!! I never got why if she has all this money she never fixed her JACKED UP teeth. She is butt ugly, so i guess it's a good thing she has money cuz she has nothing going in the looks department.

1320 days ago


What's even more amazing is that the California attitude permeates the rich drunks' thinking even in other states. For instance, Charlie Sheen's "goddess" who got arrested for a DUI in Indiana (in her hometown) - she smashed her car into a light pole, was quite obviously drunk (unsteady on her feet, slurring), blew a 0.19 BAC etc. and still asked for a jury trial!!! Honestly. She's trying to avoid jail time, virtually inevitable in Indiana especially if you're above 0.15 BAC. What exactly can she prove in a jury trial? She was drunk as the proverbial skunk, with or without the BAC reading. Maybe the light pole will testify for the prosecution. I suppose Charlie is paying big bucks for all her expenses, so she doesn't care about the wasted time and money.

1320 days ago


"Drop the case"?!?!?!

F-king dumbass bitches!!! And what if you killed someone while driving drunk, should they drop that case also?!?! You OBVIOUSLY need to learn that driving while under the influence is NOT COOL!!!!

1320 days ago


TMZ, I sure hope you accidentally left-out the part that they took her driver's license.

1320 days ago


@16- sounds like you watch WAY too much tv.

@24- sounds like you have WAY too much time in life on your hands. Walk away from computer, go outside and breath some air for a while.

Personally, I have NO idea who this is. But agree for arresting her for public exposure. Anybody exposing a nose that big deserves to get arrested.

1320 days ago

Home Skillet    

I'm drinking a Diet Mountain Dew.

1320 days ago


Grow up Biatch and do something with your hair!

1320 days ago


i watched that show and she was always drunk. and she was a mean drunk at that. She was soooo rude, mean, SPOILED, AND UGLY. It doesn't surprise me that shes complaining AS USUAL that she wasnt let off completely. She left the show because she was being a psycho brat. UGH...she is just a ugly soul.

1320 days ago


Hopefully she will OD on something before she breeds or drunk drives and kills someone's family. Her family who enable this **** should be thrown in jail along with her!

1320 days ago


something like this should have happened to lohan a long time ago. she might have gotten the message she is like everyone else. now, she thinks her **** don't stink and she can get awa with anything!

1320 days ago


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1320 days ago
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